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Greece will Open to 29 Countries on June 15 – Official list

The Greek Tourism Ministry on Friday announced the official list of countries from which visitors will be able to arrive and holiday in Greece, with flights to Athens and Thessaloniki, as of June 15 in the post-Covid-19 period.

The list of countries is as follows:

Albania, Australia, Austria, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan, Israel, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland.

Greece formed the list after examining the epidemiological profile of the 29 countries and after taking into account the recent announcement of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), as well as the proposals of the Health Ministry’s infectious diseases committee.

Visitors from the 29 countries will undergo sample tests.

All existing rules and restrictions still apply to all other countries.

According to the tourism ministry, the list of countries will be expanded as of July 1 and announced in due time. Epidemiological monitoring and evaluation of all countries will be ongoing.

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  1. Cavit Dalyan Reply

    Any News for Turkish citizens
    When will they be allowed to enter Greece ?
    When will Ferries start ?
    Please inform
    Kind Regards

  2. Angela Reply

    Hi, in the meantime, this question is answered, right? If I understand it correctly, if you are Dutch and you fly from Germany, you won’t be tested (unless you are picked for the sample testing) and you don’t need to go in quarantine.
    Do I understand this correctly from the ‘guidance to travel to Greece’ article on this website?

    • Irina Reply

      No, it’s not correct. You will have to indicate where your flight was originated. And therefore get tested and spend 7 days in obligatory quarantine- so we understand this.

      • Angela Reply

        Thanks Irina.
        Well, if they ask me where my flight originated, that’s no problem, as it originates in Germany, which is not on the EASA list, so why should I be quarantined then according to you?
        I can’t follow anymore with all the rules that seem to change every day.
        And what will now be the decision as from July 1st?

  3. Rhianne Reply

    I’ve got a holiday booked for mid july
    I’m from the UK.
    Will we be allowed from the 1st of July? And if so will we have to quarantine etc.

    Also the destination is a party place, kavos – Corfu.
    Will all bars and events still be ongoing. Thank you.

  4. Sophie Keegan Baum Reply

    Hello, I am on the non affected list of countries arriving from Germany. When you say random testing, does that still mean overnight quarantine as well if I was to be chosen randomly? Thank you for the advice. Best regards

  5. Malga Reply

    Thank you very much, Greece! You welcome Germany but not Poland which is less infected. Certainly many polish people will remember that! Including me, so I will have to find another place for holidays.

    • Malga Reply

      So Polish people are welcome after all? That’s great to hear it! I’m happy and will not look for another country to spend my holidays. 🙂

  6. Annie Reply

    Why is Vietnam not on the approved list? It has much better figures than most of the countries on this list (including it’s neighbours, South Korea and China)and 0 deaths, and in fact has much better figures than Greece itself.

  7. Maire Reply

    Good afternoon,firstly it is great to hear that your country is opening for travel. Our country isn’t on the list and we have our wedding planned for Corfu in the middle of July. Is this a finite list or is there a possibility of further countries been added to the list in June or from July 1.

    • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply
    • Kostas Reply

      As a greek following the news most countries will be included after 1st of july. 2nd i think that its very situational from the country you will come. If your country has a RO high enough you will have to quarantine but its too early for any country to truly know

      • Randy La Botte Reply

        How about passport holders of countries not in the 29. I’ve been in Bulgaria for the last three months, Is my USA passport OK? The world has a lot of people who are not traveling full time.

    • Stephen Cronin Reply

      Judging by the way that our performance is being reported, I wouldn’t put my last pound on the UK being in the July 1st list but it is possible. I too want to be in Corfu for mid July.

  8. Nabil Reply

    What about the Iran I already wants to come to Greece ?

  9. Romaniantraveller Reply

    Does anyone have more information what counts exactly? Nationality? Or residency?

    Eg. as a Belgian living in Romania with valid residence permits etc., can you fly into Greece just like the Romanians are allowed?

    As an Australian living in the UK, can you enter Greece based on your Australian nationality, or will you be denied based on British residency?

    Curious to hear more how this is enforced and what documentation to bring along if needed!

  10. Mark Reply

    Italian ships, which were open until March 15, did not bring coranavirus to Greece, even at the highest time of the pandemic. It is meaningless for those who come from Germany or Austria with their car over Brindisi or Ancona to close the door. A lot of truck drivers still use the same road.

  11. Robert Ferguson Reply

    I cannot believe China is on that list, no one knows the situation there they send the virus around the World and get put ahead of the U.K. There are four Countries in the U.K. we in Northern Ireland have had it better than most of the U.K. we are barred have been going to Crete for many many years. Because of this Decision we have had to book a Holiday in Malta, Greece does very well with British Tourists am so sad they see China less a risk than us.

    • Stephen Cronin Reply

      Very much agree. Apart from restaurant owners, I haven’t seen many Chinese in Corfu.

  12. Sven Reply

    Don´t know which epidemiological profile they examined but looks like they forgot about Luxembourg completely, which has the lowest infections rates in whole Europe and is still banned….

  13. Lisa Reply

    Why is Taiwan not on the list? Far lower Corona cases than China and other countries on that list.

  14. Roland Zeller Reply

    Well, obviously there is a reason, why Italy is not on the list. So, for all those driving there (Caravan, etc). Take the “Balkan-Route” instead of the route trough Italy…. the way trough Ex-Yugoslavia should be free! Make sure to cross only countries, which are on the list, then there’s no need to worry!

  15. Xeen Reply

    For 25 years, almost every year we travel in June to Greece for 4 weeks. Half as roadtrip throught continental Greece (this year Epirus/Vikos/Tzoumerka), half beach relaxation on Thassos.

    And we travel by car. From Czech republic about 5-6k km. Even during “humanitarian” bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 (we traveled throught Romania + Bulgaria) we did not fail to visit Greece.

    We was forced to cancel our traditional June bookings, but we hope it will be possible in July. Not by airplane – but classic land border crossing via Niki, Evzoni or Promachonas.

    Yet, unfortunatelly, very little informations available about land border crossing.

  16. Gilles Reply

    We come from Belgium and booked for a two week stay in Corfu from July 3 …One year ago.
    what to do ?

    • Spiridoula Reply

      List will be expanded if health situation would change better…So, we hope you can travel to Corfu again this year !

      • Gilles Reply

        I also hope that updates to the list will be made before July 1.
        Otherwise it is a bit limited to find a new destination.
        Greece has managed the pandemic very well

  17. enzo Reply

    Enzo Tettamanti ITALY
    is possible by ferry with camper from Bari to Igoumenitsa destination Lefkada Nidri Camping Santa Maura?

  18. enzo Reply

    Enzo Tettamanti
    is possible by ferry with camper from Bari to Igoumenitsa destination Lefkada Nidri Camping Santa Maura?

  19. #Böllis Reply


  20. carola van wetten Reply

    And if you are dutch but book a flight from germany?

    • Maria Theofanopoulou Reply

      That is a very good question, not answered yet!

      • Angela Reply

        Hi, in the meantime, this question is answered, right? If I understand it correctly, if you are Dutch and you fly from Germany, you won’t be tested (unless you are picked for the sample testing) and you don’t need to go in quarantine.
        Do I understand this correctly from the ‘guidance to travel to Greece’ article on this website?

    • Roland Zeller Reply

      Most likely, at entry, you’ll need to state, where you have spent the past 4-5 weeks. You can of course lie, but if you have a dutch passport, they will be suspicious.
      If you lie and you sneak in somehow, you could then face high liabilities or even criminal charges – I wouldn’t risk this!

      • Romaniantraveller Reply

        The details are indeed interesting. I would also expect some form of questioning on arrival and immigration officers perhaps asking for proof that you live in Germany/have been there for at least 14 days. I wouldn’t risk it – chances are that you might be quarantined if caught out which is still the current policy for travellers from the Netherlands.

        Another quirk. What about transits? Eg. New Zealand nationals are allowed to enter Greece, but what if they transit through a country which has not been OK’d yet? (eg Auckland-Singapore-Frankfurt-Athens).

      • Ilia Reply

        I’m Polish and my country is not on the list of the 29 allowed countries. But I live and work in Germany and havent even been to Poland for 1,5 years now. My Spanish/British/American friends living in Germany are asking the same? Can we enter Greece? Should we have any documents? Or only the nationality plays a role not the safety? 🙁

    • Mike Beamer Reply

      All arrivals initially, according to a note from Aegean, will be to normally Non-Schengen gates, where passport /ID verification will be carried out. You would presumably need to have some evidence of your journey not starting from a “blacklisted” country.

  21. Jenny Bottle Reply

    We have booked to fly to corfu on 4th july from uk. Would be great to still go

    • Spiridoula Reply

      If airplane get permit to land on Corfu airport ,yes,you can come to Corfu…( for boarding you must have negative test for Covid-19, valid up to 72 hours …) On Corfu is everything ok and they can hardly wait to host all guests. Situation changes each day,so you can check with Greek Embassy about your travel.
      From 1st July it could be better than today !

  22. Inggo Dieling Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I am German and want to travel by car from Germany, through Austria and then taking a ferry from Ancona to Igoumenitsa on June 27th. Does anybody know if that is possible since Italy is not on the list?

  23. Christoph Langenbach Reply

    How about arrivals of German tourists by ferry (Car and caravan), especially at Igoumenitsa harbour? Anek Superfast has announced connections from Ancona in June.

    • Mike Beamer Reply

      Ferries are currently operating from Italy for goods vehicles and repatriation of Greek Nationals and foreigners with Greek Residence papers. Other than that Italy is blacklisted at present. It may, or may not be permissible, but with compulsory, and enforced, 14 day quarantine. (Quarantine in caravan or mobile home probably not acceptable based on previous cases.)

      • Spiridoula Reply

        It’s best option to ask Greek Embassy in your country:if you can come to Greece with negative test for Covid-19, valid up to 72 hours or to stay in quarantine for 14 days ?!?
        Ferry in Igoumenitsa works normal from 25th May.
        Yes,it is ok to come to Corfu, like all years before…

        • Gunnar Laugo Reply

          I am norwegian and plan to go to Greece in June. I wonder, if my flight goes via Amsterdam, will I be considered coming from The Netherlands? Or will I be treated as if my flight was directly from Norway?

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