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Greece Drops Face Mask Rule for Indoor Spaces Starting June 1

Greek Health Minister Thanos Plevris on Wednesday announced that face masks will no longer be required for indoor spaces between June 1 – September 15.

Speaking on SKAI television, Plevris said the country’s Covid-19 committee of experts decided that exceptions will apply and face masks will still be required in some instances.

Under the revised guidelines, as of June 1, masks will no longer be mandatory in indoor areas including at supermarkets, restaurants, shops, malls, hair salons etc.

The minister added that masks will also not be necessary in means of transport with numbered seats including airplanes, intercity trains and KTEL buses.

The lifting of the measure also concerns employees in all the aforementioned areas.

Where mask-wearing will remain mandatory

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According to Plevris, mask wearing will remain mandatory in hospitals, senior care homes and when using public means of transport (buses, trolleys, electric railway, metro and tram).

The health minister added that the country’s Covid-19 committee of experts will decide next week if mask wearing will remain mandatory in schools, universities and when traveling on ferries to the islands.

“Abolishing the mandatory wearing of facemasks means that the administrative fine will not be imposed. However, we continue to recommend that masks continue to be worn in all these areas and especially by vulnerable people,” Plevris said.

The decision to do away with the face mask rule is expected to be reassessed in the fall.

It is noted that Greece scrapped its outdoors mask wearing rule on March 5.

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  1. Danielle Miskimmon Reply

    Are children with autism exempt from wearing masks?

  2. Roy Green Reply

    Good news re no face masks indoors, the few tavernas that still insist on wearing masks will be avoided! Hopefully we will be able to catch a ferry from Parga to Corfu but not if I have to wear a mask.

  3. Claudine Smith Reply

    Masks do not protect from the a cold, flu or any Corona virus. FACT!
    It’s all Nonsense so won’t be going to any country following orders and imposing this ridiculous dumb rule.

  4. Robert Reply

    If someone thinks a mask protect you from whatever and 4 doses of whatever be my guest, do it. Leave me alone.

  5. Argiris Reply

    A very dangerous virus but also a rather stupid one, since it can’t spread on public transport in the presence of seat numbers! They treat us like fools. Mass non-compliance NOW.

    • David Reply

      I agree we all should request assigned seats so that we won’t need a mask on a ferry or cruise ship plying Greek waters.

  6. Luna Reply

    Amazing how they know Covid19 returns on September 16.

    It’s all theatre. It’s about controlling the populace not health.

    Face masks are more detrimental than useful in an everyday setting.

    I refuse to wear one.

    Non compliance is the only way out of this mess. There’s more of us than them.

    • Kim Reply

      Absolutely. Like you, have refused to wear one from day one. We are not slaves, so let’s cease behaving as if we are. Compliance with this evil makes us complicit aka Nuremburg trials. We must stand up to protect our children, otherwise we are active participants in the greatest crime against humanity yet seen.

  7. Julie Roper Reply

    Hmm, funny that, not needed whilst the tourists are here. They must think we’re all stupid!!

  8. John Reply

    Won’t be going to Greece so until the face nappies are completely gone.

    • Sotiris Reply

      Brother trust me no one wants to wear them but does that really stop you from visiting us? You are gonna have to wait some time until they are completely gone but you do you

      • Bob Reply

        Me and my family are coming to visit – and cannot wait!

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