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Philoxenia 2012 Will Have “Greek Breakfast”

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels will present its Greek Breakfast program this month at the 28th Philoxenia International Tourism Exhibition, organized 22-25 November in Thessaloniki (booth 15, ground floor/02).

PHILOXENIA 2012 – 28th International Tourism Exhibition of Greece

With eyes focusing on new international markets in the Tourism sector, the 28th PHILOXENIA for the first time in its long history evolves and sets new targets.

Olga Kefalogianni, Tourism Minister

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Greek tourism is currently in a phase of creative reconstruction, which is steadily supported by the independent Tourism Ministry that has been reestablished by the Greek Government to give sovereignty to this administrative sector of the economy. At...

Yiannis Boutaris, Mayor of Thessaloniki

Philoxenia, a reference point and meeting place for tourism professionals, has recorded significant contribution to the promotion of Greek tourism. Tourism, even during the economic crisis we are experiencing and the unsteady economic scene, continues to be the fastest growing...

Anastasios Liaskos, Secretary General Ministry of Tourism

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Tourism is a strong pillar for the development, prosperity and competitiveness of our country. Philoxenia, the main Tourism Exhibition in Greece, is a prominent promotional event for the travel sector, professionals, employees and those who invest in the...

Konstantinos Zikos, President Greek National Tourism Organization

I am very pleased to address this important and extremely useful publication of the Greek Travel Pages on the occasion of the 28th Philoxenia, which traditionally enjoys a high level of success commensurate to the importance of Greek Tourism. I am convinced that it will be an...

Nikos Karachalios, Secretary General Greek National Tourism Organization

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations as its brand name maintains its strong position amongst competition. So far, statistics depicting the tourist flow towards Greece, prove that Greece’s competitive advantage, its authenticity,...

Andreas Andreadis, President Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE)

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Whenever anyone refers to Greece, one of the first things that come to mind is tourism. For the international public, Greece is and always has been famous for its rich tourism resources. For us Greeks, our country’s self-evident and perpetual...

Georgios A. Tsakiris, President Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. For the past three years, Greece, as a country and as a nation, has been facing the biggest challenges of its modern history. Yet Greece is changing. Between the serious and major changes taking place in the country, our mentality is also undergoing...

Yiannis Retsos, President Hellenic Federation of Hoteliers

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. This year’s tourism season has proved rather rough and difficult, yet challenging for the Greek Tourism sector. As up to the end of June, the state of the market was worrying, the outlook seemed gloomy and the rest of the season highly unpredictable,...

Giorgos Telonis, President Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies (ΗΑΤΤΑ)

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Greek tourism has once again shown high resilience in a highly negative environment. Eventually, 2012 shows that we will reach 16 million international arrivals, despite the severe downturn that appeared from the beginning of the year and of course...

Michalis Sakellis, President Association of Greek Passenger Shipping Companies (SEEN)

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. The Association of Greek Passenger Shipping Companies (SEEN) represents all ferries and passenger ships employed in Greek Domestic Lines as well as in Greece-Italy lines. SEEN also represents some of the most important cruising companies with vessels...

Kostas Tsovilis, President Hellenic Association of Airline Representatives (SAAE)

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Despite initial predictions, Greek tourism this year weathered the storm and kept strong. However, problems did not disappear. As we all know, travel by air is the main gateway to our country and we must support and be rational to the operation of air...

Marios Trivizas, President General Pan-Hellenic Federation of Tourism Enterprises (GEPOET)

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. The international exhibition of Philoxenia is held during the hardest times for our country, our people and of course Greek tourism. Despite the unprecedented crisis, the 28th Philoxenia stands as a major tourism Forum. It remains the annual meeting...

Konstantinos Brentanos, President Hellenic Federation of Rented Rooms & Apartments

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. The total effect on the economy from tourism spending in Greece was estimated at 34.4 billion euros or 15.1 percent of GDP in 2010, according to a recently published report of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE). This fact clearly...

Dinos Astras, President Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers (HAPCO)

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Armed with positive thinking and a strong hope for something new, the Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers (HAPCO) will be present at the 28th International Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia 2012. Given that HAPCO is a Pan-Hellenic...
George Maroutsos

George Maroutsos, President Greek Union of Air Travel Agencies (PETAGA)

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Any type of travel is, by nature, global and connects people in a way that creates synergies and collaboration. We congratulate the organizers of Philoxenia for their efforts to establish a truly international event in Thessaloniki, which I believe will...

Vyron Theologis, President Macedonia-Thrace Travel Agencies Association

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. My dear friends and colleagues, welcome to the 28th International Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia 2012 in beautiful Thessaloniki, a city for all seasons and with sights for every taste, as you will see for yourself. As you all know, this past summer was...

Paris Mavridis, President and CEO HELEXPO

Philoxenia 2012 greeting. Philoxenia this year declares its openness by attracting trade visitors from four continents and will introduce its new, dynamic, identity at the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki on 22-25 November 2012. With its long presence in the...

Helexpo Teams Up With ARTION For 28th Philoxenia

Following 27 years in the field of travel trade shows, Helexpo will organize this year’s Philoxenia international tourism exhibition with conference and event organizer ARTION. The aim is to highlight and establish the exhibition as the biggest tourism event in the Balkans and...