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A Service by: GREEK TRAVEL PAGES New Website Looks To Discover & Showcase Pioneering Greek Personalities

A new website named is looking to showcase talented Greek individuals that stand as shining examples in Greece through their work and also demonstrate the true worth of the country while abroad. Shines at Design Hotels Meet

Promotion initiative won over the crowds at the annual Design Hotels meeting held in Athens, last month, which focused on the art of hospitality., Join Forces to Promote Key Greek Figures has joined forces with business portal for the better promotion of gifted Greek entrepreneurs in efforts to restore the country’s image abroad and raise confidence at home. and Join Forces to Showcase the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Greeks and Greek Travel Pages (GTP) have joined forces to introduce influential Greek entrepreneurs to the world in an aim to promote Greece's productive side. The collaboration foresees a LoveGreece weekly column on the GTP Headlines news site which will include a video...

Pioneering Greeks – Xenia Papastavrou, Founder of NPO “Boroume”

Welcome to "Pioneering Greeks", the new weekly column of GTP Headlines, which highlights the Greeks that stand out for their creative thinking in the business world. This week we introduce Xenia Papastavrou, the founder of NPO “Boroume”.

Pioneering Greeks – Father Antonios, Priest and Founder of “Arc of the World Foundation”

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces Father Antonios, who has created the non profitable organization “Arc of the World” along with a group of volunteers.

Pioneering Greeks – Alexandra Pitta, CEO of Attiki Pittas Bee Culturing Co.

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces Alexandra Pitta, a dynamic and very active Greek business woman from leading honey manufacturing company "Attiki".

Pioneering Greeks – Aggelos Delivorrias, General Manager of the Benaki Museum

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces Aggelos Delivorrias, the General Manager of the Benaki Museum since 1973. He serviced the museum's reconstruction, which was completed in 2000.

Pioneering Greeks – Aris Kefalogiannis, GAEA Traditional Packaged Greek Products and Recipes

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces Aris Kefalogiannis, the co-founder of GAEA, which promotes traditional packaged Greek products and recipes via a distribution network all over the world.

Pioneering Greeks – “Clio Muse”, A Tour Guide App for Museums & Cultural Institutions

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces "Clio Muse", a smart phone application that works as a liaison between cultural institutions and their visitors.

Pioneering Greeks – Nicholas Samaras, Underwater Photographer

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces Nicholas Samaras, an award winning photographer and one of the most passionate and committed underwater photographers in both Greece and abroad.

Pioneering Greeks – Taxibeat founders N. Drandakis, N. Damilakis, K. Sakkas, M. Sfiktos

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces the founders of Taxibeat, an innovative application which was developed in 2011 and since then drastically changed the way taxi drivers operate in Greece.

Pioneering Greeks – Pedro Olalla, Spanish Writer & Hellenist

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces Pedro Olalla, a Spanish writer and Hellenist who contributes to the promotion of Greece through his creations.

Pioneering Greeks – Christina Sakellaridis, President of the Pan-Hellenic Exporters Association

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces Christina Sakellaridis, the President of the Pan Hellenic Exporters Association and a multi talented woman, honored many times in Greece and abroad.

Pioneering Greeks – Zafiris Trikalinos, CEO of Trikalinos Bottarga

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces Zafiris Trikalinos, the CEO of Trikalinos Bottarga, a multi awarded brand in global gastronomy events and among the suggestions in the cook books of world-renowned chefs.

Pioneering Greeks – ‘Bloode’, an Online Community of Blood Donors

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces "Bloode", a website created by three university students - Natalia Kritsali, Alexandros Sotiropoulos and Panagiotis Sfikas - after they experienced the necessity for blood donations.

Pioneering Greeks – Dimitris Koutsolioutsos, Founder & CEO of Farmers Republic

This week, the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces Dimitris Koutsolioutsos, the founder & CEO of Farmers Republic, the first Greek covered market for certified organic products, fresh, dry and packaged.

Pioneering Greeks – GloVo, a Global Platform for Volunteers

This week the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces GloVo, a global volunteers platform that gives people from all over the world the opportunity to register as volunteers and participate in many kinds of events, according to their skills, location and interests.

Pioneering Greeks – tradeNOW, the First Greek Barter Trade Platform

This week the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces tradeNOW, the first Greek barter trade platform for products, services and real estate. The platform invites individuals and companies to use a contemporary version of the ancient practice of trading goods or services without...

Pioneering Greeks – Need a Stylish Towel for the Summer? Try ‘Sun of a Beach’

This week the "Pioneering Greeks" column introduces "Sun of a Beach", a brand created by designers Melina Pispa and Ellie Rountou, which is the essence of summer: hot, fresh and fun.