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Dinos Astras, President Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers (HAPCO)

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Armed with positive thinking and a strong hope for something new, the Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers (HAPCO) will be present at the 28th International Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia 2012. Given that HAPCO is a Pan-Hellenic...
George Maroutsos

George Maroutsos, President Greek Union of Air Travel Agencies (PETAGA)

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Any type of travel is, by nature, global and connects people in a way that creates synergies and collaboration. We congratulate the organizers of Philoxenia for their efforts to establish a truly international event in Thessaloniki, which I believe will...

Vyron Theologis, President Macedonia-Thrace Travel Agencies Association

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. My dear friends and colleagues, welcome to the 28th International Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia 2012 in beautiful Thessaloniki, a city for all seasons and with sights for every taste, as you will see for yourself. As you all know, this past summer was...

Paris Mavridis, President and CEO HELEXPO

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Philoxenia this year declares its openness by attracting trade visitors from four continents and will introduce its new, dynamic, identity at the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki on 22-25 November 2012. With its long presence in the...

MidEast Travel Appoints New General Manager

Nikos Bolias has taken over the position of general manager at MidEast Travel Group as of 15 October 2012.

Travelplanet24 Welcomes New Product Manager

Online travel agency Travelplanet24 recently welcomed Konstantinos Koukoumtzis as the agency's new Product Manager for flights.

GR.EC.A Announces Board Of Directors

The Greek e-Commerce Association (GR.EC.A) has announced its new Board of Directors:
Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris

Yiannis Boutaris Named “Mayor of the Month” By

Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris has been named "Mayor of the Month" for October 2012 by website of the City Mayors Foundation.

Ξαναχτίζουμε την αξιοπιστία μας μέσα από τις ικανότητες, τα ταλέντα και τα επιτεύγματα των πολλών

Αφού περάσαμε το πρώτο σκληρό σοκ κατηγορήσαμε, αφορίσαμε, αναζητήσαμε – πρωτίστως αλλού – ευθύνες...

In Retrospect With “Rita”

One of the Greek tourism industry's most eminent figures in public relations, Margarita Zambeli or “Rita” as referred to by all, retired after over 39 distinguished years in the industry. Ms. Zambeli, former public relations manager of Goldair Handling Group of Companies, spoke...

PETAGA Elects New Board of Directors

Yiorgos Maroutsos has been elected president of the Greek Union of Air Travel Agencies (PETAGA).

Greek Tourism Sector Says Goodbye To “Rita”

Margarita Zambeli (right), known as "Rita" to Greek tourism professionals, retired last month after 39 years in public relations for Goldair Group of companies.

Message by the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon

Message on Word Tourism Day – 27 September 2012 The Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development emphasized that well-designed and well-managed tourism can make a significant contribution to the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable...

Minister’s World Tourism Day Message

“World Tourism Day finds us towards the end of the tourism season, a difficult and exhausting period for professionals and employees of the sector. However, it finds us determined to reverse the situation. To once again create a strong tourism power in the country... "

Greek Breakfast Aims To Benefit Tourism

Through Greek breakfast, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels aims to highlight the local culture, ingredients and recipes of each Greek region and give tourists the chance to take “a little bit of Greece home with them.” Considering that breakfast is widely regarded as one of the most...