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Greece's latest tourism industry news by Greek Travel Pages

EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ Climate Plan Triggers Reactions

Greek shipowners are among those reacting against the EU’s “Fit for 55” plan, which includes proposals for members states to meet a 2030 target of slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 55%.

WWF: Majority of Greeks Calling for Climate Measures Now

One in two Greek citizens believe global warming and the climate crisis must be addressed immediately and are calling for urgent measures, according to a survey by WWF Greece. 

Greek Green Groups Calling on Parties to Declare ‘Climate Emergency’

Dozens of local environmental groups are calling on the Greek government and political parties to declare a "climate emergency".

Greek Environmental Groups Call for Immediate Fire Prevention Measures

Environmental groups in Greece are calling on officials to bring those responsible for the “deadliest fires in Greek history” to justice.

Greenpeace Ελλάδα: Κάτω τα χέρια από τις παραλίες

«Έχουμε την πιο πλούσια ακτογραμμή στη Μεσόγειο και την κακοποιούμε επί σειρά δεκαετιών. Φτάνει πια. Το προτεινόμενο νομοσχέδιο για τον αιγιαλό πρέπει να αποσυρθεί, χωρίς δ...

Environmental Groups Slam New Greek Tourism Bill

Twelve environmental organizations criticized the Greek Tourism Ministry and said it was "destroying nature" throughout Greece with the new bill for Greek tourism that was recently tabled in Parliament.

ΕΛΛΕΤ: Οι 12 Περιβαλλοντικές Οργανώσεις ενάντια στο Νομοσχέδιο του Υπουργείου Τουρισμού

Πόσο λογικό ακούγεται να κόβεις το χέρι που σε θρέφει; Παράλογο; Ανόητο; Αυτό ακριβώς κάνει το Υπουργείο Τουρισμού με το νομοσχέδιο «Απλούστευση διαδικασιών για την ενίσχυση της τουριστικής επιχειρηματικότητας, αναδιάρθρωση του ΕΟΤ και λοιπές διατάξεις» που συζητείται αυτές τ...

Zoning Law Causes Friction

The planned zoning law for tourism was one of the key topics for discussion at Prodexpo 2008, the ninth conference-exhibition on the utilization of real estate in Greece and Southeast Europe.

Tourism Summit in Bali Against Climate Change

Politicians from all over the world, including Greece, met in Bali, Indonesia, between December 3 and 14 for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. At the conference, secretary general of the World Tourism Organization, Francesco Frangialli, committed the tourism sector to...