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Greece Keeps Covid-19 Measures in Place, Considers 4th Vaccine Shot

Greek health authorities said this week that Covid-19 measures would remain as is through to the end of the month and that the possibility of a fourth booster shot for the whole population was under consideration.

Infectious disease expert Vana Papaevangelou said the country’s Covid committee had decided against lifting any more measures until the end of the month and after Orthodox Easter.

However, despite ruling out the need for a fourth vaccination against the virus last week, Papaevangelou said on Thursday that the committee had “begun to discuss the 4th dose. “We will be in line with the rest of Europe, but in the autumn, we will probably need a new dose for everyone”, she said. “It still not time to forget about Covid,” she added. 

The Greek National Public Health Organization (EODY) reported 21,099 new coronavirus cases on Thursday and 51 new deaths.

Papaevangelou went on to add that health experts were concerned about the average age of new incidents which had dropped to 41 years, adding that on the positive side, cases in children under 12 remained steady. She added that in the last week there had been a 15 percent rise in hospitalizations due to Covid.

On her part, Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga said pressure was growing “considerably” on the public health system with more than 500 hospitalizations a day due to Covid-19. 

She added there was great demand for antiviral drugs for Covid with more than 700 applications per day.

Health Minister: Government soon to present framework for gradual lifting of measures

Speaking to SKAI on Friday, Greek Health Minister Thanos Plevris informed that the government is the coming days will present a framework for the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

“This is so that as summer approaches, the country will be closer to normalcy,” he said, adding that measures will most likely be lifted in May.

The health minister clarified that the vaccination or recovery certificate will not be scrapped. However, the government is considering to partially abolish it as a condition to access indoor areas (restaurants, cafes, bars) during the summer months.

Regarding the use of face masks indoors, Plevris said it is a “relatively mild measure” that will not be lifted immediately.

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  1. Maureen Lawrenson Reply

    We are on holiday in Kos right now. The only restriction is having to wear a mask in the hotel restaurant.
    We now choose to eat in the Hotel’s partially outdoor themes restaurants, where no masks required. Crazy rules, with the roasting sunshine and strong winds, there certainly won’t be any Covid germs around.

  2. Graham Shatford Reply

    I live in a free country, England, where you are recognised as being fully vaccinated with TWO doses Astra, Pfizer, Moderna etc. We have total clarity now on how to live our life’s with Covid. Let’s be clear, life has to go on. What saddens me is that for the first time in my life I won’t be going to my mothers country if birth, the country of truly love, Greece. Greece has to understand, “why should I pay money to leave a free country to go to one that insists on mandatory continual vaccination”. Most replies will be that it is your choice and indeed it is, but good luck to a country wholly dependent on tourism.

  3. A M Hanson Reply

    When will Greece recognise WHO approved vaccines and boosters from all countries?

  4. ha Reply

    and lets be honest… the vaccine really isnt doing a great deal. Ive been vaccinated three times as have most people i know both in Greece and outside and we have all co0ntracted Covid once and twice after these vaccinations. Essnetially co-ercing people into having to take a 4th booster shot is simply another vaccuous attempt at protection of the general populous

    • Ann Reply

      It never claimed it would prevent you catching the virus but it does claim to make the illness more mild and therefore unlikely to die from it!!

    • Saviour visanich Reply

      The vaccine doesn’t stop one from contacting Covid, but probably from saving one’s life by just getting mild symptoms of the virus.

  5. Tourist Reply

    Consider not to visit Greece this summer due to the unclear and strict restrictions. Also local authorities does not follow up on new rules making it difficult for tourists to know what to do. Please be more specific in what the plans are, not “in the coming days”…..surly you just have a plan?

  6. Will Reply

    when will this be reviewed next? will these measures be denounced next week, on the 4th April? Will we need a certificate showing 7 months or 9 months since our basic vaccine – to eat indoors at a restaurant???

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