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Greece Opening Borders to More Countries with Rules

Greece will open its borders to more countries, besides the 29 announced, as of June 15 but under specific rules, an announcement by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Saturday.

Following the Tourism Ministry’s release of the 29 countries from which citizens will be allowed to enter Greece as of June 15 without restrictions (only subject to random tests upon arrival), an announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that visitors from other countries will also be allowed to enter.

Testing, quarantine based on flight’s origin point

Between 15 June to 30 June – in what the ministry refers to as a “bridge phase” – mandatory testing and quarantine rules will relate to a flight’s origin point and not a traveler’s nationality.

More specifically, if a traveler arrives from an airport on the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) affected area list, he/she will be tested upon arrival and required to stay overnight at a designated hotel. If the test is negative then the traveler is obliged to a 7-day self-quarantine. However, if the test is positive, the passenger is quarantined under supervision for 14 days.

Airports on the current EASA affected area list include those in the United Kingdom and the United States.

It is reminded that travelers originating from an airport not on the EASA affected area list, are only subject to random tests upon arrival.

The EASA list is updated regularly in coordination with EASA Member States and based on the information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). This means that rules that apply for arrivals from specific airports may change.

It is also reminded that until June 15 incoming flights to Greece are allowed exclusively to Athens International Airport. From June 15, Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia” will also be accepting international flights. As of July 1 onwards, flights from abroad will be allowed to all airports in Greece.

The Greek Tourism Ministry on Saturday said: “Starting on the 15th of June, we will welcome the world steadily and methodically, with rules and protocols… We are now opening up our country with a renewed sense of hospitality and welcome… We make sure that this summer, our health and safety is our top priority. And with a constant and exhausting monitoring and evaluation process that will increasingly allow us to extend a hospitable welcome to visitors.”

In addition, land border arrivals from Albania, North Macedonia and Bulgaria will be allowed as of June 15. Visitors will be subject to random tests upon arrival.

For further information and frequently asked questions on travel to Greece during the post-Covid-19 era, press here for the recent guidance provided by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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  1. Jan de smit Reply

    Quarantaining is not re opening but closing. We fly to santorini and go to naxos wit 12 people from the netherlands. We certainly will nit come and choose another destination if greece avoids healty people from having a normal vacation. People wit a prc test, alteady recoverded from covid, already having a full vaccination against covid. So quarantaine is a NO go. Greeck goverrnment is killing local enterpreneurship

  2. Raf mota Reply

    Also, if I connect via Germany or Switzerland, which are exempt, instead of a direct flight from Spain, are they going to check where my journey started?

  3. Eirini Reply

    Firstly, it is good to read that Greece is reopening for foreign travel. I notice that Ireland isn’t included on either list: Ireland isn’t mentioned on the EASA affected area list or part of the 29 countries listed.

  4. Raquel Reply

    So what does this mean? Will countries on the EASA list always have to quarantine or could something change in July?
    This text is not explanatory, besides being a total lack of respect for countries like mine (PORTUGAL) and for other countries like Spain, Italy and France. We are not sick! We didn’t cause the virus! It is intolerant how they can open the border to the Chinese and close to the rest of Europe! I go to Greece every year and I know more places in Greece than many Greeks and I feel disrespected! I will seriously consider vacationing in Italy or Spain and I believe that many Italian and Spanish citizens will think the same. The Greek government forgets that the tourists who actually spend money on Greek trade are the Italians and the Spaniards and not the Chinese who go on excursions! If you are not aware of this, talk to your taverns on the islands and listen to the people!

    • GTP editing team Reply

      The EASA list is updated regularly in coordination with EASA Member States and based on the information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). This means that airports mentioned now on the list may be off the list in a future update. It depends on the course of Covid-19 in the countries where the airports are located.
      The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released guidelines on travel to Greece:

    • Raf mota Reply

      I’m a bit confused. If I arrive from Spain before July 1st I will be subjected to a test, then have to go into quarantine for 7 days HD the result is negative? What if I arrive let’s say on June 27th, do I go into quarantine until July 1st or do I have to complete the seven days?

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