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Aegean, Olympic Cancel Jan. 8 Flights Due to Strike


Due to tomorrow’s 24-hour strike by civil aviation employees at Greece’s regional airports, Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air announce the cancellation of the following January 8 flights:

A3 352/353 Athens – Santorini – Athens, A3 360/361 Athens – Santorini – Athens, OA 034/035 Rhodes – Karpathos – Kasos – Sitia – Kasos – Karpathos – Rhodes, OA 062/063 Athens – Paros – Athens, OA 004/005 Athens – Naxos – Athens, OA 030/031 Athens – Leros – Athens, OA 012/013 Athens – Kalymnos – Athens, OA 066/067 Athens – Paros – Athens, OA 070/071 Athens – Syros – Athens, OA 250/251 Athens – Mytilene – Athens, OA 258/259 Athens – Mytilene – Athens, OA 254/255 Athens – Mytilene – Athens, OA 352/353 Athens – Santorini – Athens, OA 360/361 Athens – Santorini – Athens, OA 140/141 Athens – Alexandroupolis – Athens, OA 142/143 Athens – Alexandroupolis – Athens, OA 146/147 Athens – Alexandroupolis – Athens, OA 042/043 Athens – Milos – Athens, OA 096/097 Athens – Karpathos – Athens, OA 056/057 Athens – Kythira – Athens, OA 270/271 Athens – Chios – Athens, OA 276/277 Athens – Chios – Athens, OA 278/279 Athens – Chios – Athens, OA 152/153 Athens – Kavala – Athens, OA 154/155 Athens – Kavala – Athens, OA 370/371 Athens – Mykonos Athens, OA 374/375 Athens – Mykonos Athens, OA 716/717 Thessaloniki – Mytilene – Thessaloniki, OA 244/245 Athens – Samos – Athens, OA 248/249 Athens – Samos – Athens, OA 26/27 Rhodes – Kastelorizo ​​- Rhodes, OA 68/69 Athens – Skiathos – Athens, OA 164/165 Athens – Ioannina – Athens, OA 166/167 Athens – Ioannina – Athens, OA 76/77 Athens – Zakynthos – Athens, OA 414/415 Athens – Kefalonia – Athens. 

flight delay

The Federation οf Associations οf Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (OSYPA) is  demanding the government stop the privatization of regional airports and is calling on trade unions, local administration and local authorities to raise their voices against the decision and move ahead with actions as they will be “the first to suffer the dire consequences”.

For updated information, travelers are advised to contact Aegean and Olympic Air.

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  1. Renee White Stoeckle Reply

    This strike has caused us to miss our flight to Stockholm and our flight back to America. We have had to purchase new airline tickets to Stockholm, new airline tickets to America and pay for four extra days of lodging for four people including our small two children. Overall, this has cost our family $2500 and we would like to be reimbursed by the Civil Aviation Authority or the union that has made this decision. Not only will this harm travel and tourism in the future for Greece as I and others will advise Americans to stay away from Greece as they obviously can’t operate in a civil manner to resolve a labor dispute but you are having the citizens of Greece as well. How detrimental is it for a restaurant owner in Plaka to miss even one meal from a family of 4 like ours because we choose to go on vacation elsewhere? How about a week of our spending money here supporting your economy? Closing down the airport has caused thousands of people to lose money over travel but has also caused thousands of people who work at the airport to lose a day’s wage and airport merchants to lose income for a day. What about the pilots, the flight attendants, the janitors at the airport, to flight crews, etc?? What has this accomplished but costing our family and thousands of other foreigners and Greek citizens personal losses to support your childish behavior. Shame on you for behaving this way.

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