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Travel & Tourism industry news by Greek Travel Pages (gtp)

Yiannis Evangelou

We live in a world where everything quickly changes on the world tourism stage with new tourism products, new consumer trends and increased international competition. Recent problems confronted by the tourism industry forced all, but particularly airlines and travel agents, to...

Stelios Polykratis

Apart from what happens each year, which gives us some idea of our limits and what will follow so as we can adapt accordingly, we could say next year is particularly special because of the 2004 Games. If use exploit this opportunity appropriately, we could create a better climate...

Tourism Secretariat to Take over Tourism Organization

If Development Minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos's recent announcement comes to pass, the Hellenic Tourism Organization will be merged with the development ministry's general secretariat for tourism and a new company, EOT SA, will undertake Greece's promotion as a tourism destination,...

Prolonged Iraqi War Requires Contingency Plans

A prolonged war in Iraq would destroy more than three million jobs in the global travel and tourism industry and eliminate more than $30 billion of economic value (gross domestic product) in 2003, the latest research from the World Travel & Tourism Council shows.

Arrival Figures Remain Steady

Greece's tourism industry is expected to host about the same level of visitors as last year, but prospects regarding revenue are less certain.

ABTA 2000

Greece and Great Britain are linked by a binding friendship and by cooperation. The relationship between the two countries, particularly regarding the tourism sector, is even stronger when we consider that about 2.5 million British tourists visit our country each year.