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Greece's latest tourism industry news by Greek Travel Pages (gtp)

Greece: ‘Barbara’ Storm Affects Services, Closes Schools, Disrupts Travel

Greece’s winter storm named “Barbara” has put Greek authorities and citizens on alert as snowfalls, low temperatures and frost are expected on Monday.

After Greece’s Snowstorm: What Applies in Affected Areas on Thursday and Friday

Following Greece’s winter snowstorm named ‘Elpis’, which on Monday swept across a number of areas and brought a two-day shutdown, the government has informed how schools, shops and services will operate over the next two days in regions affected.

AEGEAN Reinstates Operations for Wednesday, Cancels Limited Number of Flights

AEGEAN has announced a limited number of flight cancellations for Wednesday, January 26, following the improvement of the weather conditions in Greece.

Greece Orders Second Snow Shutdown in Athens, Crete and Islands

Schools, shops and other private businesses in Attica and other parts of Greece will remain closed on Wednesday after the government announced extra emergency measures to address Monday’s heavy snowfall.

AEGEAN Cancels More Flights Over Bad Weather

AEGEAN will only partially reinstate its flight operations for Tuesday, January 25, due to continuing exceptional weather conditions in Greece and difficulties on the main roads.

Heavy Snowfall in Greece Turns Tuesday into a ‘Public Holiday’

After heavy snowfall brought Greece to a standstill on Monday, the Greek authorities declared Tuesday, January 25, a ‘public holiday’ for the public and private sector.

AEGEAN and Olympic Air Cancel Flights Due to Weather Conditions in Greece

AEGEAN and Olympic Air have announced flight cancellations due to the exceptional weather conditions in Greece.