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Greece Extends Covid-19 Travel Restrictions for Int’l Arrivals Until May 14

The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) has released updated Covid-19 aviation directives (NOTAM) that extend travel restrictions for international flights landing in Greece.

The restrictions are part of the Greek government’s efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country.

The following travel restrictions and requirements for international arrivals will remain in place until 6am on Friday, May 14:

PLF remains mandatory
The submission of the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) by all passengers of international flights to Greece remains mandatory.
The rule also applies to Greek citizens and permanent residents of Greece who travel abroad on flights (outbound travel). They are required to fill out the PLF form before their departure from Greece and present it at border checkpoints.

Travel ban for non-EU residents / Exemptions
The temporary ban on entry into Greece from outside the EU has been updated. Only citizens traveling for essential reasons from the following 12 countries are excluded from the ban: UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Serbia, United States of America and Israel.

Mandatory negative Covid-19 test result
All travelers from abroad must submit a negative Covid-19 test result (PCR) performed up to 72 hours before arrival in Greece.
The rule includes children traveling from abroad, aged five and over.
International travelers may also be requested to take a rapid Covid-19 test upon entry (depending on the data provided on the PLF forms). If a passenger is selected for a rapid test and is positive for the coronavirus then he/she must quarantine for a total of 14 days.

Athens Airport.

Athens Airport. Photo Source: Athens International Airport (AIA)

7-day quarantine rule / Exemptions
All passengers entering Greece from abroad must self-isolate either at their home (for permanent residents) or at the place of temporary residence declared on the PLF, for 7 days.

Travelers from the following countries qualify for exemption from mandatory quarantine: all EU member states and the members of the border-free Schengen area, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Russia* and Singapore, considering that:

a. they have a negative PCR test performed less than three days (72 hours) prior to their trip (this includes children traveling from abroad, aged five and over), or

b. they have a vaccination certificate issued by a public authority in the English language, stating that 14 days have passed since the completion of their full vaccination for Covid-19.

Passengers from these 12 countries may be requested to take a rapid Covid-19 test upon entry (depending on the data provided on the PLF forms). If a passenger is selected for a rapid test and is positive for the coronavirus then he/she must quarantine for a total of 14 days.

Arrivals from Russia
Russian travelers are allowed to enter Greece on flights landing at the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Corfu, Rhodes, Kos, Mykonos, Santorini and Chania. Greece has a cap on the number of weekly admissions of Russians visitors. Only 4,000 permanent residents of Russia per week are allowed to enter Greece.
*Travelers from Russia will have to present both a negative PCR test and a vaccination certificate in order to be exempt from Greece’s quarantine rule.

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  1. Kieran McKenna Reply

    Are travellers from Lebanon currently allowed into Greece provided they quarantine for 7 days at their temporary place of residence and have a PCR test prior to departure from Lebanon?
    Many thanks for any clarification on this

  2. Th. Naujock Reply

    I have a Recovery Certification SARS-CoV-2, valid from 21.05.2021 until 23.10.2021. Is this sufficient for entry into Greece by plane?

  3. Krsto Reply

    My wife and I Are american citizens traveling by car through Albania to Greece. We got to the Border and They would not let uš though Unless we were there for business. We both were vacinated and Had negativne PCR test. We Had reservations at a hotel for the week .
    Seems to be a political thing between Greece and albania. Had to cancel our trip . Bummed.

  4. Lola Reply

    I will travel to Corfu from Germany, and then i have to flight to Athens because of flight on the next day from there.
    Should i make one test more in Athens after arriving from Corfu or PCR Test from Germany would be enough for whole trip in Greece ?

    • Valerio Reply

      The PCR test released in Germany should be enough as this is the requirement to enter Greece, afterwards it is just an internal flight.
      Viel Spass in Kerkyra!

  5. Farah Aitzaz Reply

    I want to travel from Pakistan to Greece by the end of June . I have taken vaccination and have good antibodies up till now .
    So what travel restrictions I might expect by than ?

  6. David Bruce Reply

    This is all well and good and the government is to be congratulated for their efforts in attempting to prevent the spread of Covid. However until the situation in which tens of thousands of legal immigrants, ,who are currently being denied access to the vaccine process, is resolved, it is all for naught.

    We have resident permits, tax numbers, private health insurance, pay taxes on our properties and vehicles and yet we cannot get temporary AMKA numbers, which are a prerequisite to getting a vaccine shot, all because the Emvolio site, purportedly amended to allow their issue is not working.

    And yet. And yet someone with no residence permit or a tax number can go to KEP, with nothing more than their passport and get an AMKA number on the spot. But if you have a tax number you can’t.

    What on earth is going on?

    • Jane Sharpe Reply

      David – we know a number of people from outside Greece who are are resident within EU who have property here and a tax number. They have been issued with a temporary AMKA No and have an appointment for their vaccination.

      Maybe worth pursuing it as you are entitled to it.

      • Marie-Claire Nguyen Reply

        Hello, FYI knowing that the restrictions were until May 14 at 6AM, I booked a flight on AirSerbia today at 12:30pm from Belgrade to Athens. I could NOT board on plan because Athens International airport haven’t received any update from the HCAA (NOTAM) for the entry of third country residents. I’ve lost airline tickets. PCR validity is limited to 72h so I might have to do it again. Very disappointing from the Greek gouvernement. Even more frustrating to see tones of online articles and newspapers, even coming from official websites like Shengen Visa Info or EU site, stating that they will re-allow international travellers to enter on May 14th. At this moment, I’m still waiting for the official updates…

      • villas in corfu Reply

        is still covid rules in Greece? i am renting a villa in corfu sep 2023. as i heard is new covid strain and i wonder if Greece is going back to masks again?

        Regards K

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