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Explore the Best 20 Places to Sail in Lefkada with Infinity Rib Cruises

Lefkada Island in the Ionian Sea is perfect for water sports lovers, families, and a romantic holiday. There is a beach for everyone, and the best way to explore its hidden treasures is with Infinity Rib Cruises.

Porto Katsiki Beach is ideal for adrenaline lovers

This world-famous beach offers a unique landscape. Its name derives from the Greek word ‘goat’ as only those could reach it by land. Here, you can enjoy safe swimming in clear, turquoise waters while admiring the stunning view of the white cliffs above the beach. On the beach, there are cafes serving refreshments.

Porto Katsiki Beach.

Egremnoi is the most photographed beach

Its unique landscape and impressive cliffs with huge overhanging rocks attract hordes of tourists. Egremnoi Beach is one of the longest beaches in Lefkada and never gets too crowded. The blue-green waters are ideal for swimming. It is accessed by sea, and there are no umbrellas, sunbeds, or bars.

Egremnoi Beach.

Mylos Beach is an unspoiled beauty

Mylos is a dreamlike, isolated beach. It is better to visit it by boat. If you plan to spend your day in its turquoise waters, bring your beach essentials, water, food, and an umbrella.

Agiofili Beach for a romantic escape

Agiofili beach is well-hidden in a picturesque cove with clear, turquoise waters. Bring your water and snacks as there is no canteen.

Visit lesser-known beaches

Arriving to the island of Ithaki.

Marmakas Beach Ithaki

The natural beauty, the pure-white pebbles, and turquoise waters will amaze you. The towering eucalyptuses descend on the beach offering natural shade to chill.

Afales Beach Ithaki

The steep white cliffs on one side and Cypresses, olive and pine trees on the other create exotic scenery. Afales is a beautiful beach with breathtaking landscape and turquoise waters you shouldn’t miss.

Atokos Island

This is a small uninhabited island south of Lefkada. It’s a hidden paradise for boat lovers, with turquoise crystal waters and white pebbles beach.

Formikoula Island

It is a rocky and uninhabited island, a gem in the Ionian Sea. There are two beautiful beaches where you can enjoy swimming in its clear blue waters.

Sailing off the coastline

The Cave of Papanikolis is fascinating. It got its name from the historical submarine Papanikolis, which found shelter during World War II. It is an impressive underwater cave with stalactites, a sandy beach at the bottom of the cave, and crystal clear waters.

Pringiponissia off the Nidri waterfront, Skorpios, once Onasis’ private paradise, Skorpidi, and Sparti, are three small islands still unexplored and isolated.  Sailing there, you can enjoy diving and swimming.

Madouri is an uninhabited island with lush vegetation and the sole impressive estate of the famous poet Valaorites.

Cheloni is a small rocky island, ideal for swimming in its clear blue waters.

Thilia Island, opposite Scorpios, has breathtaking scenery, lush greenery, a fantastic coastline, and shady coves.

Explore nearby secret gems of the Ionian.

Kalamos is a charming island with an authentic Greek port, traditional houses, tavernas, and cafes.  You can chill under pine trees at secluded beaches, with turquoise waters.

Kastos island southeast of Lefkada is perfect for watersports, swimming, and strolling among oil groves, old oil presses, and a windmill still used.

Do not miss island hopping near Lefkada!

Gidaki in Ithaca is an isolated beach. It is a white pebbly beach without facilities,  It is ideal for a cruise, relaxation, sunbathing, and swimming.

Fiskardo is a historic harbor in Kefalonia, retaining its original Venetian architecture, as featured in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin film. It is popular with yachts and famous for its gourmet seafood restaurants.

Sail around Lefkada, and explore more secret diamonds in comfort and privacy with your family and friends.

Contact Infinity Rib Cruises to rent the best rib boat in Lefkada. With the assistance of our experienced staff, you can plan your itinerary for an unforgettable vacation in Lefkada and the Ionian Sea.

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