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Greece to Give Temporary AMKA Number for Vaccination


In efforts to ensure that everyone living in Greece is vaccinated against Covid-19, Greek authorities are making efforts to issue a temporary AMKA number to all foreigners and uninsured individuals. This information comes following a recent amendment/addition to a draft law of the Ministry of Development and Investment on Thursday.

Participation in the current Covid-19 vaccination procedure requires an 11-digit social security number (AMKA).

The form to obtain a temporary AMKA number is expected to launch in the near future.

At the moment, those who do not have an AMKA number (or have one but is being rejected by the system) can obtain advice after filling out a form on the government’s vaccination platform.

1) Select option that says: Αν δεν διαθέτετε ΑΜΚΑ παρακαλούμε ακολουθήστε τις οδηγίες εδώ

2) Fill in the form:

a) Last name (Επώνυμο)
b) First name (Όνομα)
c) Father’s name (Πατρώνυμο)
d) Identification document number (Αριθμός εγγράφου ταυτοποίησης)
e) Type of identification document (Είδος εγγράφου ταυτοποίησης) and choose one of the following:
– ID card (Ταυτότητα)
– Passport (Διαβατήριο)
– European Health Insurance Card (Ευρωπαϊκή Κάρτα Ασφάλισης)
f) AMKA number (for those who have and cannot log into system)
g) Tax number (ΑFΜ), if you have one (Αριθμό Φορολογικού Μητρώου – ΑΦΜ)
h) Telephone number (Τηλέφωνο επικοινωνίας)
i) E-mail address (Εmail επικοινωνίας)
j) Press Submit (Υποβολή)

All requests will be reviewed and instructions on obtaining a temporary AMKA number should follow.

Photo source: Ministry of Health

It is reminded that the Covid-19 vaccine is free. Vaccination will be carried out at 1,018 centers and at set hospitals around the country.

People will not be able to select which vaccine they receive.

Those vaccinated will receive a certificate in digital form, which will be for their personal use.

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  1. joseph aiken Reply

    trying for weeks on end at sepolia KEP branch.we are waiting for our temporary tax numbers to be recognized as. the system is a line up for hours in the cold and rain and 2 people only in at a time. everytime you get told a different story.depends who’s on. there is no sense of urgency in the place. the normal frappes sitting there. least these years the ashtray is gone. they just give you a phone number that never is ever answered to get rid of you. anything to do with a government in Greece is a complete joke. incompetent uncaring blasé slow to action ask why am i here then ? because i am a yearly returning tourist helping the economy. this once beautiful city of athena has been left to the dogs. try rome instead if you can.

  2. Navid Reply

    I did complete my vaccination on 27th of September. But I could not get my EU certificate in KEP. KEP told me your second doses not registered while vaccination center says it is registered. Really I confused and don’t know what I have to do.
    Could anyone advice me?

  3. Iraklis Reply

    It took me about 6 weeks to finally receive the ANKA, I apply a total of 4 times, basically once a week and finally got a SMS with the number since I don’t have the taxes codes I had to apply at a pharmacy and got my second shot last Thursday 12th of august.
    The issue now is that since I don’t have the taxes codes I can’t apply online for the certificate, So,to,the pharmacy again and they said that I have to,go,to a KEP CENTER in order to get the certificate, have anyone been able to get the certificate without the taxes codes?

  4. Tobias Bertrand Reply

    At my first try in April I was sent to run against the rubber walls of bureaucracy, now I finally got my Temporary AMKA – thanks to my friendly landlady, who was very accomodative and escorted me to a nearby KEP. I was informed it may take up to three weeks until it’s active to make a jab appointment, which may say: Check once a week.

    • Helene Reply

      Hi Tobias,
      Don’t want to seem pessimistic but I’ve been trying to get a temporary Amka that works since almost three months. I tried online several times before getting to KEP one month ago where they gave me a number and told me to wait 21 days. It’s been more than that, I went back to KEP this morning and apparently there are some technicals issues they don’t know about and they can’t do anything.
      I’m desperate about this.
      Thinking of going back to my country to get the vaccine, cause nothing seems to work here !

      • Tobias Bertrand Reply

        Hi Helene,

        Many thanks for addressing me.
        Just to update my last message: I takes 21 days for the activation, so I haven’t got a jab until now. Are you a European? I am a European, too, and my holidays take a little longer – so it makes sense to hold on anyway.
        At the time there are problems due to the fire catastrophe – something one has to respect.
        On the other side, the government promised access to the vaccination program for all who need it, so I am confident.
        I am not confident that in “my country” they wouldn’t make use of their most exemplary vaccination program to nail me there … but that’s a different story.
        If you have the intention to stay longer, hold on, if not – the decision is on you. I’d recommend you to not give up the ghost – and read what Mr. Robert below reports.

      • D. Greene Reply

        Helene, I got my temp AMKA (P-AMKA) at the end of June, and nearly 2 months later, after checking daily and visiting multiple KEPs, it has been approved. Went to a pharmacy, scheduled an appointment for the next day and got my vaccine. The day after the vaccine, I went back to KEP and they printed my certificate.

        I also wrote them 3 times, but I’m pretty sure you just have to wait (50 days for me).

  5. GTP Reader 27622 Reply

    Today in the news that the unvaccinated may not be allowed in shops in autumn. That is asif it is unwillingness to be unvaccinated while there are thousands waiting for a temporary AMKA. How difficult can it be? Even one civil servant dealing with all applications manually could get through this backlog already.

    Give me a spreadsheet with all the applications and by the end of the day I already have a list with the duplicate applications, the inadequate applications and so on to send a message. And the rest a message that the application is received.

  6. GTP Reader 27622 Reply

    Apparently, the organisation that actually hands out the AMKA numbers is EFKA. is the place to make an appointment with your local branche for it. You need the credentials of a local Greek to get to the form for making an appointment. From a multitude of reasons for the appointment you have to try many before there is one that works (nothing related to AMKA though). But you have some free space in the form to explain what you are coming for. Let’s see if that works…

    • GTP Reader 27622 Reply

      This does not work. The job of handing out temporary AMKA numbers is taken out of their hands by the ministery of Civil Protection, they have nothing to do with it. If you call that ministery you can let the phone ring endlessly (an hour for example).

      I also asked assistance from my embassy because in the dictionary that is what an embassy is for, to assist citizens abroad. They say that they know nothing and recommend to ask the local authorities. The call centre that responded when I called actually discussed with the embassy for some 5 minutes before they got back to me to say exactly this.

      Anybody else here with a helpful embassy?

  7. Robert Reply

    To those concerned; I received my temporary PAMKA number on my second application on the website.

    On my 1st application, in early March via TAXISnet platform (as I have AFM), I did not receive any confirmation that my application had even been submitted and/or received – I was also instructed to only apply once. After 2 months waiting, and after many hoops and loops to various offices, inc KEP to no avail, I re-applied in early May, this time on the platform and used the English version.

    On application, it confirmed that my application had been successful and within 2 weeks, I received by SMS my PAMAK and, a choice to either make an online appointment for vaccination dates, and/or go to a pharmacy for the same. I went straight to my local pharmacy, and within a few minutes (I kid you not) he printed of my vaccination schedule (which included a barcode) with the 1st jab in 3 weeks and the 2nd jab 3 weeks after.

    After completing my 2 jabs, the following day I received a SMS (from emvolio) confirmation that I had completed my 2 jabs and that after a wait of 1 day, I could receive my digital certificate. However, I now can’t get my vaccination certificate because the system does not recognise my PAMKA. Again after many hoops and loops, I have been told by the KEP office that as my PAMKA no. stars with a ‘9’, I will have to wait (KEP couldn’t say for how long) for to update the system for my PAMKA no. to be approved and for me to keep trying weekly.

    This is my experience, and I would suggest to anyone who has received their PAMKA, to try their local pharmacy (if they have not already done so) instead of the online vaccination booking platform which seems to be creating problems for some people.

    Best of luck and wishes.

    • Iraklis Reply

      Hi Robert, I have also applied and re-applied on the platform and used the English version. 4 times already and never received any kind of confirmation of my submissions. The only thing that comes to my mind is that my address, passport number, and expiration date are different than the ones shown in my AFM application, I made my AFM in 2008 and have changed my home address and also renew my passport. Should I try again with the old address and the old passport info?

    • Rosemary Reply

      Robert, Many of us have had exactly the same experience you’ve had. It has been months and months of terrible frustration, the crowning insult of which is that after finally managing to get vaccinated, those of us who have a PAMKA that begins with the number “9” are finding it impossible to get the vaccine certificate from both KEP offices and from the government website, which granted us these faulty numbers. I went to my embassy (Irish) and they knew all about this problem but said there was very little they could do. Until we get the vaccine certification, we all have to pay for yet another COVID test if we want to travel even to the Greek Islands, and this despite the fact that we are fully vaccinated. I really am at the end of my rope. I have complained at many different offices in Athens and the response is basically a shrug.
      I check the emvolio website every day to see if by some miracle my number has finally been approved, but I have so far had no success. At this point, all we can do is hope. Thank you for sharing your experience here.

    • Elias Reply

      Hello Robert, same happened with me. And currently I’m in the last stage where we have to wait for the PAMKA to be recognized on the system in order to get our Vaccination certificate. I had the second dose on July 17th so 10 days have passed already. Let’s see how long it will take.

  8. Iraklis Reply

    I Applied 3 Fridays ago and have been applying every week since but I have never got a confirmation, nothing. What should I do? I do have AFM and I’m a EU citizen. SHould I keep submitting the form until I get a reply?

    • Robert Reply

      Iraklis, please see my post below.

  9. GTP Reader 27621 Reply

    Hi, I have registered three times already for a temporary AMKA using my tax identification number. I have not even received a conformation of the application by SMS, as promised. Anyone else ever received the SMS? I use a Greek mobile phonenumber (prepaid). It goes without saying that I am far from receiving the AMKA number.

    I also went to the local KEP and they were kind enough to go through the same procedure but then without tax number. Whatever gets through the system, just see. Nothing yet.

  10. Martin Reply

    i got my AMKA number, but still is not active, any one here has a same Experian? how many days will take till be active?

    • Leyla Reply

      I have the same problem. Got the PAMKA last week but still does not recognise it

  11. farid Reply

    I have AMKA. I took vaccination, now I need certification, but when I go to this process, it does not accept. Also I go to the amka site. I write my name surname father and mother name and birthdate, but it says I donot have AMKA. What can I do?

    • Padrsig Reply

      You are doi g well I first applied online on Aoril 3 then again a week later at my local KEP and tried online again a month later….Still no sign of a temporary Amka

  12. Iain Reply

    I only recently discovered that the “homepage ” of the site has an English Version (top right 3xlibwa drop down menu) included is the application but also a presentation on completion. This state that on Submission of the application you should receive a SMS informing receipt and another SMS ..WITHIN 3 DAYS with the PAMKA or a rejection notice. I have received my PAMKA my wife waited 8days and following a phone call to AMKA by a Greek friend 1hr later hers also arrived. Both PAMJAwere live on issue.
    Try the English Version if you haven’t received, who knows it might make a difference..

  13. Cliff Reply

    Good day, perhaps this might help, as the hazel with KEP or other institutions is great as it seems no one knows, applied for PAMKA ( temporary AMKA) via it took about 15 days to get notified and PAMKA issued. As we contacted also the Office of Health Minister we got the information that it would take about 20 to 30 days to get issued and to take 3 to 5 days to activate, however trying to book an appointment via seems imposible, approached the local Pharmacy with immediate success closing an appointment.

    • Richard Grant Reply

      I have been waiting for a response to my application for a temporary AMKA for more than 1 month and have yet to received any type of response. I have contacted local pharmacies and KEP’s near my town and have not been able to find any definitive information. The pharmacy tells me to go to a KEP, KEP says to call the ministry of health, MOH doesn’t respond. I am at a loss for what to try next. Any advice is welcomed.

      • GTP Reader 27622 Reply

        Exactly the same here Richard. Except you wrote on 21 June ‘more than a month’ and my first application was on 29 May. My application number was a few hundred away from number 30,000. When I tried a few weeks later it was in the 33 thousand.

    • Lida Theodorou Reply

      Hello Cliff.
      It is now been a week i got my PAKMA but does not seem to be activated as embolio gr says im not in the priority group.
      I would expect that Pharmacists will have the same issue since they will have to use my PAMKA too?

  14. John Reply

    And we have the temp AMKA. They allow me to register vaccine, but they say even though my wife has the temp AMKA she has to wait up to 21 days before she can even be seen by emvolio. This is after waiting 30 days to apply, and finally KEP did us a favor.

  15. NicT Reply

    COVID-19 vaccines offered by the NHS will be freely available to all adults in England, Scotland and Wales, regardless immigration status.

    Freely available NOT secondary to British Citizens.

    Why are the Greeks not offering the same? Easy… it’s simply Nationalism and that sadly means going back to the UK to get a vaccine.

    • NicT Reply

      Regarding acquiring the ever elusive AMKA by means of an Expatriate Special Identity Card, a birth certificate, a passport and a temporary or permanent residence permit…ONLY IF THE PERMANENT RESIDENCE PERMIT IS VALID FOR A TEN YEAR DURATION will AMKA be issued.
      On visiting KEP yesterday this was a recent amendment buy government.

  16. Ermal Reply

    Hello. I read some comments discuss about struggle to get the AMKA number. I don’t have one yet, but I need to get it for employement. How easy is to get it in KEP? Temporary or normal one, they are the same for work?
    Thank you.

  17. Uschi Niemann Reply

    I am Greek resident and third to get a temporary AMKA at my local KEP but was told, that I won’t get one although I know other residents who got one and already got their first jab
    So I don’t really understand the arbitrariness to whom the administration gives a temporary AMKA and to whom not…
    I could gety vaccine from my home EU country but none is willing to inject it as they are afraid to be responsible in case of side effects. Really fed up!

  18. Without an AMKA, Kefalonia Reply


    Any help possible from UK, US Embassy? another EU country?

    Do we have a case for the ECJ?!

    • Michael Harrison Reply

      I can only speak personally from my appointments this week. YES, I HAVE BEEN GIVEN A TEMPORARY AMKA… but HOW is a mystery… and WHERE FROM a further mystery. From my appointment at KEP, I discovered that KEP is UNABLE to issue a temporary AMKA if one has an AFM/TIN already. That’s not because they’re being difficult but as a result of a further instruction they received from ‘on high’ on 18 April. I have a copy, so it’s true. My case: KEP confirmed they couldn’t issue me a temporary AMKA because I had already been given an AFM/TIN. Without an AFM/TIM all would (might?) have been fine. Other ways ahead, therefore, towards getting a temporary AMKA: either requesting it on the emvolio platform – though I don’t know anyone who has succeeded in that – or at the local EFKA office. Here’s a further nonsense, however. EFKA is where one normally would apply for a ‘real’ AMKA. Which I need because I’m married to a Greek citizen and we live in Athens and I’m applying for a residency permit. But EFKA is not allowed to issue a ‘real’ AMKA if one has already been given a temporary AMKA. Nor is EFKA allowed to cancel a temporary AMKA, to facilitate a ‘real’ AMKA. I’m now trying to unpick the mystery of where and who issued my temporary AMKA: not the emvolio platform nor KEP. I have also emailed the following senior officials, politely but firmly to protest, and I suggest that others should do the same: Mr Georgantas,; Mr Themistocleous,; Mr Kontozomani,; Mr Skertso,; Mr Kontogeorgi,; and Mrs Rapti,
      As for embassies: I believe they are doing what they can – albeit too diplomatically but that’s their job after all – so I would save your breath. However, it’s worth quoting the following from the US Embassy’s website on 19 April (which may be reassuring or depressing depending on one’d reading of it): “The Greek government is working to resolve COVID-19 vaccination obstacles for people residing in Greece that do not have AMKA (Greek public health care coverage). The Greek government has begun issuing temporary AMKA numbers in order to facilitate vaccination and is working out further technical issues and implementation details. Individuals without AMKA who believe they qualify for the current phase of vaccination in Greece may enter their personal data at to request a temporary AMKA number needed to obtain a vaccination appointment. There may be a delay between issuance of a temporary AMKA number or new actual AMKA number and when that number is recognized by the necessary Greek government systems. Greek officials have advised individuals who have received temporary AMKA numbers not yet recognized in the vaccination appointment system to try again to seek vaccination appointments after 3-4 days, though it may take up to 20 days for the system to recognize the new numbers”.

    • Michael Harrison Reply

      I should have added: I entered my temporary AMKA + AFM/TIN on the emvolio platform which then told me “After checking your data you do not belong to the current vaccination period”. As I’m 74 years old, and since the platform shows that “citizens over 55” are currently being vaccinated, all it shows is yet another absurdity of the system. I filled in and sent off an Objection Form. Reply was “Successful submission of data”. Nothing else yet. But maybe the US Embassy note is correct: it takes several days or more for different parts of the system to talk to each other. So we are asked to be patient? And somehow survive in the meantime?

    • Vera Alinta Fragkoulaki Reply

      How long is the duration off a temporary amka?

    • Farshid Reply

      Hello guys . I got my temporary AMKA but I couldn’t make appointment for vaccine at pharmacy. I went back to KEP and they told me I have to wait at least 20 days from thedate of issuance of my temporary AMKA. Those who are asking why is not activated . This is what employee of KEP told me .
      Hope it’s useful
      Have nice day

  19. johan casteels Reply

    Went through the whole embolio submission form 3 times without success, last time was 16 th of April. Called the embassy, they told me any KEP should be able to help with a temporary AMKA number. Went to KEP, they told me they didn’t have the right to do give a number, and advised me to have myself tested regularly.
    A mess really.

  20. Michael Harrison Reply

    A further note to John Begg
    John, you wrote that “Within a few days of form-filling, I now have a temporary AMKA number.”
    We would all dearly love to know how you did it: in as much detail as you can, please.
    Granted that (as you also wrote) “The page through which registration for temporary AMKA for residents without AMKA was added to the platform last week.” But it seems that without an AFM (wrongly translated by Google as VAT) otherwise known as a TIN (tax identification number) it is not possible to proceed to give personal details on other data pages and thereby submit an application. Instead, the instruction is to visit KEP.

  21. Michael Harrison Reply

    Thank you, Tobias and John, for your latest reports. Tearing hair. Do we have much left? Am beginning to doubt it. Long since I had any confidence in the government’s ability to ‘do the right thing’. Now needing reluctantly to consider returning to the UK for my jabs. Today’s report
    in sounds a further warning that COVID-19 vaccinations for non-Greeks may be so far off that they’re almost out of sight. With a headline saying “Non-Greeks to get temporary AMKA to be able to get self-test kits”, the paper reports as follows:
    “The Digital Governance Ministry submitted an amendment to Parliament on Wednesday so that people who do not have a tax registration number (AFM) or a police ID card can be granted a temporary social security number (AMKA) from Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP) to obtain self-testing kits by registering on the relevant digital platform. To get an AMKA, interested parties must have an Expatriate Special Identity Card, a birth certificate, a passport and a temporary or permanent residence permit. The amendment will be voted on Thursday. The same amendment sets out the procedure whereby a coronavirus vaccination appointment can be made by those who have obtained a temporary AMKA”.
    Could anything be more tortuous than that? Or more clearly intended to delay the vaccination roll-out for non-Greek citizens? For a while? Or with ‘smoke & mirrors’ disguise a government decision that politically it’s simply not possible to proceed?

    • Alasdair Gibson Reply

      For most of my life I have been a friend of this country, have close Greek friends and now live here. So it breaks my heart to have to admit to myself that non Greek nationals are being shafted by the Greek state.
      Much has been talked of vaccine nationalism between states. Here we are experiencing the same ugly nationalism in its most pernicious, personal form. There can be no excuse for the obstacles being thrown in the way of getting foreigners vaccinated.
      Of course, the Government will hide behind the excuse of technical/bureaucratic issues. Incompetency will seem less damning than flagrant nationalism.
      My wife and I are now resigned to having to return home to receive vaccinations which, had we been Greek, we would have had in February. It is with deep sadness that after this experience we will find it very difficult to contemplate a return to Greece ever, such is the bitterness we feel at being let down and exposed to danger. Our lives are clearly worth less than Greek lives.
      The end of a love affair….!

    • Tobias Bertrand Reply

      Καλημέρα, Michael!

      Is there a way to make things easier?

      I went to the pharmacy the other day, bought myself a Covid-19 self-test for 10 Euro and performed it.
      I assume it’s the same kit they apply for greek citizens resp. owners of an AMKA at the (provisional) health centers.
      Could I go there, say I’m a foreign citizen, pay 10 Euro and become tested?
      Theoretically I could, but they’ve not been prepared for a solution which would make things much easier – even for tourists.
      The same easy way would work for the vaccination.
      Everybody could attend a (provisional) health center,
      prove her/his identity, pay the fee otherwise covered by the greek health insurance, get the jab and obtain a confirmation and a receipt.
      This would be fair and easy to conduct.
      Once back to Austria I could try and ask if my Austrian health insurance returns the fee.
      I think they won’t, but it’s less important than obtaining the vaccination(s) right in time.
      I hope the Δήμος Αθήναιων and the Υπουργείο Υγείας take an obvious solution into consideration.

      Kind Regards

    • NicT Reply

      To get an AMKA, interested parties must have an Expatriate Special Identity Card, a birth certificate, a passport and a temporary or permanent residence permit BUT ONLY IF THE PERMANENT RESIDENCE PERMIT IS VALID FOR A TEN YEAR DURATION.
      On visiting KEP yesterday this was a recent amendment buy government.

  22. Tobias Bertrand Reply

    A forest walk.
    What I did was follow the instructions on, grabbed my Austrian passport and European health insurance card and attended a central KEP. Unfortunately are my greek skills insufficient for serious communication, while the English skills of the receptionists are in fact better than they pretend. I was then sent to a close AMKA office. It’s entry seems to be exclusively known to Athens official insiders, and, beyond that, was anyhow the false address. I went back and after a few friendly and patient approaches was informed that the system has not been primed to individual cases. It obviously makes no sense to even try to introduce oneself before the addressed generation is on the turn. The torn and folded papersheets with scribblings hard to decipher were an unexpected mysterious surprise. Who loves Greece and Athens in particular has to live with her oddities – and shadows.

  23. John Begg Reply

    I am a 71 year-old from New Zealand, legally resident in Greece, wishing to receive covid vaccination as soon as possible. I have been trying hard to navigate the system for vaccination registration since December 2020. The page through which registration for temporary AMKA for residents without AMKA was added to the platform last week. Within a few days of form-filling, I now have a temporary AMKA number. Nevertheless, this number seems to be inactive as I keep receiving messages back that after checking I don’t belong to the current vaccination group.
    Further efforts have involved emails, Facebook messages and initiatives through embassy/consular support. While none of these efforts have been successful, I now have the information (through the Minister of Health’s office) that although some of us have received temporary AMKA numbers, the Emvolio page for our category has not yet been activated.
    The law as passed by Government provides all legal residents of Greece equal treatment. It appears that this is clearly not the case. I read that there are people in our group who are >80 years old that should have been finished their vaccination programme by now if they had been given fair treatment. The Government is about to authorise (this Friday and over the next 10 days) a huge number of younger Greek citizens (AMKA number holders in the age group from 50-59 and all 18-59 age people with health problems) for registration. Most of these are much less likely to require hospitalisation and Intensive Care treatment should they contract the virus. This influx of registrants will ensure that those of us who have temporary AMKA numbers are at the back end of a huge queue and with the limited inflow of vaccines, this probably means that it is unlikely we will be vaccinated before the end of July at best. This is demonstrably unfair.
    I suggest that to try to press the point that non-Greek residents are being disadvantaged through bureaucratic decisions, that you state your case for a temporary AMKA and vaccination registration through the following Facebook pages of government officials relating to the vaccination programme:
    and/or to these two email addresses: and
    Good luck.

  24. Michael Harrison Reply

    Another day. Another failure.
    Were we wrong to expect changes to the emvolio platform today?
    No. According to bulletins published on 8th 9th and 11th April by the U.S. Embassy, the Netherlands Embassy and, significant changes were telegraphed by government departments.
    This from ‘’ 11 April: “After several letters and requests to the various Greek ministries concerning the vaccination of European nationals without an AMKA number, Athens has just received a response. The Ministry of Digital has just informed us that the Emvolio website has been updated and will therefore be able to receive requests from foreigners in order to register for a possible vaccination in the coming months. […] Procedure for online check-in: Go to the site , fill in the required spaces (small star) with a passport number. Please note that the site may ask you to enter your place of residence in Greece in a Greek letter (google translation). You will receive immediate confirmation of your registration.”
    This from U.S. Embassy website ‘COVID-19 Information’ 09 April: “The Greek government has begun issuing temporary AMKA numbers in order to facilitate vaccination and is working out further technical issues and implementation details. Individuals without AMKA who believe they qualify for the current phase of vaccination in Greece may enter their personal data at to request a temporary AMKA number needed to obtain a vaccination appointment. There may be a delay between issuance of a temporary AMKA number or new actual AMKA number and when that number is recognized by the necessary Greek government systems. Greek officials have advised individuals who have received temporary AMKA numbers not yet recognized in the vaccination appointment system to try again to seek vaccination appointments after 3-4 days”.
    And this from The Netherlands Embassy 08 April: “Following our latest update from the relevant Authorities in connection to the vaccination procedure for the general public in the Hellenic Republic and the self-test distribution for school age children, we would wish to inform you on the procedure of obtaining a temporary AMKA number (t-AMKA) for persons who are not holders of an AMKA number as follows:
    1. Website offers the option to those who are not holders of an AMKA number to proceed and register electronically if they possess a valid VAT number registered with the Greek Tax Authority (AADE).
    2. All other categories i.e. holders of the documents listed below are kindly asked to procced and inquire at any Citizens Service Center (KEP) in order to apply in person and obtain a provisional AMKA number for the purpose of vaccination planning against COVID-19 and the issuance of a vaccination certificate: ID Card, PASSPORT, Expatriate ID CARD, RESIDENCE CARD, PERMANENT RESIDENCE CARD, SPECIAL RESIDENCE CARD, ASYLUM REQUEST DOCUMENT ID, CERTIFICATION OF APPLICATION SUBMISSION FOR INSURANCE OR RESIDENCE PERMIT, STAND-ALONE DOCUMENT, OTHER
    Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations are kindly requested to ensure the distribution of this message to all their respective Consular Missions and Regional Offices, and inform interested parties accordingly.”
    In short, the emvolio platform still denies access to those without a VAT number; with no VAT, it is impossible to proceed with any further data, passport number, place of residence, etc. Therefore the idea that one will receive “immediate confirmation of your registration” is absurd.
    Nor has there been any movement from KEP offices. Still today, their answer was “Sorry but we still have no information to give you; we don’t know when the platform will be updated; and we are still awaiting instructions. Until then we cannot issue any Provisional AMKAs”.
    One wonders how much it may damage the reputation of the Greek government if ‘Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations’ do as The Netherlands Embassy is requesting – ‘… to ensure the distribution of this message to all their respective Consular Missions and Regional Offices, and inform interested parties accordingly” – only to discover that key parts of the advice are wrong or misleading.
    I have emailed and to explain.

    • Alasdair Gibson Reply

      Strangely reassuring to know it’s not just us then having issues, for weeks now. KEP locally in Kranidi have received no instruction on how to deal with temporary AMKA application, or how long it will be before the relevant platform will go live even though my wife has received a instruction to go to a KEP to get one. And to add insult to injury we have been greeted by appalling rudeness and an attempt to shut us out today at the KEP as troublesome people having made two visits. Seems we were only permitted one.

    • Jason Cooney Reply

      Hi Michael – we are in the same position. We’ve had no result. We were told to call IKA from KEP. Ika person didn’t want to help us. It’s nice to know the Embassy’s are involved. I’ll contact the Aussie embassy (we are australian greeks) and see if they can help (although the US embassy is most powerful I assume). Thanks for posting the above.

  25. Tobias Bertrand Reply

    I am from Austria. I own a recently reissued Austrian health insurance card, overtitled European Health Insurance Card. The Austrian health insurance number consists of a 4 digit (random)+ 6 digit (birth date) combination. Apart from this one, there is a Card ID number with 20 digits. I can only guess the European health insurance number is the last 11 digits. Am I right or wrong?

    • Michael Harrison Reply

      ‘Morning, Tobias. I’m looking at my own EHIC. You’re right that the card’s ID has 20 digits but I cannot tell whether you’re correct about the last 11 digits. My card’s ID number is shown in the following pattern: xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxx (which may suggest you’re wrong about the last 11?). In addition, the card carries a Personal Identification Number in the following pattern: beginning with a 2-letter code for the home country it then has 7 digits. My date of birth is shown separately. As is Name, Given names, Identification number of the institution (ie the health authority in the home country) and Expiry date. Hoping that helps?

      • Tobias Bertrand Reply

        That was to apprehend. I don’t know why they name this Europäische Krankenversicherungskarte. It suggests validity for whole Europe. These cards are still in distribution. Thank you very much for the exact information. Kind Regards

    • Janet Russell Reply

      Tobias, your EHIC number is not the right one. It may have 11 digits but you need the temporary AMKA 11 digit number which is the Greek social security number.

      If you have a Greek tax number you can now apply for AMKA via the embolio site. If not the advice being given is to go to KEP but you should make an appointment with them first and some offices don’t seem to know what to do yet.

      • Tobias Bertrand Reply

        Thank you, too, for your precious information. I will stay on task. Kind Regards.

  26. Michael Harrison Reply

    I offered on Tuesday to keep telling of progress. I’ve no idea whether anyone is following the same path. I read only of people’s problems, unable to find a way forward. But I have received two links within the last 48 hours, both from the emvolio platform. The most recent is as a result of which I rang my local KEP office (Zografou, Athens) and have a booked appointment to receive a Provisional AMKA next Thursday morning.

    • Bernie Frawley Reply

      Hi Michael
      Very pleased to hear you had a response and that you can now organise your AMKA number. My husband and I are retired and living in Nafplio. I submitted an application for temporary AMKA number for each of us on 5th April. Can you please let me know how long you waited for a response back, following submission of your application.

      With many thanks
      Bernadette Frawley

      • Penelope Reply

        Hi Bernie,

        I applied for a temporary AMKA on behalf of a foreighner friend and I got a reply after 2 days. However…they gave me the number but when I tried to book an appointment I got a message saying that he didn’t belong at the age group being vaccinated this period even though he certainly is. I filled in the “objection” form and I’m waiting for their reply…I imagine is a technical thing..

        • Bernie Frawley Reply

          Hi Penelope
          Many thanks for your response. We still have not heard anything since completing the online forms, even though we are both in the groups currently being vaccinated. I think I will re submit our details and see what happens. Once again thank you for your help

    • Ken Reply

      Hello Michael, how long it took you to receive a reply from

  27. Carmen Joan Lawrence Reply

    It does not matter if you apply at the site or not. I applied many times and finally received a reply telling me to contact the KEP. The KEP knows nothing about this. I cannot get an AMKA due to lockdown; I cannot get a vaccination as I have no AMKA. I suspect people in my category (age 71) will just have to take our chances and wait until perhaps September when perhaps they have some vaccines left over and everyone else has been vaccinated.

  28. Michael Harrison Reply

    PROGRESS! Two major steps forward today. I have just received an email from acknowledging my application for ‘examination of data’ (details below) AND the emvolio platform has been changed today – with a new tab – to allow those of us without an AMKA number, or TIN or AFM, to apply for a TEMPORARY AMKA for vaccinations AT LAST.
    1. The email is in Greek but, translated to English, says:
    “In case you do not have an AMKA but you have a TIN or Identity Card, you can contact the following link to fill in an application for the issuance of a Temporary AMKA, exclusively for the purpose of planning the vaccination against COVID-19 and the issuance of a vaccination certificate ( In any other case, you should apply for the issuance of a Provisional A.M.K.A. through the Citizens’ Service Center (KEP), presenting an official identification document”.
    The emphasis is mine. In effect, the last sentence should be read as more than advice; it’s an instruction both to us – book an appointment at KEP and apply for a Provisional A.M.K.A. – and surely to KEP offices themselves to delay no longer.
    2. The new tab on the emvolio platform advises “If you belong to the population group that can be vaccinated in the current period and the system does not recognise your AMKA, follow the instructions here”.
    You enter your date of birth; it asks whether you belong to a vulnerable group; then there are several ‘dropdown’ answers you should choose to the question, ‘Cause of a problem?’ In my case, according to my answer, the instruction was then, “For the issuance of a Provisional AMKA, exclusively for the purpose of vaccination planning against COVID-19 and the issuance of a vaccination certificate, visit a Citizens’ Service Center (KEP)”.
    Let’s keep sharing news of progress!

  29. Janet Russell Reply

    I understand what you are saying Joan but my neighbour has come up twice now for age and vulnerable group and still no movement on her temp AMKA.

  30. Joan Doreen Gardiner Reply

    The Government want everyone in the country to receive the vaccine.
    There are more urgent cases than just those in the appropriate age groups.
    We will all get the opportunity as soon as it is possible.

    If we have requested via we are in the system and will be notified.
    Be patient people!

  31. Janet Russell Reply

    I do resent the implication that I am somehow illegal for want of an AMKA. I have permanent residency rights and am up to date with payment if my property taxes and tax returns. Not my fault I cannot get an AMKA as below state retirement age in UK.

  32. Anna Tsingos Reply

    Both my husband and I registered on the site. At the time we heard nothing back. But suddenly, one day, they sent us an sms with time and date of the appointment. You won’t hear anything back from the site- but you just join the extremely long list of people waiting. Obviously those without an AMKA number are also going to be at the very end of that list. No matter what your age! My son in law is here from England so he is applying for temporary AMKA but we don’t expect him to be vaccinated at least until June! Maybe even later! Use some common sense people! The whole legal, tax paying population will go first!

    • Marcia Reply

      It was extremely helpful to read that after patiently waiting without an inkling if the process for a temporary AMKA was proceeding or if the application was lost somewhere, an appointment time was eventually sent to you. That gives me hope! I just must continue waiting! Thank you so much for posting that information

    • Paula Z Reply

      Thank you for sharing this. But it is unclear from your post whether you and your husband actually do already have a regular AMKA number. Could you clarify? I ask because I would like to know if anyone has yet managed to obtain a temporary AMKA, and, even better, been vaccinated.

  33. Sher Reply

    If I get vaccinated in the United States over the summer, how does the Greek govt want to see proof of that?

  34. Margo Kilcullen Reply

    I went to the EFKA office on Rhodes on the 22nd February and got an AMKA number, since then i,ve tried at least 20 times to register for the vaccine,at that time I was in the current age group for vaccination 60-64 but i,ve heard nothing back !
    When the pharmacy try for me, it comes up saying i,m not eligible for the vaccination,when I called EFKA they said my AMKA no is fine and could relay all my details over the fone to me,When I enter all my details on the ATLAS site my AMKA shows up
    KEP office have been no help at all !

  35. Martin Stringer Reply

    8 more days. Still no action.

  36. Demetra Eliopoulos Reply

    It seems that there is a platform for foreigners that hasn’t opened yet. The problem is that they don’t let us know when it will happen. Most of all I am disappointed with the American Embassy that hasn’t done anything for the American citizens. So we are waiting for the Greek government to implement their announcements for vaccinations for foreigners.

  37. Martin Stringer Reply

    This form was filled in for me over a week ago by my Consular officer as it is in Greek. I have no AMKA. Nothing heard yet. I do not believe that Greece will allow this system. If Vaccination passports come in I will then be trapped in Greece and unable to get back to UK for vaccination there.

    • Anna Tsingos Reply

      You will be able to travel if you provide a negative covid test . I heard on the bbc news yesterday that Vaccination passports are a long way off. They interviewed someone from Iata who said there’s no way they will be introduced this year. So don’t worry- this whole vaccination thing is going to take forever. In between time we will all have to provide a recent negative covid test.

  38. Marion Götz Reply

    I am also waiting for information when foreigners can get a temporary AMKA number?

  39. Terry Lightwood Reply

    Please advise on system for us to apply for a temporary AMKA number I am 68 and my husband is 63 thankyou


    I have tried over 10 times to register my father who is 84 and requires a vaccine and no reply.No one is replying so i am wondering if this website even works?

  41. bart gribnau Reply

    I do not have an AMKAnumber and submitted my request beginning February. Am 81 years old. No answer at all. Now it will be better ?? A temporary AMKA number?

    I wonder if we get any answer now. I fill in the request again.

  42. Kevin Hanks Reply

    I hope others have more success. I did this weeks ago when those 60 to 65 became eligible for vaccine. I have not heard a word.

  43. Chris l Lock Reply

    Has anyone any idea about the timescale . For instance; when can we request a temporary AMKA, ? How long before getting an AMKA number and being vaccinated? Locked down in beautiful Greece we need to return to the UK for hospital treatment in late April but now feel completely in limbo.
    Desperately hoping we.ll be vaccinated before we head back.

  44. Alasdair Gibson Reply

    I have been through the emvolio submission process described in the article multiple times without ever receiving a response. Will this time be any different I wonder.
    People in the current age group are being left seriously behind at a time when the danger of Covid infection is on the rise again.
    At least it is now being recognised by the State that there is a problem. Some urgency now in dealing with it would be appreciated.

  45. ronald verheyen Reply

    where do we find out how it is our time for vaccination? on de site they say request the amka when it is your vaccination periode?

    • Anon Reply

      at the top of in the top left it tells you what groups they are current vaccinating. You can check there.

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