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John Kittmer, British Ambassador to Greece

Every year some 2 million of my fellow Britons choose to visit Greece.

Some of them already know a lot about the country, some read up about it before they fly out, others just know the name of their destination and that’s it: they are ready for adventure. But almost all return home with memories they will cherish forever. And after travelling here for over thirty years, I know why.

Those who dip their toes in Greek waters have a reason to return, a reason to walk the short distance between being a one-off visitor and becoming a lifelong fan of Greece.

Of course, Greece isn’t the only great world destination.

It now has to compete globally to win over tourists who are sophisticated and well-travelled. In this sense success largely depends on Greek tourism industry’s ability to deliver high-quality experiences in a consistent, safe and sustainable way, offering value for money.

The Greek tourism sector has a lot to offer to Greece’s economy, attracting foreign investment, creating jobs, driving growth. Central government, local authorities, local communities and the industry itself all have a role to play in defining the future of Greece’s tourism.

I hope that, in the years to come, it will climb higher and higher up the ladder of excellence.

World Travel Market London means business; it is the perfect stage for both government and private sector to see and be seen.

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I am sure that the Greek participants will be the best ambassadors for their wonderful country.

I wish them and Greek tourism every success.


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