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Greece's latest tourism industry news by Greek Travel Pages (gtp)

Hellenic Seaways to Run Cyclades Islands Route

The Greek coastal ferry operator Hellenic Seaways will run the route connecting the Western Cyclades with Syros and other islands of the Cyclades complex.

NEL Lines Declared Forfeit

The future of Greek shipping company NEL Lines (Maritime Company of Lesvos) is up in the air, following a decision by Alternate Marine Minister Thodoris Dritsas to side with the verdict of the Coastal Transportation Council (SAS) and declare the ferry operator forfeit, barring it...

NEL Lines Requests Second Chance to Service Cyclades Islands

A decision on whether or not the Maritime Company of Lesvos (NEL Lines) would be barred from running ferry services to the Cyclades islands has been postponed.

Hellenic Seaways Has Sights Set on Own Terminal at Piraeus Port

Greek coastal ferry operator Hellenic Seaways expressed its interest in operating out of its own terminal at the Port of Piraeus once its privatization is completed.

Piraeus-MIG Deal: Changes Expected In Greek Coastal Shipping Sector

The recent strategic cooperation deal between Piraeus Bank and Marfin Investment Group (MIG) is expected to lead to significant developments in the Greek coastal shipping sector.

Nel Lines: Ανεκτέλεστα δρομολόγια λόγω απεργίας της Π.Ν.Ο την Πρωτομαγιά

Λόγω συμμετοχής των πληρωμάτων στην εξαγγελθείσα απεργία της Πανελλήνιας Ναυτικής Ομοσπονδίας (Π.Ν.Ο.), από Τετάρτη 30/04/14 23:59' έως Πέμπτη 01/05/14 23:59', η Nel Lines ενημερώνει για τα α...

NEL Lines: Ανεκτέλεστα δρομολόγια λόγω εμπλοκής στον ανεφοδιασμό των πλοίων με καύσιμα

Η NEL Lines ανακοινώνει ότι τα παρακάτω δρομολόγια των Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ EUROPEAN EXPRESS, Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ AQUA JEWEL και Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ AQUA MARIA δεν θα εκτελεστούν λόγω εμπλοκής στον ανεφοδιασμό των πλ...


Κατά τον απόπλου από το λιμάνι της Μυτιλήνης σήμερα Παρασκευή 13/09/2013 διαπιστώθηκε δυσλειτουργία στη δεξιά κύρια μηχανή του πλοίου της εταιρείας μας Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ IONIAN SKY. Το πλοίο επιστρέφει στο λ...

NEL LINES: Τροποποίηση ωραρίων AQUA JEWEL

H NEL LINES ενημερώνει ότι τα ωράρια αφιξοαναχωρήσεων του Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ AQUA JEWEL, τροποποιούνται λόγω των συχνών εποχιακών ισχυρών ανέμων.

NEL Cancels “Theofilos” Routes Due To Ship Inspection

NEL LINES has informed that due to the annual inspection of the THEOFILOS vessel, the following routes to the islands of the eastern Aegean, Ikaria and Samos, will be canceled from Sunday 23 June until Saturday 29 June...

NEL Lines: Ανεκτέλεστα δρομολόγια 23-29 Ιουνίου

Λόγω μη έγκαιρης ολοκλήρωσης των εργασιών ετήσιας επιθεώρησης του πλοίου Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ ΘΕΟΦΙΛΟΣ, τα ακόλουθα δρομολόγια των γραμμών δημόσιας υπηρεσίας θα παραμείνουν ανεκτέλεστα από την Κυριακή 23/06/2013 έως και το Σάββατο...

NEL Lines Goes To Mykonos This Summer

Ferry company NEL Lines has announced that as of this July it will launch a route from Piraeus to Mykonos.

NEL LINES: Ανεκτέλεστα δρομολόγια Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ ΤΑΞΙΑΡΧΗΣ – Τροποποίηση δρομολογίων Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ EUROPEAN EXPRESS

Λόγω της βλάβης του Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ ΤΑΞΙΑΡΧΗΣ και προς εξυπηρέτηση της επιδοτούμενης γραμμής Λήμνο - Λαύριο μετ' επιστροφής, σας ενημερώνουμε ότι τα δρομολόγια του πλοίου Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ EUROPEAN EXPRESS από Παρασκευή 24/05/13 έως Δευτέρα 27/05 (άφιξη στη Θεσσαλονίκη), τροποποιούν...

NEL LINES: Αναχώρηση Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ EUROPEAN EXPRESS 30/04 απο Πειραιά

Σας ενημερώνουμε ότι το πλοίο της εταιρείας μας Ε/Γ-Ο/Γ EUROPEAN EXPRESS θα αναχωρήσει αύριο Μ. Τρίτη 30/04 από τον Πειραιά στις 07:30 προς Εύδηλο - Βαθύ.

Competitive Bidding for Hellenic Seaway Shares

Bid proposals for Minoan Lines' 33.3 percent share in Hellenic Seaways (HSW) were the buzz on the coastal shipping market last month. Proposals have been submitted by ship-owner Panos Laskaridis (Laskaridis Group) who already controls 17 percent of HSW, Apostolos Ventouris of Nel...

Sarbre And Forthnet Subsidiaries Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

The commercial cooperation between FORTHcrs, a Forthnet subsidiary, and Sabre Hellas, a Sabre Inc. subsidiary, is now official. Both parties announced a cooperation agreement last month that centers on new and complete solutions in electronic booking and ticket issue.

Closer Ties Expected Between Ferry And Cruise Lines

New strategic partner agreements, even with European cruise and ferry companies, are expected to see the light of day in the near future, according to high ranking executives of Greece's major ferry lines. And Greek ferry companies may play a major role in implementing such deals.

Nel’s New Vessel Cuts Sailing Time by Two Thirds

Nel Lines now sails a rocket-fast vessel that cuts sailing times to Chios and Mytilini from Piraeus by two-thirds. The new Aeolos Express shoots across the Aegean at speeds up to 66 kilometers per hour. It can carry 1,000 passengers and 210 vehicles. The Aeolos can reach Chios...

Coastal Shippers Order 50 New Vessels

Within the next two years, the Greek coastal shipping sector will accept delivery of some 50 new ferry vessels. With these new fast ships, the time it will take to sail from Piraeus and Rafina to the Greek islands, and Italy, will be substantially reduced.

DANE Considers Thessaloniki-Kusadasi Connection

Cooperation with Turkish businessmen to establish a connection between Kusadasi and Thessaloniki was considered at a recent meeting in Istanbul between Greece's DANE lines and the president of the Greek-Turkish Council Iakovos Geronikolas.