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Schinoussa: Α Paradise In The Eastern Cyclades

Schinoussa is surely an ideal destination for those seeking something different during their vacation.Its idyllic beaches, relaxed overall atmosphere and the distance from the seasonal pandemonium at some of the larger Cycladic isles make it a perfect destination for couples,...
Posted On 02 Sep 2014

Why Travel Brands Should Embrace Social Media

With the meteoric rise of social media, the marketing world has changed forever and this also applies to people’s behaviour when it comes to travel planning, a UK-based travel technolgy expert informs.
Posted On 02 Sep 2014

Women From All Over The World To Flock To Festival On Lesvos, Greece, In September

Lesvos will welcome over 1,000 women from all over the world at the two-week International Eressos Women's Festival 2014 in September.
Posted On 01 Sep 2014

Koufonissia Islands: Greek Destinations That Are An Absolute Must

The Koufonissia islands for many years enjoyed the privilege of being the quintessentially offbeat destination and an indirect statement against mainstream and more popular Cycladic neighbours.
Posted On 01 Sep 2014

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Crete Is Google’s First Stop To “Grow Greek Tourism”

A new initiative by Google, the Greek Tourism Ministry, the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and the...
Posted On 29 Aug 2014

Spinalonga Island: Former Leper Colony, Current Tourism Attraction

Spinalonga is a bare and rocky islet that appears to float on the turquoise waters just off the coast in one of the...
Posted On 29 Aug 2014

Kefalonia, Greece, May Receive €3.7m Aid Package From EU

The earthquake-hit Ionian island of Kefalonia in Greece may receive an aid package worth 3.7 million euros from the...
Posted On 28 Aug 2014

Amphipolis Tomb Entrance Fully Revealed, Pebbled Floor Uncovered

The Greek Culture Ministry has released more photographs of the excavations at the ancient tomb of Amphipolis in...
Posted On 27 Aug 2014

Aegean Airlines To Increase Fleet With 7 New Airbus A320 Aircraft

Greek carrier Aegean Airlines will strengthen its fleet with the addition of seven new Airbus A320 aircraft.
Posted On 27 Aug 2014

Ryanair Launches Business Class Flights, Will Announce Second GDS Partner Soon

Low cost carrier Ryanair unveiled a new business class service that aims to offer Europe’s business travelers a...
Posted On 27 Aug 2014

Eiriana Luxury Suites: A Brand New Luxury Accommodation Opens On Milos, Greece

Milos Island in Greece has welcomed a brand new addition with the opening of Eiriana Luxury Suites, a new luxury...
Posted On 26 Aug 2014

Aegean Airlines In Cyprus Airways Takeover Talks

An Aegean Airlines delegation, led by the company's vice president Eftychios Vasilakis, arrived in Cyprus on 25...
Posted On 25 Aug 2014

Corfu Hotels Association Announces New Board Of Directors

The Corfu Hotels Association recently announced its new Board of Directors following elections held in late July.
Posted On 14 Aug 2014

Gulf Air Appointed To SITA Council

Following a nomination by the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO), Gulf Air, the Kingdom of Bahrain’s national carrier, has recently taken on the post of MENA representative...
Posted On 05 Aug 2014

EASA Is Seeking Independent Aviation Experts

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is seeking to establish a database of independent aviation experts for a number of tasks.
Posted On 25 Jul 2014

Top Kinisis Hellas Appoints George Antonaros As General Manager

George Antonaros was recently appointed as the new general manager of Top Kinisis Hellas, one of the most prominent tourism organizations in Cyprus.
Posted On 21 Jul 2014

Η ANEK LINES δίπλα στους νέους φοιτητές

Η ANEK LINES στην προσπάθεια της να στηρίξει έμπρακτα τους νέους φοιτητές προσφέρει ειδικές εκπτώσεις για τις πρώτες μετακινήσεις τους προς κ...
Posted On 28 Aug 2014

Minoan Lines: Εκπτώσεις έως 50% για τους φοιτητές

Εκπτώσεις στα ακτοπλοϊκά εισιτήρια για τους νέους φοιτητές και τα μέλη των οικογενειών τους, προσφέρει η Minoan...
Posted On 28 Aug 2014

Εισαγωγή καταρτιζομένων στα ΙΕΚ του Υπουργείου Τουρισμού

Από την Τετάρτη 27 Αυγούστου έως και τις 15 Σεπτεμβρίου θα υποβάλλονται οι αιτήσεις για την εισαγωγή σπουδαστών στα ΙΕΚ του Υ...
Posted On 26 Aug 2014

ΚΕΠΚΑ: Προβλήματα καταναλωτών με τον τουρισμό!

Το ΚΕ.Π.ΚΑ. - Κέντρο Προστασίας Καταναλωτών, τον Ιούλιο και τον Αύγουστο του 2014, δέχτηκε 112 καταγγελίες – παράπονα – ερ...
Posted On 26 Aug 2014