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Fill the form below with your data before you submit your photos to be included in the GTP Headlines "Greece through your lens" section. Make sure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions section, declaring important aspects on copyright policy for the shared content. After you fill all the mandatory fields, you may continue to the file upload service provided by
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  • “EXIF Data” comprise a range of settings such as ISO speed, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, camera model and make, date and time, lens type, focal length and much more.
  • Terms & Conditions

    Please read the below terms & conditions before clicking on the below button to submit your photo:

    • All photos must be original, meaning you may only submit photographs that you took and for which you own the copyright.
    • You will keep the copyright of your submitted photos at all times.
    • By submitting a photo, you give GTP permanent, non-exclusive, royalty-free permission to display your submitted photo on the GTP website, on GTP social media accounts, and in any content associated with GTP.
    • Photo submissions may be horizontally or vertically oriented, and should be at least 1024 pixels along the long edge.
    • Images must not include a border. If an image includes a border, GTP reserves the right to crop the border.
    • A subtle watermark in the corner of the image is acceptable, but GTP reserves the right to crop photos, which may remove a watermark.
    • Digitally manipulating photos (i.e. cloning, compositing, etc.) should be kept to a minimum. Your photograph must authentically depict the setting as you saw it when you took the photograph. HDR and stitched photos are permitted.
    • GTP reserves the right to alter photo titles and descriptions.
    • Photos should be no smaller than 1MB and no larger than 5 MB. Images should be JPEG files.
    By submitting your photo, you declare acceptance of the above terms.