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Covid-19: Greece Keeps Masks in Ferries and Taxis

Photo Source: EC - Audiovisual Service / Photographer: Yorgos Karahalis

Photo Source: EC – Audiovisual Service / Photographer: Yorgos Karahalis

Greeks and visitors to the country are no longer required to wear masks anywhere inside or outdoors, including at restaurants, bars, cafes and shops, as a new government decision went into effect on June 1 after two years of Covid-19 measures. However, there are exceptions.

With regard to transport, Greece has stopped enforcing the mask mandate on airplanes (domestic and international flights), intercity trains and buses (KTEL).

However, people traveling on public transport – buses, trams, the metro and electric railway – are still required by law to wear masks.

With regard to wearing masks in taxis and on board ferries and cruise ships, Greece’s Covid-19 committee of experts decided the following:

for passenger ships (ferries): masks remain mandatory only in indoor areas of ferries (reception and lounge areas, cabins, etc). Passengers no longer need to wear masks when in outdoor areas of ferries (on deck).

for cruise ships: masks do not have to be worn anywhere on the ship. Masks will return only when more than 2 percent of passengers or more than 4 percent of the crew becomes ill within a week or if more than 1 percent of the total population on board becomes ill within 48 hours.

for taxis: masks remain mandatory for drivers and passengers.

The committee of experts also decided that masks will remain mandatory in pharmacies for both staff and customers.

Where masks are not required in Greece

– shops and supermarkets

– restaurants, cafes and bars

– gyms

– outdoor or indoor venues

– on intercity buses (KTEL) where seats are numbered

– on intercity trains with number seating

– on airplanes where seats are numbered and in airports (The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority has issued a recommendation for staff and travelers, especially those belonging to vulnerable groups, to wear masks when they think it is necessary in the arrivals / departures areas of airports and during domestic and international flights.)

– on cruise ships

outdoor areas of ferries

Where masks remain mandatory in Greece

– public means of city transport including Athens metro, city trains, city buses, trolley and tram cars

indoor areas of ferries


– hospitals, clinics and medical centers

– nursing or retirement homes

– pharmacies

Mask-wearing is also still mandatory for students taking end-of-year or college entrance examinations and supervising teachers.

However, despite the Greek government’s decision to scrap masks, Health Minister Thanos Plevris and the committee of experts reiterated that people, particularly among vulnerable groups, are strongly advised to continue wearing them.

The removal of the mask mandate for indoor areas applies until September 15, when measures against the coronavirus will be re-assessed.

According to National Public Health Organixation (EODY), Greece reported 4,026 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24-hour period (from 5,080 the previous day) and 9 deaths. Since the start of the pandemic, the Covid-19 death toll in Greece is 29,857.

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  1. Emmy Reply

    What sense does it make not to have a mask requirement on 12-hour flights, but you have to wear a mask inside the ferry? The outside cabin area on the ferry is also closed in, so it’s no different from sitting inside and the door to the outside is constantly being opened anyways.only diffence is “outside” you get to breathe the cigarette smoke. Nevermind they still allow smoking on these ferries. Complete nonsense! The last 2 years when covid was new, nobody on the ships even enforced the mask requirement. Now that it’s nonexistent, they have decided to enforce it.

  2. Baz Price Reply

    For me, if it’s the countries rules, I’ll abide by it. I want to be able to travel again and for me that’s why, nothing to do with how I look and feel . Plus it’s only taxis and indoor areas on the ferries for goodness’ sake!!

  3. Patrick Reply

    Following the rules set by a country is also showing respect. And looking at the reactions ther are a lot of people that have no respect whatsoever. The me, myself and I generation.

  4. Mark Reply

    Was going to book a day trip from Crete to Santorini next week but will be keeping my money in my pocket because of these stupid regulations still in place

    • Patrick V Reply

      What stupid regulations? Stay on the outside deck and you don’t have to wear a mask. There is enough scientific proof that masks help. So what’s the problem. Only stupidity from people makes a virus go around faster then normal.

  5. Steve Reply

    Pathetic , are those that wear or believe in masks. Look how stupid people look for no sane reason

  6. Paul uk Reply

    Just arrived in Rhodes greece as in every country some people choose to ware a mask if its choice OK but I’ll never put a mask on through some 1 telling me to I didn’t in the uk and I won’t in greece as a jabb in choice so is a mask

  7. Geri Reply

    Total nonsense. Going to Rhodes on Monday – thinking that the mask requirement had been dropped -and was looking forward to getting a taxi or bus into Rhodes town to do some shopping. However, they can stuff it. I’ll stay local and keep my money.

  8. Storm Reply

    There is absolutely NO COMMON SENSE in this. I’m BAFFLED that people put up with this. Science has proven beyond ANY doubt that masks don’t work against a virus! In fact they are a health HAZARD if worn over time!

    But as long as the majority of the people are scared to death by the government propaganda, all of us will have to comply, or face fines, or worse!

    • F smith Reply

      Puré rubbish. Listen to the scientists. Masks and vaccines work. Stupidity kills.

      • Peter Reply

        Don’t be an ****!
        Masks might stop 10% of the virons you breath out (or breathe in from an infected person) but as there are tens of thousands of virons in every breath of an infected person, a mask is useless – like using a chain link fence to stop a mosquito.

  9. Graham Shatford Reply

    Half hearted nonsense playing to a narrative that isn’t there!!! Covid recognises taxis and buses but not indoor bars? Just get over it and drop this puerile mandate.


      I know its ridiculous, you don’t have to wear it on a plane but you do on a ferry inside! A ferry is huge and spacious a plane is small. I won’t be wearing a mask at all next week they can arrest me

  10. T Ferguson Reply

    Masks do not work, and they are finding fibres in peoples lungs, your making yourselves a laughing stock.

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