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AEGEAN Receives ‘Fast Travel Gold Award’ by IATA

AEGEAN – Olympic Air ground operations director Panos Nikolaidis and IATA airport, passenger, cargo and security Europe director Sergio Fernandez.

Greek carrier AEGEAN was recently honored by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with the “Fast Travel Gold Award” for providing its passengers with innovative and flexible solutions based on IATA’s Fast Travel self-service program.

Photo source: Aegean Airlines

The carrier is the 11th in Europe to receive the distinction.

The award was delivered to AEGEAN – Olympic Air ground operations director Panos Nikolaidis by IATA airport, passenger, cargo and security Europe director Sergio Fernandez.

“We are devoted to providing high-quality services to our passengers based on modern technology, also adding value to their overall travel experience,” Panos Nikolaidis said.  “The award comes two years after AEGEAN’s distinction with IATA’s ‘Green Fast Travel’ award and proves the company’s commitment to further improve the passengers’ experience,” he added.

The IATA Fast Travel Awards recognize carriers that offer four or more Fast Travel compliant solutions to at least 80% of their passengers.

“Not many airlines have been honored with the gold award in such a short time after receiving the green distinction and we are confident that AEGEAN will set a record by winning the platinum distinction soon,” Sergio Fernandez said.

According to Fernandez more than 50 percent of passengers worldwide wish to reduce airport wait time, while approximately 75 percent of travelers ask for more self-service options. The program’s main objective is to be available to the 80 percent of passengers worldwide by 2020.

Six Fast Travel solutions by AEGEAN

AEGEAN is providing all six Fast Travel solutions to the passengers departing from the Athens International Airport, the Heathrow Airport in London and the Frankfurt airport:

Check-in – Allows passengers to perform ​their check-in transaction and to ​receive their boarding pass via self-service channels.

Bags ready-to-go – Enables passengers to print and attach their bag tags themselves.

Document check – Enables passengers to capture and verify their travel document data.

Flight re-booking – The airline pro-actively re-books passengers and offers new booking options or a new boarding token via a self-service channel.

Self-boarding – Provides automated boarding gates for passengers.

Bag recovery – Enables passengers to report a missing bag through a self-service channel.

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