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Greece's latest tourism industry news by Greek Travel Pages

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Oliver Lubich, Sales Manager of Hainan Airlines

With the purpose to attracting more visitors from China, Greece should offer high quality products and understand the Chinese culture.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Dinos Frantzeskakis, President Hellenic Association of Airline Representatives

Despite the harsh economic realities in Greece, the refugee problem, tax hikes across-the-board and a 7-year recession, tourism has once again risen as the beacon of recovery and has helped the economy towards an improvement in GDP for 2016

Key Tourism Figures 2016: George Maroutsos, President Greek Union of Air Travel Agencies

Despite a reduction in the last five years, there is substantial outgoing leisure travel activity. Indeed, traveling is rated by Greeks amongst the top leisure and recreation activities.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Diamantis Pithis, COO Argo Travel Group

The challenge for 2017 is to provide the average tourist with even better, interesting and quality stimuli in order to spend more on restauration, entertainment, cruises, excursions, nightlife, cultural event just to mention a few.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Rena Dourou, Governor of Attica Region

As a Regional Authority, we had to make clear choices in order to design a strategy that highlights the uniqueness of “Attica” as a destination, whilst it promotes its metropolitan role at local, European and global levels.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Antonis Stelliatos, President Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association

Even though today Greece faces economic woes, the Greek yacht charter market is maintaining a steady flow of business thanks to the natural beauty of our country with its fabulous cruising area.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Michael Skoulikidis, President Greek Yachting Association

The yachting industry is one of growing importance for Greek tourism and, over the past few years, the Greek charter fleet has grown with bigger and better quality yachts appearing on the market.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Andreas Syrigos, Country Director Sabre Hellas

The Greek travel industry needs to further invest to transform and address future challenges, building upon current momentum.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: George Hadjimarkos, Governor of South Aegean Region

Our goal is to show the real “face” of the South Aegean.... To show that it is a safe and welcoming destination... To show that its dozens of beautiful islands, with unique features, can satisfy every demand and turn a vacation into a unique and special personal experience.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Stavros Katsikadis, President Greek Marinas Association

Although the country has been facing severe financial difficulties, the Greek marinas have been able to sustain high standards of hospitality and service to the permanent and transient boat visitors.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Kostas Tsovilis, Managing Director Goldair Tourism

Goldair tourism, as one of the most dynamic and most competitive companies in international tourism, is again present among all international travel professionals, to participate to this leading global event for the travel and hospitality industry.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Theodore Kontes, President Union of Cruise Ship Owners & Associated Members

Worldwide guests show a great interest in the East Mediterranean — which includes destination Greece — as it is renowned for its important history and different cultures.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Alexandros Vassilikos, President Athens – Attica & Argosaronic Hotel Association

Although tourist arrival numbers are better than last year we don't consider this as a success indicator, as we think quality and growth are factors of success especially in our destination, Athens, with so many aspects still to unfold.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Governor of Central Macedonia Region

Introducing Central Macedonia, we present a piece of modern Greece, with cities full of life, ready to offer to the most demanding visitor.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Aristotelis Thomopoulos, President Thessaloniki Hotels Association

Within the wider context of the National Strategy for Tourism, Thessaloniki Hotels Association aims to promote Thessaloniki as a city break destination not only for groups but also for individual travelers who prefer independent travel arrangements and are willing to spend more...

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Theodore Vokos, Executive Director Posidonia Exhibitions S.A.

It is the duty of all the stakeholders to support our tourism industry as it will immensely contribute to the Greek GDP and add much needed jobs to our economy.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Kostas Agorastos, Governor of Thessaly Region

The hospitality of the Thessalians and the endless possibilities of our region, enable it to meet the needs of each guest, throughout the year/during all seasons.

Key Tourism Figures 2016: Yiannis Paraschis, CEO Athens International Airport

We strongly believe that the introduction of an experienced and capable regional airports’ new private operator will lead to a boost of the overall aviation business in Greece, with positive impact on local economies and a significant upgrade of passenger experience.