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Study: Tourists Trust Greece but Reluctant to Travel

Tourists may be eager to start traveling again and keen on visiting Greece but the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is still hampering their plans with the majority reluctant to do so, a study released this week by Kathimerini reveals.

Carried out on a sample of 3,000 people in the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy – all source markets for Greece – on June 25 by Athens-based tourism marketing company Mindhaus in collaboration with Pollfish research, the study found that though the majority trust Greece with regard to Covid-19 management, only one in four plan to visit before September citing fear of getting Covid-19 and the increased inconvenience of traveling.

More specifically:

  • 70.9 percent of those polled said they want to travel abroad, up by 4.4 percent from 66 percent found in the first study conducted on May 13-14,
  • 24.7 percent said they consider it more likely to make an international leisure trip within the next quarter (July – September) and an additional 32.9 percent from October to the end of the year,
  • 63.9 percent consider Greece to be among the most attractive destinations in the Mediterranean for trips in June-August 2020 with two in three participants saying Greece handled the Covid crisis effectively. Up by 9.9 percent compared to the previous study in May,
  • Compared to the May study, intention to visit Greece on their next trip increased by 20.37 percent for the French market (13.59 percent of responses), 9.76 percent for the US market (11.25 percent of responses),  9.21 percent for the German market (12.93 percent of responses), and 5.86 percent for the UK market (12.1 percent of responses).


According to the study, the different phases of Covid-19 development in different countries, the lack of a unified approach in the EU with regard to travel and Covid-19, as well as no vaccine are bound to keep demand low until the end of 2020.

“It is clear that this year will be extremely difficult for Greek tourism, with success now considered to be achieving 15 percent of revenue compared to last year,” said Theofilos Kyratsoulis, general manager Mindhaus.

“The desire for leisure travel and Greece’s enhanced position can hardly be translated into demand as long as the pandemic is in progress, travel restrictions have not been completely lifted, and competition is pressing,” he added.

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  1. Maria Reply

    We have booked to travel to Greece but are still very nervous as i have been informed that if the Corona test result of a tourist is positive, every fellow passenger on the plane seated 2 rows in front of or behind this Tourist will be quarantined for 14 days in Greece in a Hotel provided by the government. It has been the most stressful holiday I have planned as by the time we actually travel any free cancelleton of accomodation is lost and its not cheap. Though i totally understand the precautions in place to protect Greece and its people, i would imagine that has also impacted whether people will take the risk and book travel this summer

  2. Monika Reply

    I have no fear of the virus. My flight to Greece is booked, however I will not travel due to Greek government’s decision to test and put people into hotel quarantine. I don’t wish to be tested, I don’t trust the Covid-19 tests and I don’t want to risk the misery afterwards if it happens to be positive, despite of me being healthy. This Summer, the locals will enjoy the beaches to themselves it seems. I will go to Italy instead.

  3. Mark brealey Reply

    Further research into ferries from santorini to Ios. Now only 1 ferry per day and expensive. I am afraid that restricting the number of ferries and putting up prices will deter many tourists as much as CV19. In English this is known as killing the golden egg laying goose

  4. Stephen Cronin Reply

    We’ll be arriving in Corfu 23rd July and staying until October. No fears.

  5. Mark brealey Reply

    Only personal experience but I am finding there are less ferries to the islands and seem to be leaving earlier which may not work with night flights. For example only ferry to Ios is 07.00 (September). Which is normally OK but with understandable CV19 tests at the airport then with a 04.00 to 05.00 flight time becomes tight. The solution is either more or slightly later ferries

  6. Richard Rodgers Reply

    My government are running a campaign aimed at persuading people in Ireland to stay home and holiday at home too. I had made holiday arrangements to fly to Corfu before Covid and intend to travel to Greece by the 26th July. The campaign by the Irish government is quite relentless and making people feel guilty about foreign travel. I consider myself and my partner very reasonable and conscientious and have balanced the risks both for staying home and travelling to Greece.

  7. Jemma Reply

    We would love to come to Greece but can’t risk being put in quarantine for 2 weeks if someone on our flight tests positive on arrival. Totally understand why Greece is rigorously testing, but it will deter foreign holiday makers.

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