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New Rules for Air Travel in Greece post-Covid-19

New health protocols to ensure that air travel in Greece is carried out as safely as possible for passengers and crew, during the post-Covid-19 period, were announced by the Greek Transport Ministry on Saturday.

The protocols come as Greece is lifting the measure that currently restricts citizens to their home prefectures and allow travel throughout the country on the mainland.

The following measures will take effect from Monday, May 18 until Sunday, May 31.

  • Face masks are mandatory for all airline passengers and flight attendants.
  • The use of mobile apps, where available, is encouraged for services such as ticket booking and check in.
  • Passengers must maintain a distance of 1 to 1.5 meters from one another in the waiting areas, at gates and when boarding a flight.
  • A special boarding process has been set up with passengers boarding in smaller groups, to avoid overcrowding.
  • Where there are boarding bridges, boarding is done only from the front door.
  • Where possible, passengers are transported from the gate to the aircraft on foot.
  • Where a track bus is used to transfer passengers from the gate to the aircraft, only 50 percent of its capacity may be covered.
  • Water, hand sanitizers and snack packages can be found at the entrance of the aircraft or at the boarding gate, so that passengers can collect them by themselves.
  • Immediately upon arrival at the airport, the aircraft cabin must undergo cleaning in accordance with an enhanced antiseptic program, before being allowed to continue flying.

Service providers must:

  • Inform passengers about hygiene rules and personal protection measures.
  • Provide their staff with the necessary personal protective equipment (mask, gloves, alcohol antiseptic).
  • Clean and disinfect passenger areas and contact points and machinery with special antiseptics.


The measures are in line with information and instructions from EODY, Greece’s public health organization, to avoid the transmission and spread of the coronavirus virus in Greece.

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  1. Penny Reply

    I think your government needs to step in where both A3 & GQ are concerned because they are not very accommodating considering foreigners cannot even reach your shores. We need options to refund, even if with a penalty and we need special consideration for more than 31 May or even 30 June. Greek Australians are booked for July, August and even September and we cannot leave Australia as we have an international ban. I do not expect it to be fee free because let’s face it, this is no ones fault. But the 2 airlines need to meet passengers half way.

    • Stephen Cronin Reply

      Well, airlines are not philanthropic organisations. Nor do I see why they should be at financial loss when a foreign government won’t allow its citizens to leave. I am waiting to join my yacht, berthed permanently in Greek waters but Ryanair’s flights are cancelled. I have taken the “voucher” option, since I don’t want to financially cripple the airline by demanding a refund. That way, I would no longer have access to very well priced flights to Greece.

  2. Dale Reply

    I love all of the distancing measures until you board, then”we will not leave open seats”. Kinda makes your earlier attempts laughable.

  3. Dale Reply

    I love all of the distancing measures until you board, then”we will not leave open seats”. Kinda makes your earlier attempts laughable.

  4. Peter Van de Velde Reply

    Er wordt niets gezegd over toiletgebruik, noch van de airconditionning die gevaarlijk zou kunnen zijn aangezien dit een gesloten systeem betreft (recirculatie). Afstand van elkaar houden heeft op dat punt dus geen zin.

  5. Eleni Papadimitriou Reply

    When is the restriction of flights will be lifted from the UK to Greece? Is there going to be a need for a medical certificate, because this will be very difficult if not impossible to get in the UK. Is there any different approach to the nationals returning, since we could have the opportunity to quarantine for 14 days instead of holding the certificate, as it has been the rule up until now, since we are going home.

  6. diana gianouli Reply

    2 very valid points, if the plan is full there isn’t a lot of point in the distancing pre-flight, and also of course the issue of Brits having to quarantine on return means very few are likely to travel, which is a huge section of the holiday market.

    Also, if they stick with the earlier ‘tests done in home country’ this is also impractical since the UK in particular doesn’t manage to test frontline workers, so highly unlikely they will test holiday makers. Temperature tests at both departure and arrival points, maybe?

  7. Kevin Reply

    And how is it possible that SkyExpress still offer no credit voucher or free cancellation for inter-island travel from 10May for tickets booked back in dec2019. Travel restrictions into Greece & inter-island travel, make it impossible for tourists to enter Greece or fly to the islands at least til the end of May.

  8. Mr David LEES Reply

    BUT – How can us Brits travel there when the FCO says do not travel??

    • David Jervis Reply

      We can’t !

    • Roger Collins Reply

      It’s going to be a personal choice I think. RyanAir (and I think Jet2) have schedules to Greece from early July. Either FCO guidance will change by then or you ignore it and fly anyway or you don’t go.

  9. Anne Tsakiriou Reply

    Do passengers have to have medical certificates? I’m a Greek citizen flying home in June from New Zealand.

  10. Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos Reply

    Why take all these measures before boarding(keeping the distances etc when in the plane every one sits next to each other.These measures would make sense if the plane flies at half occupancy.

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