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Greece's latest tourism industry news by Greek Travel Pages (gtp)

Travel to Return First with Staycations post-Covid-19

Travel is likely to return first to domestic markets with staycations when travel restrictions are eased, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Deloitte: How Greek Tourism May Evolve in New Covid-19 Reality

Deloitte Greece presents three alternative scenarios about how the Greek tourism landscape may evolve in 2020 and 2021 in the new reality posed by Covid-19.

Greeks Wary About Opening Up to Tourism, Says Study

One in two Greeks are wary about opening the country up to tourists this early, claiming it poses a risk in view of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a MARLAB study reveals.

WTTC Sees Greece as One of the First Countries Welcoming Back Tourists After Covid-19

Greece could be one of the first countries in Europe to welcome tourists back, once the Covid-19 pandemic has been combatted, says the WTTC.

UNWTO: Three Scenarios for Impact of Covid-19 on 2020 Tourism

The UNWTO has outlined three possible future scenarios for international tourism in 2020, depending on how the Covid-19 crisis unfolds.

Greek CEOs: Too Early to Assess Covid-19 Impact

It’s too early to assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy but jobs are more likely to be retained, according to Greek CEOs.

Covid-19: Germany, France Not Eager to Re-start Travel

Germany and France believe that it is “too soon” to allow holidays, adding that a good time to reassess would be mid-June, depending on how the Covid-19 pandemic evolves.

German-Hellenic Chamber: Businesses will Carry Out Investments Despite Covid-19

Despite the coronavirus crisis, nine in 10 businesses in Greece, members of the German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry, intend to implement their investments in the country as scheduled.

Coronavirus Reverses Initial Favorable Forecasts for Greece

Greece could face a recession of 7.9% in 2020, with the tourism, transport and shipping sectors expected to suffer a major blow, says the country's 2020-2023 Stability Program.

Study: Greeks Say Yes to Vacation Coupons to Stimulate Domestic Travel

More than half of Greeks say they are willing to accept a vacation discount coupon to go on holiday at a Greek destination, as part of efforts to stimulate domestic tourism.

Covid-19: All Destinations Worldwide Have Travel Restrictions – Update by UNWTO

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted all destinations worldwide to introduce restrictions on travel, research by the UNWTO has found.

Greece: Social Distancing to Save Post-Covid-19 Summer Holidays

Summer holidays after the Covid-19 pandemic can be possible as long as vacationers keep safe distances and follow basic hygiene rules, says health expert Nikolaos Sipsas.

Study: Global Flight Searches for Greece, Switzerland Show Uptick

Greece and Switzerland are showing an uptick in intra-European travel intent, as countries in Europe begin to gradually ease Covid-19 restrictions, according to a study by Sojern.

Survey: 47% of Greeks Will Go on Holiday in Summer 2020

Almost half of the Greeks will go on holiday this summer after the Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted, an online survey conducted by the University Macedonia reveals.

Covid-19: Travel and Tourism May See Over 100 Million Jobs Lost – New Estimate by WTTC

The travel and tourism sector faces a staggering 100 million job losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic, says the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

GlobalData: Former Airbnb Hosts Turn to Long-term Rental Platforms

A growing number of Airbnb hosts around the world have deleted their Airbnb listings and turned to long-term leasing, says GlobalData.

Study: 55% of Greeks Ready for ‘Normal’ Life after Coronavirus

More than half of all Greeks are ready to return to their “normal” lives once the coronavirus pandemic subsides, according to a new study by Kapa Research.

McKinsey Report: Covid-19 Lockdown to Take Toll on EU Jobs, Salaries

The coronavirus pandemic, that has led to lockdowns Europe-wide, is now posing a serious risk to private sector employment, according to a McKinsey report.

Greek Island Accommodation Facilities Face Hardest Covid-19 Test

Accommodation facilities in the South Aegean Region have suffered the largest blow due to the coronavirus outbreak, says the Hellenic Statistical Service.

Greek Travel Receipts for February on the Rise Before Covid-19

In February, nearly one month before the coronavirus spread to Europe, travel receipts in Greece marked a 21.1% year-on-year increase.