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Philoxenia 2013: Halkidiki Welcomed More Visitors This Year

Halkidiki recovered somewhat from a setback in 2011 to 2012 as this year the destination saw a 10 percent increase in overnight stays and a growth of seven percent in tourism revenue, according to the president of the Halkidiki Tourism Organization, Grigoris Tassios.

Philoxenia To Open To New Markets, Trade Visitors

The Philoxenia International Tourism Exhibition aspires to develop into a regional meeting point for the global tourism industry in Southeast Europe, attracting trade visitors from all over the world, organizer TIF–HELEXPO said.

Thessaloniki To Get More Tourism Promotion Next Year

Thessaloniki will participate in over 19 international tourism exhibitions next year, according to the president of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization, Yiorgos Tsamaslis.

Philoxenia 2013 Set To Open In Thessaloniki

In its 29th year, Philoxenia, Greece's meeting point for the development of strategies and business alliances among tourism professionals, will open its doors on Thursday 21 November 2013 at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center.

Olga Kefalogianni, Tourism Minister

The target for 2014 is sustainable long-term growth securing the domestic tourism product. For tourism to become a modern profitable industry of the Greek economy with strong foundations.

Yiannis Boutaris, Mayor of Thessaloniki

For the Municipality of Thessaloniki, tourism today is a priority and strengthening the international recognition of Thessaloniki is a strategic choice.

Anastasios Liaskos, Secretary General Ministry of Tourism

This year's significant increase in tourist arrivals in Greece with more than 17.5 million visitors and 12 billion euro revenue vindicates our efforts. All Greeks share the responsibility and the contribution to the success of our country.

Dr. Christos Pallis, President Greek National Tourism Organization

For many years, Philoxenia has been opening the way for important business meetings and workshops between all relevant parties that focus on the development and progress of Greek tourism.

Panos Livadas, Secretary General Greek National Tourism Organization

The recent statistics indicating a quite significant increase on arrivals, prove that our efforts are flourishing. The tourism sector in Greece has grown by 9.2 percent, while the annual forecast for 2013 is 17.000.000 visitors.

Andreas Andreadis, President Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises

The country's image abroad is improving dramatically. The 2013 season will apparently break all the records reaching 17.5 million international visitors and € 11.5 billion international receipts.

Georgios A. Tsakiris, President Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

Undoubtedly this year, our country as a tourist destination, worked better, more efficiently and consistently and placed itself in a much better spot than last year, in terms of the destination’s international image and attractiveness.

Yiannis Retsos, President Hellenic Federation of Hoteliers

Besides the remarkable growth of key indicators of tourism -arrivals and revenue- that showed the industry’s strength and potential, the overall assessment leaves us with a “legacy” of food for thought, analysis and debate for the future.

Giorgos Telonis, President Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies

This year tourism arrivals will exceed the target of 17 million tourists and travel receipts are expected surpass some 15 percent.

Michalis Sakellis, President Association of Greek Passenger Shipping Companies

Overall, in the aftermath of summer we observe a slight increase of the Adriatic Sea passenger traffic, whilst on domestic lines, passenger volumes remained at 2012 levels.

Dinos Frantzeskakis, President Hellenic Association of Airline Representatives

Although tourism income in general is improving considerably and becoming one more time the savior of the Greek economy, our capital city Athens and the greater area, including the Saronic islands, are still suffering.

Marios Trivizas, President General Pan-Hellenic Federation of Tourism Enterprises

The international exhibition of Philoxenia is held during a time with mixed feelings on the progress of our country, the prosperity of its people and of course Greek tourism.

Konstantinos Brentanos, President Confederation of Greek Enterprises for Rented Villas & Apartments

Greek tourism today, following a good year during which a record of foreign tourist arrivals were recorded, faces the challenge to maintain and strengthen its position in an increasingly competitive environment.

Dinos Astras, President Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers

Greek tourism professionals regained some of their “lost” glory and through simple ways, such as returning to the beauty of simplicity hidden in tradition and history, regained the confidence of tourists.

Alexandros Vassilikos, President Athens-Attica & Argosaronic Hotel Association

The latest statistics of 2013 that confirm an increase in the Greek capital’s tourist traffic and occupancy, also reveal that more and more travelers are discovering the (until today) unknown (to many) "face" of Athens.

Aristotelis Thomopoulos, President Thessaloniki Hotels Association

Here, at the Thessaloniki Hotels Association, we invest in extraversion and have made our presence apparent in all major exhibitions related to travel and tourism.