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Yalos Takes Us On A Journey To The World Of Ouzo

ouzo book_1The great tradition of “Ouzo” on Lesvos Island and its hometown Plomari is introduced to the world through the pages of a luxury publication that presents Greece’s national drink through an anthropocentric perspective.

The coffee table book entitled “OUZO-A Distillation of Images” is the creation of Yalos -a branding expert company- supported by the Plomari Ouzo Distillery Issidoros Arvanitis. Yalos worked in cooperation with the “experienced eye” of Greek photographer Vassilis Vrettos and the creative text of Manolis Nakelis.

The journey

The team traveled to Lesvos and visited Plomari and other parts of the island that are inextricably linked with traditional Greek Ouzo liquor.

During the journey, the team recorded people, times and places that make up the “secret” recipe of Plomari Ouzo.

ouzo book_2Books say that ouzo is made by distilling aniseed and other aromatic seeds in a traditional copper cauldron. Those who know well the secrets of making ouzo, however, insist that the recipe, in order to succeed, requires several other crucial ingredients as well: the powerful aroma of Greece, rays of summer sunshine, the breeze-blown aura of the sea, and, above all, the wisdom of a great tradition to guide men’s skill and passion. Those who say this must know something… For how else can you explain the magical qualities of this quintessentially Greek spirit?

The idea

Nikos Kaloyiannis, president of Plomari Ouzo Distillery; Tina Toupai, general director of Yalos branding company; and Greek photographer Vassilis Vrettos.

Nikos Kaloyiannis, president of Plomari Ouzo Distillery; Tina Tupay, managing director of Yalos branding company; and Greek photographer Vassilis Vrettos.

“Our object is branding, or otherwise the designing of branded products, which is an important part of their creation and success,” Yalos’ managing director, Tina Tupay, said on the occasion of the “OUZO-A Distillation of Images” recent presentation at the Benaki Museum.

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“It’s our honor and pleasure to be part of the success of Ouzo Plomari which is one of the most important contemporary Greek-export brands, a product that is considered an ‘ambassador brand,'” she said.

Yalos explored Ouzo Plomari’s content and discovered a “hidden world,” a world of substance and truth.

“There were stories to be told and images to be captured,” Ms. Tupay said.

Yalos introduces a world that unfolds before the production of ouzo… until it reaches our table… when suddenly another world unfolds.

“OUZO-A Distillation of Images” is published in Greek, English and German to address a large international market and act as an ambassador of tourism and Greek products.

The coffee table book can be found in selected bookshops.

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