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Covid-19: Greece Updates Rules for Entrance to Public Services, Churches, Restaurants

Photo source: @EODY

Greece has updated its Covid-19 rules for entry into public services, banks, churches, restaurants and bars as part of government efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Published in the Government Gazette on Saturday, the following measures will be in effect from Monday, January 31:

  • Citizens can enter public services, banks and churches only after presenting one of the following:

– a valid vaccination certificate
– a recovery certificate or a negative test result (rapid or PCR)

Minors aged 4-17 may alternatively present a negative self-test result.

  • Entertainment venues

Entertainment venues (restaurants, cafes and bars) are open only for vaccinated customers or those who have recovered from Covid-19 during the last three months (valid documents of vaccination or recovery must be presented).

Customers must be seated (standing customers are not allowed). A maximum of 6 people may sit at a table. Wearing a mask is mandatory during arrival, departure and when moving around a venue.

The use of increased protection masks (KN95/FFP2) or double masks (surgical and fabric) is mandatory for workers in F&B establishments.

Musicians must maintain distances of at least 1m from each other.

Singers and professional dancers must remain on stage during their performance and not mingle with the audience.

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  1. Tiana Reply

    Full vaccination 2 enter shops in Greece is 9 month like in all EU, or 6???? Problem here. They let 2 get in Greece till 9 month, but if u have 7 – u can’t get in shops….

  2. Deborah Reply

    Dears, can you please confirm if for non-vaccinated it is correct that a negative rapid test (not self test) is valid 48 hours for enter into shops and eat on terraces? I thought it was previously valid only 24 hours. Thank you for your confirmation .
    Best regards

    • Ieva Reply

      True…seems goverment let’s to enter the country but later you can not spend time normally as you need to fit other norms which are different and more strict then entering country. I agree that it is not clover and for travellers it becomes bad surprise when they face it by trying to enter restaurants or malls.. I hope someone will wake up soon as double standard is not logical…

  3. Dalene Van Zyl Reply

    Very strange! Here the sick ones in hospital and ICU are mostly the unvaccinated

  4. Christina Reply

    And over 100 people are dying every day in Greece due to catching Covid. Maybe they are not dying of Covid but as a result of catching it. Unless someone you love die because of it. It is so easy to become a keyboard warrior. I prefer to listen to the scientists than people in here who are spouting off with no medical or scientific qualifications.

  5. Max Reply

    The biggest atrocity against our liberties in 3 life times
    I can only wish that these big pharma and those sick people at DAVOS , ( all craving for their big world reset ! With their ( you will own nothing and be happy slogan ),

    All get what they deserve one day

  6. Kostas Reply

    It’s like they’re trying to keep the Delta strain by not letting Omicron displace it. I guess more people hospitalised means more cash for hospitals.

  7. Angela Kulukundis Reply

    Stoop all that nonsense. You all wear seat belts and don’t complain and you all had childhood vaccinations

  8. Ana J Reply

    It seems that vaccinated but positive(infected) has more rights than unvaccinated but negative( read HEALTHY) person. Most of the people are extremely stupid!

  9. Dalia Reply

    So anyone with rapid tests that lasts 48 hours are at risk to get infected with virus passed the test done time. True. But so are vaccinated as vaccine efficiency is far far from 100percent effective. How is that logical and how is that not discriminatory towards the part of the population who go by with rapid test? Oh and everyone i know who got sick recently are vaccinated. Also hearing humorous stories how vaccinated who know they are infected continue to live their lives as usual during the period of being ill because they can and the mandates facilitate that. How did we come to this? Can someone explain the logic? Or logic is no longer what we go by.

    • Maria Reply

      Who said there was any logic to all of this? If people still think that this is about a virus and our health, they need to wake up.

    • mike Reply

      NOW you’re asking for logic?

    • Sahil Hudda Reply


  10. Rudy Reply

    And in my surroundings, only vaccinated people are getting infected. Non-vaccine-bated are better protected

    • Nika Reply

      True! In my surroundings the same story! Better be without vaccine and have less chance to get sick!

  11. Rudy Reply

    The government is killing small businesses, the vaccine is killing people.
    You are a killer mr government

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