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Greece's latest tourism industry news by Greek Travel Pages (gtp) Exploring The “Mosaic” Of Ties Between U.S. And Greek Citizens

The U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece, has launched the Mosaiko website, a new initiative that aims to explore the many ways around the world that U.S. and Greek citizens connect to make the world a better place.

Google Launches Online Initiative To Turn Greece Into Year-Round Destination

Google has announced a new initiative to boost the online presence of Greek tourism businesses and help the country attract visitors all year round.

RepowerGreece Initiative Enters Third Year

RepowerGreece, the international public diplomacy initiative that redefines Greece, has entered its third year and will continue to showcase the country's best to effectively confront the world's negative perceptions of Greece and her people.

Social Entrepreneurship Initiative To Launch In Athens

The importance, good practices, international experience and institutional framework of social entrepreneurship will be presented to the public next week through the introduction of a new initiative of the City of Athens and the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency.

Initiative To Help Start-Up Businesses Has Extended Deadline

Gaea Products SA has extended the deadline for the "ReInspire Greece" scheme that provides a serious business lifeline for crisis hit young Greeks in the form of a competition.
2013 Year Of Gastronomy In Santorini

Santorini’s Gastronomy Initiative To Be Presented In Thessaloniki

The Municipality of Thira will introduce the “2013 Year Of Gastronomy in Santorini” initiative to the city of Thessaloniki next week at a special event at the Science Center and Technology Museum "NOESIS."

Greek Gastronomy Initiative Launches In Brussels

Greek tourism destinations are currently being promoted through culinary experiences in restaurants in Brussels as part of the “gaΣtronomia@Brussels” initiative of the Greek National Tourism Organization office in Belgium.
2013 Year Of Gastronomy In Santorini

2013: Year Of Gastronomy In Santorini

The Municipality of Thira, Santorini, proclaimed 2013 as the “Year Of Gastronomy in Santorini” and will promote its local gastronomy as a pole of attraction for tourists.

SETE Calls For Sponsors To Promote Greek Gastronomy

Since 2009, the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) has undertaken the initiative of promoting gastronomy as a pillar of Greek Tourism. For its newest project, “Gastronomy in the marketing menu of Greek tourism,” to get off the ground in the next three years, the...

Ξαναχτίζουμε την αξιοπιστία μας μέσα από τις ικανότητες, τα ταλέντα και τα επιτεύγματα των πολλών

Αφού περάσαμε το πρώτο σκληρό σοκ κατηγορήσαμε, αφορίσαμε, αναζητήσαμε – πρωτίστως αλλού – ευθύνες...