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Greece's latest tourism industry news by Greek Travel Pages (gtp)

Navona Restaurant Introduces ‘Smoked Fridays’ Events

The Navona Italian restaurant-bar of Makedonia Palace in Thessaloniki is organizing the “Smoked Fridays” theme events.

Χριστούγεννα στην Αθήνα: 220 εορταστικές εκδηλώσεις σε 34 ημέρες

Οι εκδηλώσεις των Χριστουγέννων στην Αθήνα θα ξεκινήσουν την Τρίτη 12 Δεκεμβρίου με τη φωταγώγηση του Χριστουγεννιάτικου δέντρου στην πλατεία Συντάγματος.

Caryatids the Second Line of Guards in the Amphipolis Tomb

Two magnificent Caryatids were unearthed on Saturday 6, as the excavation in the tomb of Amphipolis, Greece, continues apace.

Greek Success During 37th General Conference Of UNESCO In Paris

An outstanding success for Greece was noted during the 37th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, which referred to the recognition of the synergy between the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the nonprofit organization Geo Routes Cultural Institute.

ΕΛΣΤΑΤ: Κίνηση Μουσείων & Αρχαιολογικών Χώρων, Ιούλιος 2013

Αύξηση των επισκεπτών μουσείων και αρχαιολογικών χώρων κατά το μήνα Ιούλιο κατέγραψε η Έρευνα Κίνησης Μουσείων & Αρχαιολογικών Χώρων, σύμφωνα με δελτίο τύπου που ανακοίνωσε σήμερα η Ελληνική Στατιστική Υπηρεσία. ...

Αναστέλλει τις κινητοποιήσεις η ΟΣΥΠΑ

Την αναστολή των 24ωρων απεργιακών κινητοποιήσεων που είχαν προκηρυχθεί για την Παρασκευή 9, Σάββατο 10 και Κυριακή 11 Αυγούστου ανακοίνωσε η Ομοσπονδία Συλλόγων Υπηρεσίας Πολιτικής Αεροπορίας  (ΟΣΥΠΑ), μετά τη συνάντηση που είχαν οι εκπρόσωποί της με την ηγεσία του Υπουργε...

Απεργιακές κινητοποιήσεις ΟΣΥΠΑ 09-11 Αυγούστου 2013

Η Ομοσπονδία Συλλόγων Υπηρεσίας Πολιτικής Αεροπορίας  (ΟΣΥΠΑ) αποφάσισε την κήρυξη 3 κυλιόμενων 24ωρων απεργιών: την  Παρασκευή 9/8/13 από 00.01 τοπική έως 24.00 τοπική το Σάββατο 10/8/13 από 00.01 τοπική έως 24.00 τοπική και την Κυριακή 11/8/13 από 00.01 τοπική έως 23.59 τοπικ...

Petrified Forest of Lesvos: The 8th Wonder of the World?

One of the most astonishing creations of nature, the Petrified Forest on the Greek island of Lesvos, is among the candidates for the “8th Wonder of the World” online contest.

Museum of Cycladic Art Relaunches Cypriot Antiquities Exhibition

Following the Museum’s renovation and the new thematic displays Scenes of Daily Life in Antiquity and Ancient Greek Art, the MCA re-opened its permanent exhibition Cyprus: Aspects of Ancient Art and Culture, featuring the Thanos N. Zintilis Collection of Cypriot Antiquities, one...

Stolen Antiquities from Olympia Recovered

The artefacts that had been stolen last year from the Olympia Museum of Ancient Olympic Games were recovered on November 24. The valuable antiquities are now safely kept in the Ancient Olympic Games Museum of Olympia and will be put back on display next week, along with the...

Open House Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki will give its citizens and visitors alike their first chance to explore and engage directly with architecture of the city this weekend. 56 buildings will open, ranging from monuments to residential buildings and public edifices and spanning centuries of history, from...

AEGEANALE: Mediterranean Inspiration, Global Participation

Launching in the summer 2013, AEGEANALE is an international annual platform of contemporary art, culture and tourism taking place throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. “For thousands of years, the Aegean has been contemporary,” says Aegeanale’s Founder and General Manager, Nikos...

Inauguration of the Karditsa Archaeological Museum

With a history beginning as early as in the Palaeolithic era, the region of western Thessaly has yielded one of the richest archaeological records in the country. All this wealth of antiquities found its shelter in the brand new Archaeological Museum of Karditsa, which will be...

Contemporary Greek Culture Abroad: Σatellart-Transmitting Greece

Σatellart – transmitting Greece, the only platform for the promotion of contemporary Greek culture in Europe, aims at exporting contemporary Greek art through ongoing partnerships with European theaters and cultural institutions within an annual framework defined through a...

5 Greek Museums on the Google Art Project

Five Greek museums have already joined Google Art Project as partners: the Acropolis Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Benaki Museum, the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art and the Numismatic Museum, the last two being just recently added.

‘Podilatodrasis’: Bike ride in Aegina

‘Podilatodrasis’  (Cycling Activities, a SKAI television series hosted by Aphrodite Simiti) and the Municipality of Aegina, invite you to the Port of Aegina on Sunday, 4th November, for an unforgettable Bicycle Ride. Competitions and presents for our young friends: ‘Learn How to...

Acropolis Museum receives the 2012 Keck Award

The award concerns the conservation and restoration of the Caryatids, the Kore from the south porch of the Erechtheion temple, with the use of laser technology.

Dimitsana: The new Geo Routes cultural destination

Dimitsana, which recently joined the network of Geo Routes cultural expeditions under the auspices of the HNC UNESCO, has extended a warm welcome to a significant number of members from the Association of Chief Executive Officers in Greece.

New Archaeological Excavations in Zagora Set to Begin

The University of Sydney and the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens launch a new archaeological project in Zagora, a rocky promontory on the Greek island of Andros, which preserves the ruins of the largest early historic settlement in the Aegean, dating between the...