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Protocol for Arrivals in Greece: All Travelers Must Fill Out a Passenger Locator Form

Passengers arriving to Greece by air, sea or road, are now required to complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) at least 48 hours before entering the country.

The measure comes prior to the country opening all its airports to international flights on July 1 and aims to protect citizens and tourists and prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

All travellers are obliged to complete their PLF at least 48 hours before entering the country, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of their stay while in Greece. After submitting their PLF form, each traveller will receive a personal QR code, which must be presented, either via mobile phone or on hard copy, upon their arrival in Greece’s airports.

Following are Greece’s protocols for arrivals by air, sea and road, as announced by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

Protocol for passengers arriving by air

  • Arrival of passengers at the arrival gate.
  • Transfer to the area where screening personnel are located and check the unique quick response (QR) code each passenger shows on their mobile phone screen or printed QR form.
  • Screening personnel will direct passengers, depending on their QR code, either to the screening area or to the exit (baggage claim area or passport control). Until the screening results become available, passengers tested for the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by a trained health team are obliged to self-isolate at the address of their final destination as declared on their passenger locator form (PLF). Upon completion of the screening, they are directed towards the exit.

All passengers must comply with all of the necessary preventive hygiene measures (use of masks and physical distancing).

Protocol for passengers arriving by sea

  • Arrival of incoming passengers on foot at the main entry gate.
  • Incoming passengers arriving in vehicles are directed to the special entry gate.
  • All passengers are transferred to areas where screening personnel are located and check the unique quick response (QR) code each passenger shows on their mobile phone screen or printed QR form.
  • Depending on passengers’ QR code, screening personnel either direct them to the screening area or allow them to enter the country. Until the screening results become available, passengers who are tested for the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by a trained health team are obliged to self-isolate at the address of their final destination as declared on their passenger locator form (PLF). Upon completion of the screening they are allowed to enter the country.

All passengers must comply with all of the necessary preventive measures (use of masks and physical distancing).

Protocol for arrivals at land borders

  • Arrival of persons at the checkpoint. All persons entering the country must submit a completed passenger locator form (PLF) upon their arrival.
  • Passport and customs control are carried out and each incoming person’s unique quick response (QR) code is checked on their mobile phone screen or on the printed form with their QR code.
  • Depending on their code, incoming persons are directed by security personnel either to the screening area or allowed to continue their trip to their final destination in the country, receiving instructions from the border personnel, concerning, in particular, required action in case they develop symptoms of respiratory infection, in which case they must immediately contact the National Public Health Organization (EODY) Operations Centre. If arriving persons plan to have multiple stop-overs in Greece, they must declare this and report their initial destination and their travel itinerary for the next 7 days. EODY Mobile Health Units (KOMY) will operate round the clock at land border checkpoints.

    Until the screening results become available, arriving persons who are tested for the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 are obliged to self-isolate at the address of their final destination as declared on their passenger locator form (PLF). Their data is entered into the EODY information system, which is linked to the COVID registry to facilitate contact tracing in the event someone tests positive. Upon completion of the screening, they enter the country, receiving instructions concerning self-isolation until the results of their screening are announced.

All passengers must follow all of the necessary preventive hygiene measures (use of masks and physical/social distancing).

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) and detailed instructions can be found here.

Please note: For clarifications on entrance to Greece as of July 1, travelers are advised to contact the closest Greek Embassy or consulate prior to travel or consult directly with the airport.

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  1. Ole Svendsen Reply

    Do you have an onsite testing setup in Athens for passengers, who are not able to make the 48 hours timelimit for the Passenger Locator Form ?

    Could be a booking within 24 hours prior to arrival or a technical issue with the website.

  2. Sandra Reply

    the page is not operating, how we should fill in the application please?

  3. Lily Reply

    This shows a 403 error repeatedly. Directions say use a phone or tablet, not computer however it doesn’t work. I’m using apple devices, any idea how to get this to work?

  4. Mircea Reply

    Hi all,

    What if we have more than 2 destinations in Greece, how do you add a third one?


  5. DAS Reply

    I had an error on submission even though all my details were correct and the pdf link also did not work (404 error). I switched from Google Chrome to Safari and my submission worked. QR code will be sent one day prior to travel (18th July).

  6. Karen Reply

    It seems this forum is closed. Just a check!

    • Karen Reply

      It’s not, waiting for un update about Dave.

  7. Ray Reply

    We are Crete fans and have been visiting the island for the past 5 years. If I understand the entries here correctly, then I have the following risk when traveling to Greece: If the Corona test result of a tourist is positive, every fellow passenger on the plane seated two rows in front of or behind this Tourist will be trapped and quarantined for 14 days in Greece in a Hotel provided by the government.
    I don’t want to pay 3,200 EUR for a trip to take this risk. It doesn’t make sense to me!
    I can understand that the Greeks want to protect themselves. It would have been better if they had asked every tourist for a current proof / negative test on entry. I wouldn’t mind. But I don’t want to take the risk of being quarantined through no fault of my own.

  8. Marina Reply

    David, I am so sorry for you. How many days do you need to stay in quarantine? Is it at least possible to leave the hotel room?

  9. Patrick Reply

    I hope you can help me.
    We fly to greece on July, 13th, for holiday.

    I filled out the PLF last Tuesday.

    While filling out the form I have to enter data like my passport number.
    A few “pages” later on that form I can enter data for my family. So I filled out the names and ages for my two kids an my wife.

    Now I’m concerned if that is enough or if my wife should fill out the PLF separately (becaus I didn’t have to enter her passport number, e.g.).

    Do you know if filling out the PLF once for me and my whole family who travels along with me is enough?

    Not that we arrive in Greece and have problems 🙁

    Thanks for your help.

    • Sam Reply

      We arrived in Greece yesterday using just one form in my name. My wife and two kids were listed on the back. On arrival they just glanced at it and without even scanning it, waved us through.

      • Andrei Reply

        @Sam: which airport was it ?

        • Sam Reply


  10. Wally Reply

    Con mio marito il giorno 8 luglio partiremo per la Grecia con un volo da Venezia a Santorini per po spostarcia Naxos. Ho letto tutta la circolare le domande e risposte. Non mi è chiaro come si viene scelti per fare il tampone e che modalita poi ci sono, in entrami i casi “positivo o no” e i tempi di permanenza in aereoporto. Inolte vorre sapere a cosa serve il codice QR. Comunico che il giormo 30 giugno abbiamo fatto il tampone e siamo risultati NEGATIVI. Gradirei una risposta. Grazie!

    • Kyriacos Reply

      I filled in the form on the 1st of July and I still haven’t received my QR code. I just received the first email saying I will receive it shortly. My flight is in 5 days. Is the delay of the QR code normal?

      • Mike Reply

        yes you get the code 1 or 2 days before the flight. I get mine today and fly at 7.7.

  11. Wally Michelon Reply

    Con mio marito con un volo Volotea da Venezia per Santorini il giorno 8 luglio per prseguiremo poi per Schinussa. Domani complileremo il mod PLF. Ho letto tutta la circolare e le domande e risposte dei commenti. Non mi è assolutamente chiaro come avvengono i controll all’aereoporto e le probabilita di essere fermati per la quarantena. Vorrei capire anche il codice QR in cosa consiste. Preciso che noi abbiamo fatto il test il 30/06/2020 e siamo risultati NEGATIVI.
    Gentilmente aspetto un chiarimento, altrimenti non partiamo. Grazie.

  12. Irene Reply

    Am traveling to Greece on 18/720 and I did my application for PLF on 2/7/20.i did receive a mail for confirmation but not the barcode.should I write to them again two days before my travel or I did the application too early?anyone who can help with a good answer I will appreciate..!

  13. Maria Reply

    So, let’s provide some information that I would have liked to receive before my travel to Greece.

    I travelled from southern Sweden to Greece through Denmark. The QR code was received one day before my departure.

    Upon arrival in Athens, the QR code was not scanned electronically, a police looked at the code below the QR and said go straight. Go straight meant to do a COVID test. It took basically 5 min for the test to be done. They stick a cotton-ish tops in your mouth and swab. That’s it. No information on self isolation or anything. I needed to actively call the National COVID helpline in Greece to as I for that protocol. The official website where you submit your PLF application say that “self isolate until the results become available”. After arrival I received a text stating that “in case you did a COVID year you need to self isolate for one day”. The National helpline said that if the results are positive somebody will contact you within 24 hours. If they are negative, nobody will contact you”. So, basically I have a couple of hours left of my self isolation period and then, if I haven’t heard anything from them, I’m free to leave the house. However, I think that precise guidelines would be helpful on this since I actively needed to call the authorities here in Greece in order to receive information if I will be contacted with the results.

  14. Egle Reply

    Will l need to fill my QR form second time if my fly was cancel and l want to buy new flight again?But this time l want to get Greece with new direction.

    • Frank Reply

      I might have a similar problem. I should arrive by road but could be a day or two later the form. Can’t find information anywhere

  15. David Reply

    If we knew it before, I had cancelled our trip to Chersonissos area. We arrived on 1st of July and everything went fine on arrival. After scanning our QR’s we were all directed to the baggage belt and proceeded to our rented house. Yesterday evening I received a phone call,that two passengers on the same flight have been tested positive and today a shuttle arrived for our mandatory relocation to a quarantine destination. We are now really p* because that means, that even if you are not a risk candidate with full health they can quarantine anybody at any time. Our host tried to help us because we rent the same house since over 10 years and during this time Mikos has become a real friend. He said, that he fullfills every condition from the greek government including a dedicated doctor, but he couldn’t assist us in any manner to avoid relocation. We are now trapped and I’d like to share our experience to other people. I understand the security concerns to protect the local people, but they should inform about all possible scenarios in advance. We thought everything is fine, if you can leave the airport directly but that’s sadly not true.

    • Michael Schneider Reply

      Oh my god, you have to stay nor for two Weeks this quarantine destination ?

      All passengers from the same plane ?

      • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

        It has been said that if a passenger sits close to the positive passenger, they notify 2 rows in each direction. Not all.
        For more information, please read the guidelines from the National Public Health Organization

        • Michael Schneider Reply

          Ok, than we pay for a lottery. Than also a test in Germany for me and my Family before the Flight, is completely useless.

          • Tommaso Alpi

            I I filled out the plf two days ago and I have the flight on July 6 (today is the 3rd) and the QR code has not yet arrived, is this normal?

          • Sam

            We arrived in Greece yesterday using just one form in my name. My wife and two kids were listed on the back. On arrival they just glanced at it and without even scanning it, waved us through.

          • Gregor

            @Sam: Can I ask you where did you fly from and to?

      • David Reply

        I have heard that at about 30 passengers from my flight have been relocated.. Don’t know whether it’s true, but this might match if the two rows rule is correct. If that’s true, every positive tested passenger also puts the next two rows in front of him and also the two behind him in a really absurd situation.

        • Anne R Reply

          Hello David. I m shoked n’y what you are facing. How are you?
          Do you know how long you will start under quarantine?

          WE are used to spend 3 weeks in Crete every summer.
          WE were hesitating to cancel our trip because of the risk of quarantine but reading your post, it is now clear that we will do.
          It is unfair to encourage tourists to come and have such kind of procedure…
          Stay safe

        • Katia Reply

          Hope you are well david. From where it was your flight and for how many days do you have to stay quarantine now?

    • Luca Fiorilli Reply

      Hi David, so sorry. I can’t believe they do this. Restriction of freedom to this extent and lack of clarity. Absurd! I love Greece but they should just stop people from coming instead of allowing people to come and then waste the money they have sent to pay for their holiday to then stay in a stupid hotel for 14 days. They should just say before: come or not! So can I ask you where are you staying now?

      • David Reply

        In a dedicated hotel nearby Heraklion. I have heard that there are also hotels in Lassithi and Chania to sit in. Sadly the Wi-Fi is not really working and my cellphone data volume is soon at zero. With some sarcasm I can say that the sit in is at least donated by the government

        • Anne R Reply

          Hello David. I m shoked n’y what you are facing. How are you?
          Do you know how long you will start under quarantine?

          WE are used to spend 3 weeks in Crete every summer.
          WE were hesitating to cancel our trip because of the risk of quarantine but reading your post, it is now clear that we will do.
          It is unfair to encourage tourists to come and have such kind of procedure…
          Stay safe

    • Lenka Reply

      Terrible! How many days will you in quarantine hotel? With this regulation will Greece empty, I think that I will cancel my holiday in Karpathos.

    • Sue Reply

      So sorry to hear that, David. People should really be provided with some certainty before boarding the plane. I was planning to visit Greece in a week or so, now I am not sure any more… I am wondering if you can choose to return home instead of having to stay in the quarantine hotel?

    • Dan Leeds Reply

      I’m planning to cancel my family holiday 1st week of August for same reason- risk of ending up in a quarantine accommodation- can you say what the conditions are like? Do you have to stay in your room? Use the pool?!! Basically trying to get a sense of what the risk is, don’t fancy being locked in a room with 4 teenagers, but if it’s lounging by the pool maybe not so bad.. – your feedback much appreciated! Cheers and hope your stay is ok

    • Marina Reply

      David, I am so sorry for you. How many days do you need to stay in quarantine? Is it at least possible to leave the hotel room?

    • Eloise Reply

      Im so sorry for you !
      You must stay 14 days in this place without going out? have they all confined your plane?

  16. Pasternak Reply

    If i had an actual Covid 19 Test. (24 hrs) It will accepted ?

    • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

      If you had the test, then there is nothing to worry about.

      • Alex Reply

        @Maria Theofanopoulou: please quote where you have found the official information that a recent test can be used to avoid/bypass the PLF procedure or avoid to be tested locally?

        • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

          Alex, I never said that that you can use your recent test to bypass the PLF procedure or to avoid testing. I just said that that is you have been tested, then you do not have to worry about being tested again through the PLF procedure.

          • Alex

            Maria, of course you have to worry about being tested again through the PLF procedure, because this means that you must spend your vacation in self isolation until the results are communicated (in hopefully 24 or 36 hours).
            In other words a private test in advance does not make any sense unless you think you might be positive.

        • Andre Reply

          Alex, look at the PLF page, there is a Q&A section. If you have a molecular test not older then 72 hours it could be accepted.

      • Anne Reply

        Sorry you can’t say that. Even with a negative test you still have the risk of quarantine because of other people being positive in same flight. This is exactly what happened to David.
        I am use to come in Crete every summer for 1 month. With these conditions, I will cancel my trip. It is unfair from greek government to say Greece is welcoming tourist with such conditions. I understand they want to protect greek people but they can manage differently ans take example from other countries

  17. Petres Reply

    If the screening selection is based on algorithms, the should inform about a screening BEFORE departure. So every tourist can decide on it’s own, if he wants to wait for the test result on arrival, or cancels the whole trip.because I guess that the algorithm sorts out risk groups, it would also be a benefit for the health protection of the wonderful Cretan people, because most of the risky screening clients will stay at home anyway, if they know in advance that they will be tested. If you can’t arrive relaxed, the vacation can’t be good as well. I have spent totally over 200 days in Crete, but I guess we will cancel our trip from 8.7 until 3.8. for this reason.

  18. Michael Schneider Reply

    It is so quit in here, i hope all of you got there QR Codes.

    Mine is not arrived, i hope all would be right until 7.July.

    • Alex Reply

      @Michael Schneider: there is no official information regarding the time you are supposed to receive the QR code available (I have called the embassy, visit greece and others – they do not know). However, it seems to be that most of the people have received it 1-2 days before departure…

    • Carola Reply

      Just filled the form again, this time for my husband, to be on the safe side and also to check if the bug about the age of family member got fixed. The new confirmation email states clearly now, that the code will be issued one day before the scheduled departure. Plus it is possible now to enter the correct age per family member.

      • Alex Reply

        Thanks a lot Carola for sharing this! Can you please copy&paste the new confirmation mail (without your personal data of course)

        • Carola Reply

          Sure, here it comes:

          Dear Mr. XXXXXXXXX,

          Thank you for completing the Passenger Locator Form before your trip to
          Greece.We appreciate your cooperation in this extraordinary circumstance.
          We are making every effort to accommodate your stay in Greece and keep you

          Beginning July 1, 2020, the Greek government has determined how the country
          will welcome travellers, carry out the necessary diagnostic screening, and
          keep everyone safe throughout the season.

          For reference, you submitted:

          First name: XXXXXXX
          Last name: XXXXXXXX
          Passport Number or National ID: XXXXXXXXXXX

          Date of submission: XXXXXXXX

          You may refer to this document using your Passport Number or National ID.
          You will receive your PLF document one day before your scheduled arrival in
          In the meantime, you can continue planning your trip to Greece and we are
          looking forward to welcoming you here. The Greek summer is a state of mind

          Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy Greece.

          • Alex

            Thanks a lot Carola – that really helped!

  19. Xeen Reply

    I just received my QR code for tomorrow trip throught land – VIA EVZONI. So, can I cross border there or not? If not, can I cross border at Promachonas with Evzoni QR code?
    Chaosss Rulezz

    • percefoni shafiq-doufou Reply

      Hallo, just a question, how were you able to choose evzonoi since the only option in the QR appliaction when traveling by car is the promachonas, at least when we filled it out?

  20. Ernesta Reply

    What if i made mistake in PLF ( wrong destination address in Greece)? Maybe should I have to fill a new one?

  21. Robert Somlai Reply

    What a chaos! I think I will cancel my trip to Greece 🙁

  22. Ivelina Reply

    Hello, guys,

    I plan to travell from Czech republic to Crete, Greece with my boyfriend. Has anyone went through the procedure at the airport already and how does it go? How do the personnel decided if you have to make a test or not? Is it based on the country you are coming from and is there any list which I can check for information?

    Thanks in advance!

  23. Xeen Reply

    Situation at Promachonas right now: 13km queue / 10hours delay at border crossing.

  24. Xeen Reply

    Exactly as expected after opening ONLY 1 border crossing.
    Today morning situation at Promahonas – 7km queue, 5 hours delay at border crossing.

    Not very good job with planning. Lets hope officials will respond to situation ASAP.

  25. Houllier-Trescases Jacques Reply

    ne peux avoir le formulaire à remplir

  26. Mati Reply

    Hey, does everyone have to fill in the form?
    Me and my friend are going to Greece. Can I add him or does he have to fill it out too????????????

  27. Alex Reply

    Good news; They just translated the site to German.
    Bad news: They either used automated translation or an translator who doesn’t speak German… What a shame…

  28. Nadia Reply

    My flight is in 2 days and I just received the code ✈️
    Good luck to you all and have a nice stay.

    • Tina Reply

      Hi. When did you filled up the formula? Since june 29 i did not recieve the qr code. Thanks.

      • Jay Reply

        filled the forma for my family. What if my flight cancelled do i need to cancel my registration and if yes how? Or just do a new form before the new flight possible?

  29. Aleksandra Reply

    I’ve filled out the form 36 hours before departure as I have not been informed about this mandatory QR code earlier. I’m wondering if it will arrive on time. How long did you wait for your code?

    • Aleksandra Reply

      update: I got QR code after 1 hour of waiting 🙂

      • Pat Reply

        Hi Aleksandra,

        How did you fill in the form 36 hours before departure? Did you choose a different/later date?

        We tried the same and the online form wouldn’t let us choose our actual depature date.

      • Myriam Reply

        Hi, do you send a special email for your code, the same thing happened to me.

      • gina Reply

        hi i forgot to do it how did you do it with the date? did it get fixed. please reply

  30. Alex Reply

    As many others have stated I also have filled out the form (works only on the mobile phone), have received a confirmation but no QR code…
    Can someone give us an indication on how many days before departure this code is supposed to be sent? What is the experience of the ones who are traveling today or tomorrow???

  31. Maria Theofanopoulou Reply
    • Sue Reply

      Is it possible to know before my departure whether or not I will be subject to testing and how long I can expect the test result so that I can plan/adjust my stay in Greece accordingly?

      Is it true that if there is one person on the same flight is tested positive, everyone else has to be quarantined?

      • Bleedingheart Reply

        That’s also the main question for us. If the screening selection is based on algorithms, the should inform about a screening BEFORE departure. If you can’t arrive relaxed, the vacation can’t be good as well. I have spent totally over 200 days in Crete, but I guess we will cancel our trip from 8.7 until 3.8. for this reason.

    • Anna Reply

      I have just filled the form for tomorrow’s flight. What happens if it is less than 48 hours?

      • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

        I assume you will not have any problem. But you need to confirm with the authorities.

        • Tina Reply

          Hi. I filled up ours on june 29, just recieved an email and until now no qr code. Our flight is on july 4. should i fill it up again? Thanks

      • gina Reply

        What did you do with the date then? I could only fill in a day later

    • Anna Reply

      I got my code today and I am travelling tomorrow afternoon? Will they allow me to enter?

    • Cristina Zamfir Reply

      Hi! Could you tell me if the QR code is valid in case the date of entry into Greece will be on July 9 instead of July 5, as it is written in PLF form?

  32. Michael Schneider Reply

    Anybody now arrived in Greece today ? Did it function with the code ?

  33. Manolis Afentakis Reply

    You get Error 403? I couldn’t access the page with my company’s Notebook.
    Make sure your Computer is in an EU member state Network – I assume country filtering.

  34. Manolis Afentakis Reply

    I also get 403 Error while accessing
    It is very likely that the server is overloaded.
    We are flying in 48 hours and I couldn’t fill out the form so far.
    Anybody in the same situation? Any Hints? what to do? otherwise
    I will fill out the information on a Paper and take them with me.
    I somebody could post here how the fomrular looks like, ore the QR Code, it would be a greater help!

  35. michael Reply

    filled form out yesterday on phone, received confirmation by email but no QR code yet, can I still go and fill out form on arrival if QR code does not arrive in time.

  36. Pasternak Reply

    Hi !

    We are a Family of 5 persons.
    We habe to send only one plf ?
    At the questions to Family members, i will registrate all members, but only kids under 18 i have to write the age ?

    • Xeen Reply

      Based on our embassy info “Every person above 18age must fill own PLF form.”

  37. GorPege Reply

    same question here: do we need to fill in one form per family or one per adults and one to add the kids?

    Many thanks and safe travels.

    • Xeen Reply

      Based on our embassy info “Every person above 18age must fill own PLF form.”

  38. Natalja Reply

    Has anyone get the code yet? I’ve filled in the form 2 days ago…travelling on the 4th…also, should I fill in one form for 2 adults travelling together or 2 separate forms?

  39. Eric Reply

    Got the QR code now! 🙂 It’s working!

    • Swissbase Reply

      When are you travelling ?

    • Tina Reply

      When is your flighr? Ours dis not come yet thanks

    • Maciej Reply

      How long did you wait for that?

  40. dori Reply

    I filled it in at least 10 times but when I close the form the app says: therey is something wrong.. try again… Maybe is it too early? 5 days before departing.

  41. dori Reply

    I’ve tried at least 10 times… it always says there is something wrong and it ereases the REGION box… but we are going to stay in Evia… which reagion is it in?

  42. Alex Reply

    I didn’t get the QR Code. Only the confirmation, that i entered my information.

    • Witold Reply

      about 12 hours after confirmation I received second e-mail with QR code

    • Bogdan Reply

      Hy Alex,
      I received the QR code after 25 hours, on my email.

    • Xeen Reply

      Yep, we have several groups filled PLF – and yesterday they started receiving QR codes. And they often ending in “mail spam box”.
      We also found it is not related to WHEN you filled form, but to date, when you declared border crossing.
      Code is received usually 1-2 days prior to your declared border crossing. So, based on that I should receive mine tomorrow 2. July, or day after a s my crossing is 4. July.

  43. Erik Reply

    Has anyone got their QR-code?

    • Bogdan Reply

      I received the QR code after 25 hours, on my email.

      • Manolis Afentakis Reply

        Can you post how it looks like? (you can hide personal data the QR Code) A picture from your Smartphone is enougth

  44. Sorin Z. Reply

    I completed the form couple of days ago but I haven’t received the QR code yet. Did anyone receive it?

    • Michael Reply

      Not received QR code

  45. Sorin Z. Reply

    Completed the form 2 days ago but no qr code. Did anyone receive it?

  46. Michael Schneider Reply

    Sorry i send one plf yesterday for me and my son and today for my wife. We will arrive at second of july at Kriti. I get no confirmation mails for my plf’s. What can i do ?

    Pls help

    • Xeen Reply

      Check spam folder. I found mine there…

      • Nadia Reply

        When is your flight?

  47. Philippe IACONO Reply


  48. Simon Hare Reply

    Does anyone know how long it will take to get through the airport on arrival in Greece. Are you allowed to stay in your own property whilst waiting for the test result? Are you allowed to go out and buy food and supplies once you have arrived at your property? What about contact with others whilst you are travelling to your destination? Many questions need answers!!

  49. Thierry Reply

    Tried to fill the form partially to understand it but I closed by mistake my Chrome App. Well now I have “Error 403” on my screen when I come back.
    Any server pbs? or other problems?

  50. Evangelos Reply

    The whole passenger locator form (PLF) process is a joke and it has several gaps. It does not match all types of tourists and way of entrance e.g. campers etc. The system has problems and many friends complain that they did not receive the QR badge. It is a discrimination that the Hellenic government knows who is qualified for the test but not the person itself. What about families? how many days the test will place to show the results? Who wants to destroy his or her holidays living with stress. This is not borders borders opening. I already canceled my trip. I will travel somewhere else which is more tourism friendly.-

  51. Pantelis Vassilakis Reply

    (Re-posting with auto-correct off)
    Can the author please double check their source for one key piece of information that needs, I believe, to be corrected?
    It states that the form must be completed “at least 48 hours prior to arrival”. I believe it should state “within 48 hours from arrival.” …….. Thank you

    • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

      I can confirm that the article states correctly that “All travellers are obliged to complete their PLF at least 48 hours before entering the country”.

  52. Herbert Schmidt Reply

    Herr Mitsotakis hat noch vorm Sonnenuntergang für Griechenland geworben, jetzt wird man ausgewählt durch ein geheimes Verfahren .. wer fährt schon gerne auf Risiko in ein Land, indem er eventuell dann 14 Tage lang das Meer nur von Weitem sieht.. armes Europa.. fällt euch nichts Besseres ein. Der Tourismus wird dadurch noch mehr einbrechen und die Einnahmen fehlen. Wo soll das noch enden. Dann schließt doch das Land ganz und die Menschen können sich wenigstens frei bewegen, so wie sie wollen. Unmöglich finde ich das.

  53. Pantelis Vassilakis Reply

    Can the author get lease down now check their source for one key piece of information that needs, I believe, to be corrected:
    It stays that the form must be completed “at least 48 hours prior to arrival”. It should state “within 48 hours from arrival.” Also, those who have not completed the form will have the chance to do it upon arrival. Please check and confirm what the correct info is on this important component.

    • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

      I can confirm that the article states correctly that “All travellers are obliged to complete their PLF at least 48 hours before entering the country”.

      • Anna Reply

        And if I did it too late? I am travelling tomorrow and I have just got my code…

  54. Hans Kastorp Reply


    I think the reality is far more complex than the PLF form. Instructions read “Until the screening results become available, passengers tested ……… are obliged to self-isolate at the address of their final destination as declared on their passenger locator form (PLF).”

    If I land in Athens and I stay one night, in order to take the boat the next day to an island (which in fact is my final destination) Or if I have a car rental, again having stayed in Athens one night, and the following or the same day I drive to the final destination? Or if I have a boat the same day? Or a sailing boat? What happens? Can I self-isolate in Mykonos after taking the boat to reach the final destination? 🙂

    Also the PLF allows to declare only two locations. Is island hoping allowed? Or backpacking around Greece?

    Also the PLF does not allow any correction.

    I really think it will be a mess.

    If you have any answers to the questions..

    • Stilianos Aspiotis-Mundt Reply

      I filled out the plf, get an email that they receive the information over me and my trip-but dont get a QR – Code…

  55. Chris Reply

    We filled out the forma but didn’t receive a qr code so far. how long should it take for that?
    Thank you for your help!

  56. Nia Reply

    Only two border options possible for Bulgaria and the one I’m trying to pass through is not listed. Also, how could you correct the forms if something in your plans changes?

  57. Chris Reply

    Hi everybody,
    How long does it take untill you’’re going to recieve the QR-Code?
    Thanks for your help!
    Kind regards Chris

  58. RB Reply

    Reading through some of the comments on this thread it really is quite clear that so mnay peoples attitudes have not changed and nothing has been learnt or taken onboard through this whole terrible situation.

    If you don’t like or agree with the proposals and procedures in place then simply stay at home and don’t travel until you feel safe to. It seems that people are still putting their holiday as number one priority over the safety, health and wellbeing of others, particulalrly in countries such as Greece where we have maintained some of the lowest figures globally.
    We want nothing more than to welcome tourists, but if you are not willing to abide by the rules and regulations then please do not come. Simple as that.

    With regard to the PLF form – worked fine for my partner with no issues at all.

    • Michael Schneider Reply

      RB, the most people here will come to Greece to spend there holiday, because the love your country and they need a little more happiness at this situation (sorry about my English). The Problem is, i planned my holiday at the end of last year and if i would cancel this vacation (will start on 7th of July to Kriti) i have to pay 3000€ for nothing. All that we want is a clear procedure to come to Greece. And not “we open the country to all visitors and than we got a beta procedure, that is not fixed”. If you have little children and every day you get a new information or NO information it is incredible for a family. So i read the messages here and nobody gets there QR Code. Nobody tells the visitors what will happen if you arrive at the holiday location without QR Code. I did the whole procedur twice until i get an confirmation Email. All we want is a clear information for my money that i will spent in your country. I have to go to work for my money and have only one holiday in a year.

      • Nadia Reply

        Gleiches Problem.. Hab noch nichts erhalten und fliege übermorgen. Meine Mutter hat beim Ministerium angerufen und die meinten, ich bekomme es am Tag davor.. Mal schauen.. Unglaublich..

        • Michael Schneider Reply

          Das ist das was ich meine, dann sollen die es doch auch auf die Seite schreiben. Wenn man nicht weiß ob man was bekommt, hat man halt bammel und wartet die ganze Zeit.
          Danke für die Info, dann muss ich wohl noch bis Montag hoffen.

          • Nadia

            Zur Info. Ein Bekannter ist heute in Athen angekommen. Man hat den Fluggästen im Flugzeug erst ein Formular zum Ausfüllen gegeben. Dasselbe Formular scheinbar, das wir ausfüllen mussten. Am Flughafen wurden tatsächlich ein paar Fluggäste getestet.

          • Michael Schneider

            Danke Nadia, na dann warte ich mal ab, hab noch nichts bekommen. Sind aber ja noch ein paar Tage bei mir.
            Hoffe es wird trotz allem ein schöner Urlaub.

  59. Cepoi Mario Reply

    That’s a bit tight , i am supposed to fly on the 1st so theoretically i only have only 1 day and 21 hours before arriving .No QR Code whatsoever only a submission confirmation .Does anyone know what happens if you don’t have it upon arrival?

  60. CJ Reply

    Hi there,
    does anyone know how long it takea untill you receive the QR code?
    Thanks in advance!

  61. Mcs Reply

    Hi, is anyone else experiencing the pop up of a message an error ocurred when trying to submit the form?
    Thank you

  62. Kosta Reply

    What about passengers arriving by sea on a cruise ship – let’s say from another country to Katakolo and the ship will stay there only 6-7 hrs.

    IF they are checked and obliged to self-isolate at the address of their final destination (cruise ship) until the screening results become available, obviously, they will not be able to disembark upon arrival and go on an excursions that depart in the morning.
    Bearing in mind above, will there be different procedure for passengers on cruise ships?

  63. Christina Reply

    We send the PLF at about 11:30h this morning and received and E-Mail that they got the PLF and that they will shortly be in touch again with more details with regards to your submitted PLF document…
    Until now we didn’t receive the QR Code by E-Mail. Does anybody else got already the QR Code??? Our flight is on Wednesday afternoon

  64. Vladimir Velinov Reply

    Form opens, but at the end when I submit it gives an error message. Tried 3 times already. We’re beat testing this platform.

  65. Mirela Gligore Reply

    Hello. I have a question: If we are selected for testing, how long before we are sent the test results? How will we receive them? Via email?

    Thank you in advance for replying.

  66. Ivan Reply

    Do you risivd code

  67. Flavia laurenti Reply

    Hello Me and my husband have the ferry from Venice to Patra on 12th of august ( w are from Trieste)with a camper van ( camping car) then from Piraeus to Chania on the 14th of august. So what about about people using campin car? Thank you Flavia Laurenti

    • Valerio Reply

      Rules are written in Protocol for passengers arriving by sea Paragraph you will be checked in Patra.
      Le regole sono scritte nel paragrafo protocollo per passeggeri che arrivano via mare, sarete controllati a Patrasso.

    • Monika Reply

      We are also struggling to fill out the form and also on camping deck, anyway even if you have a cabin or seat, the numbers are only known when you get on the ferry and not beforehand. We debark at Corfu and it is not even possible to select it as a port of entry on the form. The ferry company tells us to wait until they fix the form and more or less told us that we should not worry if we cannot complete it this week because they heard from the port authorities that the database is not even working properly yet and no QR codes are given out. The same thing was told to our friends by their travel agency (they travel by plane and have a package holiday coming up next week). I frustrates me that such an ill-prepared buggy form & system was introduced at the last minute and causes so much stress to those who want to support the startup of Greek tourism.

  68. Adnya Reply

    Bye bye, Greece. Traveling with a 3 yo I find all these outrageous. I want to enjoy my holiday, not be locked in my hotel room – which I am paying for, in case I don’t know who decides one of the 3 of us is tested. So, we plan to cancel this year holiday to Greece. Too bad! I will choose a country more tourists friendly where I can spend my money

    • RB Reply

      Adnya…with that attitude we would not want you in Greece!
      Rules and regulations are there for the safety of people who appreciate how well Greece has handled the situation and that the country has remained and continues to be one of the safest places in the world. We do not and would not welcome selfish inconsiderate travellers such as yourself. You clearly see yourself as being above any regulations to protect the safety of others and for your own benefit. You have truly ridiculed yourself with your comments.

    • eftyhios Reply

      Bye-bye, Adnya.Your approach for an issue that has killed half a million people around the world, has influenced millions of lives with a very violent way, has destroyed strong economies, personally I am very glad that you will not choose my country for your holidays.
      Hellas (Greece) is very succeded with covid19 and we have DECIDED to stay with this.Yes, we need tourism but above all we need our health.
      And, of course, we need visitors that respect the country, the citizens of the country and the rules of the country.
      We wish you safe vacations.

      • Roberto Reply

        Bravo, sono 20 anni che passo le mie vacanze in halkidiki ed intendo continuare a farlo rispettando i Greci e la Grecia grazie amici roberto

    • Tony Reply

      @Adnya, good riddens then, no one needs you, or will miss you as a tourist, if you need to be reminded what happened (and still is) over the course of the first half of 2020 all around the world!
      If you want to chill without restrictions, stay at home or go someplace else to risk your family’s health, or worse, somebody else’s.

    • tudor Reply

      Totally agree with @adyna. I’d also have to add: that first day in Greece, am I supposed to pay for it? Pay in order to spend 24hrs INSIDE a room with my family. I accept the covid restrictions but Greece must also accept the fact that no one will accept those restrictions during holiday. Good luck

    • Alexandra Papakonstantinou Reply

      Hi Adnya,
      we also want to enjoy our holidays but without covid. Is it so hard to fill in a form? Keep calm in those difficult moments.
      Best regards,

      • Enrico Porro Reply

        Salve, se ho sbagliato a compilare il modulo cosa devo fare? Se lo compilo nuovamente il quello precedente verrà annullato? Grazie

    • Alexander Tutass Reply

      You better to stay away Sir from Greece and from any other country too, if you can’t understand that everyone is forced to this procedure in order for us all to stay almost as healthy as possible by this little inconvineance.

  69. Noel Reply

    Does anybody know what happens if your test comes back positive. Quarantaine in your booked hotel or will you be send to a government assigned hotel?

    • Valerio Reply

      In a government assigned one

    • Lobenstein Reply

      Tried to fill in the form several times as I booked a flight into Thessaloniki july 2 nd
      Does not work, was not able to submit although I have diligently filled in all facts. Either this program /form is not very well programmed or it starts only by july 1 st.
      Program always sets you back to the start and you have to start filling in from the very beginning.
      But government asks for completion of form 48 hours before arrival.
      I think many tourists will cancel their plans for holidays in Greece.

    • Hans Kastorp Reply

      You stay in quarantine for 14 days.

    • eftyhios Reply

      You will be send to a government-assigned hotel.


    Form compiled online two days ago but no QR code at the moment. Departing 2020/07/02!

  71. daniel lenoir Reply

    Hello, I filled in and sent the form online this morning; He confirmed to me at the end that he had been sent; I haven’t received the QR code yet.

  72. Magi Reply

    Hi, one of the entry points on the border with Bulgaria is missing – Ormenio. Is there a reason for this? If it a problem if you put another entry border point?

  73. Tina Reply

    Can we make a Covid test 72 hrs before our flight? It works this link to give the data.

  74. Maciej Reply

    sorry but I have just tried like 5 different browsers and the link does not work… 403 error

  75. Marshall Reply

    So a 7 day holiday to Greece will be spent self isolating in a hotel room if you are from the UK?

  76. Irina Reply

    Pls help me with some unclear point to be correct.

    Emergency Contact Information”Someone who can reach you during the next 30 days” it means Contact Person In Case of Emergency ?

    “Travel Companions – Family
    Only include age if younger than 18 years”
    it means only children I can add to my PLF, not husband, sister etc ? or the age should be marked only for children (under 18)?
    In this case, why in the example the age is 23, 89 – “Enter a positive number, e.g. 23, 89.”

    Thank you!

    • Talal Reply

      Any reply about this point?

  77. Kostas Reply

    In adding the family members when I fill in the age in one of them it fills in the same age in all family members. It is apparently a bug in the code behind. Please fix it.

  78. Cleo Reply

    For me Safari and Goggle Chrome did not work. You may want to inform the government officials to fix this issue.

  79. MILJANA Reply


    Also , i have a permanent stay in Greece in Thessaloniki. If i put my adress as a place of their satey due to ‘camper’ situation do you think there will be a problem? Thank you

  80. Dimitar Ganev Reply

    In the PLF form for entrance Greece on land by car I cant find the entrance border point where I am going to enter Greece (Exohis) .So should I fill one of the others or just not fill the form at all ?

  81. Pg Reply

    Hi, I tried everything and every browser on earth and called the Greek embassy and the Ministry. Nobody knew anything and the page still didn’t work. Friends from Greece could join the page from Greece!!! Then I thought I would disconnect my wifi and try on my mobile with 4G and it worked. Try a different network or try your 4G. It’s been an Odyssey but it worked in the end.

  82. daniel lenoir Reply

    Hi, I have already filled in and sent the form online. I didn’t get that QR code. Question for the sour ones they have already sent: did you receive that QR code? Many thanks !

  83. Roni Reply

    PLF worked, I received a confirmation but no document with a QR code.

  84. Alex Reply

    Hi everybody:
    (1) the link still does not work for any browser I tried on a PC (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) – I tried many times, reported the issue and never heard back from – my guess is that VPN connections are blocked…
    (2) workaround: the link seems to work well on any smartphone
    (3) the issue with IATA codes including numbers like A3 Aegean or W6 Wizz was fixed on 28.06. – I reported it on 27.06. both to Aegean hotline and
    (4) I have filled out the form, received a confirmation mail but did not receive any QR code (quote: “We will shortly be in touch again with more details with regards to your submitted PLF document.”)

    Does anybody know when we are supposed to receive the QR code?

    • DAHAN Reply

      Hi, You need to connect with your 4G network – not wifi.

  85. George Cairns Reply

    Hi, we have booked for a sailing holiday mid-July. Our address in Greece is therefore a yacht. Does anyone know if this will be permitted? We will need to book a hotel for the first night? Travelling with 2 small children. Thanks.

    • Alexandra Papakonstantinou Reply

      Hi George,
      we are traveling also with a sailing boat. You need to give the street the marina is. In case one of your family member will be tested you will be in a specific hotel from the athorities tell the results are out. So you do not need to book a hotel.
      Best regards,

  86. Sami Reply

    The LPF form and all the other available information lacks the group of people who will arrive Greece by a pleasure boat. There are quite many sailors waiting for the sea borders to open at 1st of July as stated on 15th June by Greek Foreign Ministry. When the LPF form has no possibility to chose the option ”Entering the country by pleasure yacht” one can’t send any information prior 48 hours of arrival as requested. Also the ”Visit Greek App” seems not have published yet…

  87. Alasdair Gibson Reply

    Hardly enough notice for travel on July 1. Flights booked and your link to the form not working.

    • GTP editing team Reply

      You may have to try a different browser. It opens with Firefox and Google Chrome.

      • Alex Reply

        (1) the link still does not work for any browser I tried on a PC (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) – I tried many times, reported the issue and never heard back from – my guess is that VPN connections are blocked…
        (2) workaround: the link seems to work well on any smartphone

        • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

          Maybe it is overloaded … what can I say. It works for me, though.

      • Cesar Reply

        I have tried 5 different browsers and nothing… 403 error

        • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

          Try through your mobile phone. We have reported the issue to the ministry.

          • Carmen

            We have the flight on 1 , still not received the QR code.. Are we allowed to enter?

  88. Gavin Reply


    just wondering are passengers from the Uk being allowed in on the 10th July?

  89. Janet Reply

    Link is not working and first flights are coming in within 48 hours. How to inform everybody????

    • GTP editing team Reply

      You may have to try a different browser. It opens with Firefox and Google Chrome.

  90. Nevena Karageorgu Reply

    Your link to the PLF is not working!

    • GTP editing team Reply

      You may have to try a different browser. It opens with Firefox and Google Chrome.

      • pg Reply

        or try to switch network or 4g on your mobile. for me it worked on 4G after hour sof despair on my wifi

  91. Rita Rantamo-Mikkola Reply

    I am wondering wether my grandchild, of course not living at my home, must also fill in this PLF document…She is 11 years old.

  92. Marija Tapuskovic Reply

    I tried to fill in the form, but the link does not work. Could you please check the link again.

  93. Ralf Müller Reply

    Als Herkunftsland kann man für Deutschland nur Thüringen oder Schleßwigholstein eingeben. Jedoch nicht Bayern und ein weiteres Ausfüllen des Dokumentes ist dann ohne eine Angabe nicht möglich. Wie swoll dann weiter verfahren werden??

    • Dagmar Reply

      I fill it but code is not comming. Only confirmation email

    • Valerio Reply

      Alle Laender sind dabei, auch Bayern

      • Sofia Reply

        We received the barcode 1 and half day after we filled in the form (1july). We are family of 4, We filled in 1 form for my husband and my daughther and another form for me and my son.We travel from Switzerland to Greece
        (From Ancona italy to igoumenitsa ,arrived yesterday). Upon arrival at igoumenitsa, the police probably checks the last two digits under the barcode (no scanning on barcode), and we pass through.

  94. David Melling Reply

    Where do I get this plf form.

    • Dimitar Ganev Reply

  95. Bogdan Reply

    After completing the Passenger Locator Form, I received on my e-mail a ” Confirmation of PLF submission ” , but not the unique quick response (QR) code. Will the QR code be sent to me later, or do I have to do something else to get it?

    • Boris Reply

      Hi, I have the same problem.

    • Marta Reply

      I also have only received a confirmation without any QR code. My flight from Frankfurt/Main departs on1st of July. When can I expect the qr code to be sent to me?

    • marcel Reply

      no QR code receive

      • Carmen Reply

        Have received the QR code today at 00:40.

    • Milan Reply

      Has anyone received the QR code at all? Heard that even people who filled the form yesterday haven´t received anything yet..

    • Maria Reply

      I have same problem and I am flying 1 July. I have confirmation but not QR code !

    • Vladimir Reply

      I think nobody received QR code yet.

    • Marta Reply

      I have just received the QR code.

      • Travel Reply

        when did you filled in the form?

  96. Irina Reply

    “at least 48 hours before entering the country” and lets say if I buy the ticket for tomorrow ? I can not flight? And if I come without this form, what will happen ?

    • Sylvie Reply

      One form per family or per adults ?? Not clear..anybody knows?

  97. Thomas Reply

    Unfortunately your link to the PLF is not working!

    • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

      It is working for me. Try again.

    • Heidi Reply

      Try a different browser. It doesn’t appear to work with Explorer but it works with Firefox.

    • Stupp Reply

      Bei mir öffnet sich die Seite “Passenger Locator Form” nicht bzw. ich komme nicht auf den Link. Wir reisen zwar erst im September (so o´hoffe ich) aber ich würde mir die richtige Seite gerne schon vorab ansehen. Hat jemand einen direkten Link ? Danke für die Hilfe.

  98. Maren Reply

    Is thisfor real? We would go to greece onthe 1st of july and can’t find anything about how serious this is. Maybe it’s just a way to steal data?

    • Robin Reply

      Hi Maren!
      The article written here sounds very accurate, and no it’s not an attempt to steal data. First of all, the form is simple and doesn’t require the download of a digital app that tracks your every move. Second, Greece is highly dedicated to the safety of it’s citizens, workers, and guests. So really, this is a simple request to know your location prior to confirmation of a negative swab test. Rest assured, these requirements are made with every citizen and tourist in mind.

    • Tina N Reply

      Seriously? The only data they will keep are numbers of visitors, for statistical purposes. However, this is for COVID-19 in the event a visitor is found to be infected for him/her to assist them in tracking individuals he/she interacted / came in contact with to get tested, in the important effort to prevent the further spread of this contagious virus within her borders and also in any other country they will travel to after visiting Greece.

  99. Rosemary Gillon Reply

    The above article states that, “Until the screening results become available”, passengers who arrive in Greece by air are “obliged to self-isolate at the address of their final destination”. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for screening results to become available and therefore, how long would passengers be expected to self-isolate?

    • Robin Reply

      Hi Rosemary,

      Heads up, last I heard Greek officials stated the test takes 24 hrs or less for results. So basically, a 1 night stay by your airport of entry is required. Make sure to confirm before you travel. Have a great trip! 🙂

      • Rosemary Gillon Reply

        Thanks for the info Robin.

    • George Reply

      Only 24 hours after checking in to your final destination (home, hotel etc)

  100. Marcela Alfaya Reply

    Thank you for the detailed and accurate update on every news coming out to have a healthy and safety 2020 Greek Summer Season and to be able to provide our travelling guests with the latests news to encourage them to come to Greece safely !

  101. PRESTI luciabeatrice Reply

    Dopo trovo il modulo da compilare
    devo partire con la MINOAN il giorno 02 luglio 2020. Ho letto che bisogna compilare il modulo di dove si va quando arrivi al porto greco. Grazie

    • Flavia laurenti Reply

      Salve c’è il sito governativo ma penso sia in inglese, penso deve rivolgersi alla Minoan, telefoni all’ufficio di Ancona, buon viaggio Flavia

  102. Tes Reply

    In my opinion the procedure with the tests is discriminatory for the tourists. If you are randomly chosen for the test, you also have to stay in isolation until you get the results. You will also be put into a quarantine if the test is positive (not clear about the cost of stay).
    If you are not choosen randomly for the test, you can go wherever you want, and no one cares.

    • Martin Reply

      Moeten kinderen zelf een LPF formulier invullen? Weet iemand dit?

      • Dieter Reply

        See the text on top of the PLF: “One form should be completed by an adult member of each family.”

    • RB Reply

      I think you’ll find nothing is “discrimintory for tourists” as you state. At the end of the day, if people are not happy with being randomly tested etc. then it really is very simple…DON’T TRAVEL if it’s such an inconveneince.
      Below is the official stance as of 15th June:

      15 June inaugurates the gradual return to normalcy. Compulsory testing and quarantine will be limited only to travelers, irrespective of nationality, arriving from airports of affected areas with high risk of transmission of the Covid-19 infection, as assessed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The list is constantly updated and travelers should check before traveling. All other travelers will enter restriction-free and may be subject to random tests upon arrival.

      What will change on 1 July 2020?

      All travelers will be subject to random tests upon arrival. Additional restrictions regarding certain countries will be announced at a later date.

  103. Xeen Reply

    What if we have road trip throught greece and visit 4 regions (and 4 hotels) during 28 days of our visit?
    Only 1 place can be filled into this form…

    • Dieter Reply

      See the text on the PLF: “TEMPORARY ADDRESS: If you are a visitor, write only the first place where you will be staying.”

      • Xeen Reply

        Yep, thx. I found I can add 2nd adress into form, but not more. Got only autoresponse so far.

      • Monika Reply

        Dieter, on my form it does not mention this ‘first place’, it only says temporary address (which is apparently the address of your home/hotel, or in our case, our first camping). Clear instructions, let alone detailed instructions, are absent from the page to which this news article refers. The form asks for cabin numbers for the ferry, where cabin numbers are only given on checkin at the ferry (not 48 hrs beforehand) and the camping deck does not even have cabin/seat numbers at all. Moreover, Corfu is missing as a port of entry, even though it is where we will debark.
        If you add any family members, the form gives all of them the same age and it is impossible to change that. Yesterday there was an issue with the postcode from the camping, which appears to be solved now but the other issues still make it impossible to complete our form. Why issue this PLF form at the last minute with so many bugs and errors, while there were literally weeks and weeks to test it out and solve these problems beforehand?

    • Sylvie Reply

      It is not clear to me if we need to fill in one form per family adding the family members or one per adults?? I leave on 1.07 not much time..

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