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Changes to PLF Form for Travelers to Greece

All travelers to Greece will be required to fill in the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) 24 hoursnot 48 hours as was the case until now – prior to travel starting July 9, the Greek Civil Aviation (HCAA) authority announced on Monday.

More specifically, as of Thursday and through to 31 August 2020, all incoming passengers from destinations abroad will have to complete the PLF form here 24 hours before check in. Travelers will be guided through the online procedure which includes the provision of a QR passenger code that must be presented, either via mobile phone or in printed format upon arrival at Greek ports, airports, and border check points.

According to the HCAA, testing for Covid-19 will be carried out based on health ministry, National Public Health Organization (EODY), and General Secretariat for Civil Protection guidelines.

The change was made to allow for last-minute bookings.

Athens International Airport

Meanwhile, Greece may be stepping up testing of travelers after 36 of 43 new confirmed Covid-19 cases were found among incoming visitors, mostly from Serbia, after screening at the Promahonas border check point, EODY said on Monday.

In view of this and due to a spike in coronavirus infections in Serbia, the HCAA issued a NOTAM temporarily banning flights to and from the country until July 15 at 11:59pm.

At the same time, the HCAA revised its previous NOTAM with regard to travel to and from the UK which is in effect until July 14 at 11:59pm. This means that as of midnight on July 15, flight between Greece and the UK resume.

Greece opened to tourists on July 1, following the safety guidelines of health experts and the European Union.

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  1. Gaz Reply

    Hi, anyone know if I need my passport number on a PLF for Greece? as I am collecting my new passport the day we fly? Can I use my old passport number on the form?


  2. pinelopi Reply

    I have my QR code and when I print it I notice that I make wrong the airport of entrance in greece. How can I solve this? When the QR code its send doesnt allow you to change anything. I can make a new plf form as Im flying today.. please help

  3. Willem Reply

    Can i change the adresse on a plf form?

    • Cvetanovski Reply

      Can I change temporarry address on my PLF

      By mistake I wrote twice my permanent address,

      the temporary arddress have to stay in Greece is: House Zorbas, 2nd Avenue and Kolokotroni, 63200 Paralia Dionysiou, Nea Modania

  4. Deborah Mitchell Reply

    Travelling to Preveza (Lefkas) but it is not on the Point of Entry in the Country so can’t go any further? Please advise? thanks

  5. Adam Reply

    My girlfriend and I are due to fly out over the weekend. I have had an email from the airline to complete the PLF form “Per person”. However when going to complete the form its asking to “only complete one form per household”. My girlfriend and I live together so am i doing it for the both of us or does she need to complete her own?

    • Sylvia Reply

      Did you get a reply? We are in the same situation and don’t know if we will get 2 QR codes if we follow rules and tick box to send 1 form per household, but need 2 codes for the airline (Aegean)

  6. Beryl Reply

    Can someone please help me with this plf form. I have just completed my personal details, first, middle and last name. Entered my passport number, put my mobile and home phone number in but when I go to my e.mail address I can see my e.mail address very faintly but it won’t let me put it in again and it won’t let me continue to the next page. What a are doing wrong, I’m tearing my hair out.

    • GTP editing team Reply

      The General Secretariat for Civil Protection is in charge for details involving the PLF.
      You may want to contact them:

    • Vanessa Reply

      Press on the greyed out email address you can see and it should register it

  7. Michiel Reply

    Hi I missed my flight today.. new flight is tomorrow, i wasn’t able to change dates in my PLF so I filled a new PLF and also received a confirmation email. Can I expect my New QR code at midnight without any trouble? Hope to hear. Thanks.

    • GTP editing team Reply

      Hello Michiel.
      We do not have this information as the General Secretariat for Civil Protection is in charge for details involving the PLF.
      You may want to contact them:

  8. Dennis Swift Reply

    Hi Guys. I completed the form and received a confirmation e mail. How long do i wait for this QR code to arrive? My wife and me are flying to Corfu on 4th September but i filled in the form last night, 1st Sept, have I done this too soon and should I submit another or will I be ok. We fly out at 6am so wont be much time to fumble around trying to find this code. Doe it appear on the e mail they send on the morning of your flight? Thanks in advance for any grateful information. Dennis.

    • Monica Reply

      Did you received it in time?

  9. David McManus Reply

    Won’t let me me re-set my password. Says it doesn’t recognize my email address, yet it is this address that received my PDF form!!

  10. David McManus Reply

    Won’t let me me re-set my password. Says it doesn’t recognize my email address, yet it is this address that received my PDF form!!

    really stuck. I need to know if I have submitted enough of my wife;s details for the form – just her surname, first name and age?

  11. David McManus Reply

    Having trouble accessing my form to edit. Can’t remember password and wont let me re-set?

    • Joanne Reply

      Go on to your confirmation email and there’s a link to check it, click on it and it should give you your details

  12. Shannon Reply

    I have a 6 month old daughter but it wouldn’t let me add her age in as ‘0’ or 6 months I had to put that she is a year old, I filled out a contact form on the ‘visit Greece’ app to let them know this does anyone know of age matters for infants ?

    • Anne Reply

      How did it go? I have the same problem:-/

  13. Paul Green Reply

    I am riding my bicycle from Berlin to Athens. I tried to fill in the PLF but there is no ground arrival choice for bicycle,only train, bus, and car.
    Is there any allowance for travellers on bicycle? I’m planning to arrive at the Albanian border to Greece tomorrow.

  14. Vanessa Chinopoulou Reply

    I am a Greek citizen and I am flying back to Greece (from UAE) on Sept 7th, 2020. Does that mean that I don’t need to fill out the PLF form? (since it is mandatory up to Aug 31st 2020)
    I am asking cause I am trying to go on but the system does not respond therefore I cannot fill out the form. Is there a problem with PLF form at the moment?
    thank you!

    • craig baillie Reply

      Hi, the plf form requirement has been extended up until the 15th September

  15. Colette Rimmer Reply


    We are travelling to Crete 26th September but I filled in the PLF on the 11th August is this too early – do i need to fill in nearer to departure date

  16. chloe Reply

    I’m trying to edit with the pencil icon but it is just taking me back to the start of the page to do a new PDF form, won’t let me edit, and I am unable to contact anyone. Do I need to wait for them to process this so I am able to go in and edit? Really panicking me that the edit button will not let me edit.

    • Faye Reply

      Hi. Chloe it does let you edit. Click the button on the start page and all your information will show automatically you can then make any amendments x

      • jane shaw Reply

        We think we have filled the address out wrong in crete and misseded off my seat no.
        We cannot seem to amend either it just gives options for new form

    • sarah Reply

      Hi, i am due to fly tomorrow (30th august at 15.40pm
      One of the travellers in our party has filled in the plf form and when we got the QR code and details it comes up with the town I live in and not his town . I think it was auto filled when we did the forms online last week and we just didn’t notice until the qr come through.
      As were due to travel tomorrow this cant be edited now . I am freeking out .
      The town that is on the form is only the next town to him but I’m worried he will be refused entry .
      I dont kmow who to contact to sort this out

    • Denise Reply

      I’ve just completed and submitted the form and realised I’ve made a mistake – I put my sex as other – doh!! Does anyone know if there’s a way to rectify this? Or can I just fill in a 2nd form? Thanks

      • James Reply

        Hello Denise. i have the same problem on our form. I filled it in for me and my wife using my wife as the lead name on thew form. I am certain i ticked the box as female and the form came back with (other/50). Is this a mistake on my behalf or the way the greeks process the form i dont know. Did you rectify your form ?

        • Denise Reply

          Hi James. Yes, I did manage to correct it. Log into the website and you’ll see 3 horizontal lines on the blue bar at the top of the screen. Click on this and then go to My Dashboard. You’ll see your PLF document listed and there’ll be an pencil icon under Actions on the right. Click on this and you’ll be able to edit your document. I did and I’m now female again! Have a good trip.

          • David McManus

            I dont have the 3 lines. What is the website address you are using?

  17. Rachel Reply

    Hi guys, one of the questions on the plf is about your “temporary address” but only lets you put in 2 locations. I am ferry hopping and so will be staying in 4 hotels while I’m there, what do I put in? Thanks

  18. Natalie Reply

    We are flying with 3 grown up sons – 2 of them are living at home, the other elsewhere. They are all over 18 years, so do they need to fill out their own forms, or can we put them all on our family form? Or should we put the 2 that are living with us on the family form and let the other son (not currently living with us) do his own? I am sooooo confused!

    • Kirsty McDowell Reply

      Did you find an answer to this? As I am travelling with my mum, dad and partner. My mum and dad live at a different address from me and my partner but are my family? And I’m not married so do I need a separate form for us I am soo confused

      • Evelina Sigala Reply

        Each one of you should complete the form.

  19. Tristen Hennigs Reply says that only one form should be submitted per family. However, I read today that people have been turned away for not filling individual forms. I have completed one form for my family of 4 but don’t want to be caught out. Has anyone had that experience?

  20. maria jerman Reply

    I have submitted a plf form we travel on 22 August but had put my husband and grandson on the same from we all live in the same household is this correct or do I need to delete my husband and submit a form with just him
    also website would only work via a smart form

    • Andrew Reply

      It clearly says on the 1st page

      So it’s the airlines trying to claw back money and fine you .

  21. Pauline Reply

    Confused. My partner & I are flying to Crete on 19/09 . Do we both have to fill out the form and how soon in advance can we do this .

    • Alex Reply

      Hi Pauline, you are probably on the same flight as me if you’re flying to Chania EMA
      Yes it seems there are so many people that require clarification on this. Officially it’s one form per household but apparently is down to the airline as to which they require. Ryanair need to clarify this asap!

  22. Bob Johnson Reply

    Does anybody know how far in advance you can complete the PLF Form? Inside 24 hours before departure? Well in advance of travelling?

    • Jane Andrews Reply

      Did you find out the answer to this ? We have filled it in two weeks before travel is that too soon

  23. mihaela Reply

    I am trying to complete the PLF form but it says post code incorrect and definitely the information provided is the correct one same with my post code
    Was this an issue for anyone else ?

    2. I want to complete the form a few days before travelling just to make sure i wont have a problem in receiving the code; hopefully that it’s not a problem, right?

    Thank you all in advance!

    • Rea Reply

      1- Have you tried not adding any spaces? It didn’t like the space bar between the postcodes.

      2 – Not a problem if you complete it before. The earlier the better!

      FYI to all – They are being really strict and looking to catch people out with the optional initial name stuff. So please make sure you add it!

    • Richard Reply

      No gaps in post code might work….you can submit it weeks in advance like I have sone

    • larry Reply

      wont be post code must be joined up/ no gaps will not be recongised

  24. Lisa Reply

    I submitted my form but our accommodation was cancelled so we had to find a new villa. We have done this but I don’t know how to update the information on my PLF. When I submitted it I wasn’t asked to create an account so don’t know how to get onto the dashboard that some people are referring to. Thanks for any help you are able to give.

    • Richard Reply

      Lisa I also didn’t have to create an account but you just register with name and password and should get an e mail asking you to verify. With regards the dashboard, I couldn’t locate it on the initial plf so decided to submit another form to change a detail (my middle initial which form say is optional but have seen people refused entry without it). When I submitted the form, I got a reply saying I’d already submitted a form which then let’s you go to the dashboard, click on the pencil and amend whichever page you need to do. Resubmit and you should get a response which shows your corrections when you click on it. Hope that helps

      • Lisa Reply

        Hi Richard! Thank you so much for your advice – all worked successfully!

    • Sue Smithson Reply

      I have put the leaving date on my PLF for I should have put the arrival date. Help

  25. Rea Reply

    I completed my PLF 4 days before we were due to fly and noticed that i hadn’t put my initial on the form. I went onto my form and amended the form 16hrs before worried that there was now a new submission date, however i still got my QR code that night with my initial on it! So you can go in and amend and still get your QR code

    • Chloe Reply

      How do you edit? Whenever I try to go on and edit it won’t let me? Please help

  26. Rea Reply

    I completed my PLF 4 days before we were due to fly and noticed that i hadn’t put my initial on the form. I went onto my form and amended the form 16hrs before worried that there was now a new submission date, however i still got my QR code that night with my initial on it! So you can go in and amend and still get your QR code! Hoping this is helpful to any of you.

  27. richard Reply

    i failed to put my initial of middle name and noted people being refused entry in the news. I went to submit a new form, filled everything out and when I submitted it, I got a response saying form already submitted and to use my dashboard to amend. Click on the pencil and amend what you need and resubmit. Hope this helps anyone

    • sarah smith Reply

      Thank you. The tip about going to dashboard has just helped us amend our PLF easily.

      • Yvette Russell Reply

        Hi I’ve just done the same, after panicking – however there wasn’t anything to amend. The info I gave was left the same. Just my middle initial – ( no where else to put others in family) so I clicked save, but now looks like I have sent form off twice. And you’re only allowed to do once.
        Worried again now!

        • Richard Reply

          I added my middle name initial and when submitted, got another e mail. When I checked the form, my initial now showed so assume I will just get the one code

          • Alex

            Hi Pauline, you are probably on the same flight as me if you’re flying to Chania EMA
            Yes it seems there are so many people that require clarification on this. Officially it’s one form per household but apparently is down to the airline as to which they require. Ryanair need to clarify this asap!

          • Leonie

            Thank you! Our hotel just changed last minute so had to amend it.. Flying tomorrow at 16.50 from Bristol. I’m so so stressed it is too late for them to send a QR code.. Loveholidays just changed it and cancelled our transfer too!! So freaking annoyed.

    • Yvette Russell Reply

      Was this ok…you didn’t get two QR codes then sent. As I received another acknowledgement email so now I’m worried the form has been submitted twice which you are not allowed to do? (Even though I didn’t actually change anything everything I submitted the first time round was correct) thanks

  28. shaun osborne Reply

    I am going to a villa in Corfu 28th Sept. There are 9 people from 5 households. Totally confused as to how many forms I have to fill in. 1 16yr old travelling with grandparents so no adult from his “household”. to say I`m panicking at the thought of this is an understatement. Help!

    • P Sengupta Reply

      Why are you confused? It is clearly stated ALL adults over 18 have to fill in forms separately. Under 18s can be added to one of the adult forms. Preferably one of the parents but any adult relative accompanying them should do.

      • Suzanne Coxon Reply

        No! It doesn’t. It clearly states, One Form Per Household!

  29. Robin Whalley Reply

    I have the same query ! I have added family members from three separate households under Travel Companions – Family. Do I need to add to the Non-Household Companions as well?? Can someone from Greek tourism please advise?

  30. David Reply


    My airport – Preveza/Lefkas – isn’t shown on the drop-down list. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Cathie Moir Reply

      Exactly the same! What do we do?

    • Cathie Reply

      I had exactly the same problem and have just spoken to the Greek Consulate in Glasgow. They have informed me that British nationals are NOT allowed to enter Greece through Preveza, and to contact my tour operator!!

    • John Reply

      Use Aktion which is the airport name.

      • David Reply

        Thanks John

  31. Emilio Reply

    One form to be filled per household. The tricky part is to the add family bit. Add your family by clicking that button, then to add another member of same family you go up in the form and you click ADD FAMILY again. Repeat as many times as you need. Make sure you include all members, including infants. If you fail so , you not flying.

    • Soteres Antoniou Reply

      Just to let you know it’s not one per household is one for all adults, kids not need fill up form I am of Greek origin but live in London theresite is misleading I am leaving soon read forum site if not fill all adults 500 euro fine read fine 500 greece plf you see.

  32. Emilio Reply

    Hi . I was turn away yesterday 7/8/20 rom Manchester airport. I did fill the form , let me add my wife , but then it says add non family and underneath, says submit. Please do not do this. When you fill your info and takes you to ADD FAMILY, you add a member and then you go back up again and you click ADD FAMILY again and another one, repeat as many times you need to add family. I lost the flight the money and all children were extremely upset. I now flight in 2 days from Bristol and I did successfully filled another form. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR FORM CONTAINS ALL TRAVELLERS . I hope nobody else turned away like my family

    • Yvette Russell Reply

      The form is rubbish and soooo unclear. I did manage to “add family” but took me a while to figure it out.
      Also says you don’t need to add the age of someone who is over 18…. but would it let me pass the page without putting my husbands age in? NO……

  33. Karyn Reply

    We are due to fly on the 12th but am confused about the form. It will be my partner, myself and our 11 years old daughter travelling together from the same household. Do we fill out just one form for all of us or one for each of us, we will be flying with Ryanair?

    • Jean Perkins Reply

      It does say on their website only one form to be completed per household

    • richard Reply

      fill a form in per person except kids is my understanding

  34. Des Reply

    This is a bloody mess, the site is not working.
    We have registered and logged in,this should enable you to fill in
    the form (under fill in new form button) but the page remains blank.
    Has anyone got phone number of transport department of Greek gov,
    I would just love to phone them.
    I also understand that Greek gov protocol for traveling to Greece is
    that you must fill in this plf form or you could get fined 500 euros.
    Does anyone know of anyone getting fined !,we travel on 17 th August

  35. Liz Reply

    Its a little confusing but after adding one family member it give you the option to remove family member 1, select that option and then you add another one and it should stack the family members up above (hope that makes sense)

    • Jane Reply

      Any advice re travelling with an additional non family 15 year old friend travelling with us. My husband has filled a form. I have filled a form and added to mine our son 15 as household member and I have also added his 15 yr old friend as non household travelling with us. Should the 15 year old friend have his own form as a different household?

  36. Kay Reply

    Hi Valerie I have same concern after looking at the forms myself and husband travelling with 9 year old grandson he lives in a different household so do I add him on as a family companion or a non family from different household or even just fill out a form for just him I don’t no what to do

  37. Katarina Adam Reply

    I filled PLF 4x but never got confirmation e-mail anyone w same experience? I amflying on 14th thx

    • Liz Reply

      Could it be because the forms need to be completed 24 hours before arrival?

    • Marilena Reply

      Do chase this as my daughter had the same experience Of website not working and no proper confirmation and they wouldn’t let her fly and she had to change her flight at great expense and reapply for the code. V costly and time wasting.

    • Yvette Russell Reply

      You defo should get acknowledgement email straight away

  38. Paul Tombs Reply

    Has anyone had an issue with an incorrect PLF? Any issues entering Greece?

  39. elina Reply

    We are traveling to Greece from UK in the coming 10 days.
    The PLF form is not working on your website, it will not open, it is not working on UK. GOV website neither as I think it is linked to your website.
    Could you please fix the issue, its been there for several days now. I am concern that time is approaching and we will not be able to fill in the form. thank you

  40. Paul Tombs Reply

    Did anyone either manage to Edit their PLF or have an issue with the information (hotel, flight number etc.) being wrong when they arrived? Be useful to know. Due to travel in 07/08. Thanks

    • Kelly Reply

      Hi we’re you able to amend it?

  41. Jan Sebelík Reply

    Just before leaving our home to airport I checked all documents. I found, that in the PLF I said number of my old passport, not the new one. Is it possible to corect it?

    • Alisher Batirbaev Reply

      Yes, you can edit it in My dashboard -> under the Action column click on the pencil icon.

      • Chloe Reply

        The pencil icon is not working for me and I am unable to edit, has anyone else had this issue or has it not been an issue at airport?

    • Kelly Reply

      Were you able to amend?

  42. Marc Townsend Reply

    I’ve attempted to complete the PLF form. I travel with my family to Zante August 12th. I was not able to add more than 1 family member on the form. It’s been submitted but is missing my wife and youngest son of the family part. Please help.

    • sue Baker Reply

      Ive just tried and couldn’t add my daughter. did you solve this problem? thanks

    • Mrs Susanne Petrie Reply

      did you resolve this? Did you do a new form?
      Thank you

    • ed Reply

      did you find a way to add other fam members? I can only add one, I need to add the kids

    • Debbie Boreham Reply

      Hi I have the same issue, did you manage to sort this out? I completed one for me with my husband on then did another one for him with my daughter on, hopefully that should be ok!?

    • Fiona Branigan Reply

      I had the same problem and I could not get in and edit it later.Get your wife to fill in a new one and list you and the children. She will have to press on the link ‘Add Family Member’ each time and this creates a new set of boxes to fill in for each member of the family. Hopefully if one of you have the full family on the confirmation, it should be ok. Good luck.

    • Kelly Reply

      Hi what happened with this please?

    • Jo Reply

      I found that the “add more family members” button is at the top of the screen, not the bottom. Once I found the button it let me add all the members.
      Also you can edit the form if you log in and go to “My Dashboard”.
      But I can’t find a way to add seat numbers – these show as blank on the final form, but when I go to enter data there is no field for this. Did anyone solve this?

  43. Karen Little Reply

    I’ve filled out the pfl form but I need to change the hotel and it will not let me edit it. Do I complete another form?

  44. Jerome Reply

    I made a mistake for the temporary address, it is not possible to correct and even re-edit the document.

  45. Stephen Brownlow Reply

    One of hotels listed has been cancelled so do i need to edit my form How do i edit form or do i simply resubmit with correct details I fear it may cause confusion. Staying now at three different hotels during my visit. One listed has not changed and were there 5 nights just not the first 48 hours.

    Do i need to resubmit my form so all is updated following hotel cancellations……

  46. jordan Reply

    My first name on the PLF Document is incorrect! Will this mean they wont accpet it? im really worried as i fly tomorrrow.

    • Giuseppe Pezzullo Reply

      Hi Jordan, were you able to leave without problems?

    • Valerie L Butland Reply

      Did they give you a code

    • Kelly Reply

      Hi we’re you able to amend this?

  47. chris hancock Reply

    do i have to fill in seperate plf forms AS only one of us has an e MAIL ADDRESS

  48. Cameron Longthorne Reply

    When are you supposed to fill this in? I am finding this very confusing?? Do you compete the form 24hrs before departure or can you submit this well in advance?? I already filled mine in at the start of the month and had the confirmation email but now I am worrying this will not be accepted?

  49. j.smits Reply

    I filled in the plf form with a mistake in it, so i filled in a New one
    Hoe van i see which QR code belongs to the right filled in form

    • Nick R Reply

      Hi, did you get two QR codes through? I had a last minute change of hotel so have had to fill in two forms and am due to fly in the morning! Hopefully they will come through OK.

      • Tom P Reply

        Hi Nick,

        Did this work out okay? I put in the incorrect flight number and can’t see a number/contact us number to modify the form.

  50. paul stevenson Reply


    I need to edit my completed PLF form to include family members travelling with me.
    Can you edit an already completed PLF?


    • Olivera Reply

      Hi Paul,

      I have the same question; need to change my flight number. But I can’t find the answer to it on the internet.
      Is it possible to edit the form or should I fill in a new PLF?

      Kind regards,


      • Kelly Reply

        Were you able to amend this?

  51. Muntean Reply

    I have a question regarding the kids (11 years). Is it obligatory to make COVID 19 test for kids? Thank you!

  52. Parrinello Reply

    impossible de se connecter au PLF
    Alors comment on fait pour venir en Grèce??????????
    403 ERREUR

    La demande n’a pas pu être satisfaite.
    Demande bloquée. Nous ne pouvons pas nous connecter au serveur pour cette application ou site Web pour le moment. Il peut y avoir trop de trafic ou une erreur de configuration. Réessayez plus tard, ou contactez l’application ou le propriétaire du site Web.
    Si vous fournissez du contenu aux clients via CloudFront, vous pouvez trouver des étapes pour résoudre les problèmes et aider à prévenir cette erreur en examinant la documentation CloudFront.
    Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
    Request ID: 3MJ_DrcHe-LxK2c7r6A01m4Ptni14DTtGA72mkZ_yN_R-772fmqCjA==

    • Karen Holland Reply

      I wasn’t able to add my 7 year old and in temporary address it kept saying English and wouldn’t accept my hotel! So put in my hone address! How do I rectify? Shall I do a new form?

  53. jayne Reply

    Has anyone manged to find the flippin form. Absolutely every link I try takes me to a blank page!!!!!

    • George Reply

      Jane thats the site you want.

      • Sarah Reply

        The website isn’t working!!! It keeps saying error and won’t let me register. I have tried for a few days now. My flight leaves in two days and I am very worried!! Please tell me what do I do.

        • Kirsty McDowell Reply

          I am flying with my mum dad and partner. My Mum and Dad stay at a different address to myself and my parter but are family – do we need two forms?

    • Alan Reply

  54. Peter Woodall Reply

    Every link to this PLF gives me a “403 error code”. I have tried via this website and via UK Gov website and via Ryanair website. So how can I get it filled in online

  55. John Smythe Reply

    Can’t find the app for IOS; how about a link?

  56. Robert Ferguson Reply

    This form cannot be filled in i have tried many times but cant get by entering my mobile phone number, i put the code in and the box stays red wont let me continue

    • Cat Underwood Reply

      Hi Robert I’m having the same issue when entering multiple variations of my mobile number did you resolve it?

    • Steve H Reply

      Did you use the Country code and drop the first zero? e.g. +447976xxxxxx (no gaps)

  57. A former tourist willing to travel to Greece Reply

    Probably, the most part of the tourists which intended to come to Greece by car through Promachonas customs point will cancel the trips…staying 5-6 hours in the queue to be ckeched is not anyone’s dream about the vacantion.
    The Greek gvnment should open more land border points!

  58. Maureen Reply

    My granddaughter aged 11 and myself are booked to fly to Greece for our holiday on the 9th of August, Will we have to be tested for Covid thanks

    • John Reply

      No one knows. They random test people.

      • ann neven Reply

        I made a mistake, how can you correct this, please?

        • Kelly Reply

          Hi we’re you able to reciting this?

          • Kelly


  59. Rami Ismaeel Reply

    If i want to fly from Berlin to corfu and stay there about 5 days then i will fly to Athens.
    Should i prevent QR code (PLF) two time in the both airports?
    Or just one time in Corfu?

  60. audere Reply

    nobody told us about plf.arrived today in Milan Malpensa and easyJet refused to check us in arguing it s our duty to be aware of PLf like TSA in America. really ? What about Shenguen ? no refund of course . Bloody damned Europe , this is not serious for the industry

  61. Mansey Reply

    I cannot progress my PLF beyond flight arrival date.
    I have no connecting flights.

    • Nicola Hall Reply

      Can somebody help me please. I’ve filled in the PLF form well in advance. Flying in two days. I’m confused. Do I need to do it again 24 hours before flying?

      • Jean Perkins Reply

        no. They will send you a code but you need to print out your confirmation or show it on your phone

    • Carol holmes Reply

      I have filled out form on line everything OK had a confirmation e mail but want to know is that enough to show at airport I know still have code to come through when will that be, before I fly out or after I get to Greece. Very confusing getting stressed!

  62. stephen hall Reply

    24hr from 48hr does not help having to travel day before

  63. Robert Ferguson Reply

    I take it the form must be completed on line, before i had printed a few to fill in.

  64. John Flawith Reply

    This report is not clear.

    Is this the minimum time before the flight?
    Can travellers register earlier?
    Is the QR code issued immediately? A common complaint has been that these codes do not appear in a timely way.

    Does each member in a family have to apply separately?

    • Andre Bueno Reply

      Hi Dear, I also have the same questions that you did, ifI could do this Passenger Locator Form (PLF) earlier, and if it is given immediately and if I need to complete for all the family including kids.???
      Please if you got any advice for your questions it would help a lot thanks

  65. R Bond Reply

    It would help if the PLF system actually worked in the first place.
    My partner is due to arrive into Greece on Sunday and we completed the PLF form on the 29th July before they departed Greece due to them not having access to Internet etc while away and to ensure the Or code was received in plenty of time. We received an automated reply saying that thery would be “in touch shortly”.
    We are still waiting and have not received the QR Passenger code…so what will happen when they arrive into Athens on Sunday without the code?

    • Julie Naylor Reply

      Do husband and wife have to complete separate forms or can they be included on one

  66. Jan Kees Eerland Reply


    • Margaret Jane Walton Reply

      I too would like to know if husband and wife travelling together can submit one form ?

      • Jean Perkins Reply

        It does say on their website that you must only complete one form per family

  67. Rene M Mogensen Reply

    Do this means that people that already fill the old one out
    Need to make a new one from 9/7 ??????
    Please when your posting things like this give the full info
    A lot of travellers in EU want to go to Greece, but the get confused by by the no full info

  68. Mandy Holvoet Reply

    How do you fill in the PLF when you enter Greece bij private yacht coming from EU-country?

    • Suzanne Reply

      Did you find out already. Facing same problem here. No option for yachts….only Ferry or cruise.

      • Debbie Reply

        Hi Suzanne, also having the same problem here. Any news?

        • Valerie L Butland Reply

          Hi I also need advise 6 times submitted forms incorrectly for 12 people now looks like I’ll need to do again do I include family from DIFFERANT household on family part
          Of form or do I add them to companion part and 16 Yr old family friend to companion, a 6 one actually submitted lots of Time

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