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Greece Issues New Covid-19 Health Rules for Hotels to Follow in 2022

Greece’s health and tourism ministries presented on Thursday a set of new Covid-19 health protocols to be implemented by hotels and other tourism-related companies. 

The regulations, which have been made public through a joint ministerial decision published recently in the Government Gazette, take effect immediately and expire on May 31, 2023.

Among others, tourism companies must draw up an action plan, a Covid-19 incident management plan – which includes notifying the health ministry and National Public Health Organization (EODY) in case of a positive case, and maintain an updated log book of staff and hotel guests. 

What rules hotels must follow in 2022

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– units with a capacity of more than 50 rooms must also develop individual protocols for all its sections

– accommodation facilities operating in 2022 must update their action plan and coordinator Covid-19 management training by June 1 and staff training by June 15

– staff should be trained on health protocols, including modes of virus transmission, information and communication procedures, emergency procedures in case of Covid incident, cleaning and disinfecting practices

– hotel and hospitality facilities must have a clear operational framework as well as a Covid-19 case management plan, which must be displayed publicly

– reception area employees must not belong to vulnerable groups

– hotels must be able to present Covid-19 policy and measures to customers if requested 

– relevant information on Covid-19 precautionary measures must be displayed with special banners in English, French and German or made available through apps

– hotels must have full medical kits on hand to deal with a potential Covid case and staff must be able to identify signs of illness 

– additional sanitizers, regular sanitization of public areas, distancing during check-in and check-out must be ensured 

 – hotels must extend check-out and check-in duration between stays (check-out until 11.00am and new check in from 3.00pm)

– admission to rooms by non hotel guests is not allowed

– at hotel restaurants, bars and eating areas, protocols foresee longer opening hours to avoid crowding and served meals are encouraged (staff must wear face masks at all times and guests must present a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate or a negative rapid test result upon entry)

– for buffet service, hand sanitizers must be available at the entrance, distancing is required, installation of protective screens between customers and food, providing single-use products, room service at no additional charge should be encouraged

– pools, spas and other recreational water facilities must be sanitized and cleaned regularly and no more than one person allowed per 2.5m2 of space

– pool seating and umbrellas must be placed at a distance of at least 1.5 meters and be disinfected after each use

– the health rules to be followed in halls used for conferences and events are the same applied in conference and exhibition centers (mask wearing, distancing). 

Guests must have Covid vaccination certificate or negative test

All accommodation facilities should publicly display their “Health First” certification seal and all guests must provide a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate or a negative rapid test result upon check in.

Lastly, it should be noted that the health protocols also give Greek hotels and other tourist accommodation establishments the option to offer rapid of PCR testing (carried out by a skilled health professional) to guests on the date of check out.

Details on the updated health protocols that are to be applied in Greek hotels can be found here (in Greek).

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  1. Graham Shatford Reply

    I you want me to pay for something akin to being in a zombie world. Life goes on and the sooner you realise this the sooner tourists will return. Remember, there are destinations outside of Europe!!

  2. Catweazle Reply

    No problem, Greece certainly has the financial reserves that they can afford to drive tourists away to other countries. Honestly, whoever travels now is certainly not afraid of the virus and definitely does not want to travel to a country with a “The Walking Dead” flair. Especially because almost all other European countries have now lifted most of the measures and Covid19 is over there, no one wants to experience that crap on holiday again.

  3. Brad Reply

    London LBC news this week MP says , it is now an Endemic it’s over , nothing the Gov has done ie lockdown, masks, distancing etc has worked, we need to learn to live with it like the flu , then a caller phones in had all Vax and booster and caught Covid 3 times , my opinion is let it go , I myself have had covid many I know have , your measures do nothing just live your lives . Also stop pointing your fingers for someone to blame vax / unvax, blame those who engineered it .

    • mike Reply

      i agree!

  4. A M Hanson Reply

    We go on holiday to relax and avoid stressful situations. These rules do not help. There are far more easier countries to visit. Greece is scaring away potential visitors.

    • Sonia Reply

      Quite the opposite. You probably talk like this because you are not vaccinated. I am fully vaccinated and I appreciate measures to keep everyone safe.

      • Catweazle Reply

        I bet this person is from Germany. Anyone out there, who`s betting against it?

      • Tony Reply

        That is because you are a “Karen.” You are willing sacrifice a lot of freedom for a crumb of security. Enjoy boosters 4 through 200.

      • Tony Reply

        If you are vaccinated and still scared, that means the vaccines have failed. Of course, this is all about compliance to the government than anything else. Given that Greece is notoriously corrupt, these extra sanctions help the cause of government kickbacks. I am glad you respect the well being of governmental officials.

  5. Georgia Kits Reply

    Why vaccinated in order to book. Be realistic as the virus exists no matter , and each individuals immune system takes care of those who are happy to come to Greece.
    Lift this silly requirement as it keeps your tourism numbers at a low rate.
    It’s been too long n the requirements should be at minimal.
    Just focus how the hotels and restaurants would apply health measures.

  6. Tracy Jarman Reply

    It doesn’t mention about children? Mine are too young at the minute to be vaccinated. Last year it was 12 years and younger that had to be vaccinated or show a negative test.

  7. sandy Reply

    I feel very safe coming to Greece. I was there last year, and will come again. The Pandemic is NOT gone, it’s still here and I’m glad you have great rules in place.

  8. David Hold Reply

    All of this features have been implemented in our interactive preventive system that was adapted to Covid A solution that generates a steady flow of data even more than above but also more effective that also to allow for early intervention and prevent critical and expensive consequences The only item it does not have a pedigree as every time we tried to put it forward those on top are looking for

    • Mary Page Reply

      How long does the certificate last if we go to Greece in August it’s been 12 months since we was vaccinated so does this mean we need to get vaccinated again, also you don’t need prove you’ve had the booster, my daughter not well she caught Covid again she had no symptoms the first time and is fully vaccinated where does it all stop, if any restrictions are in place we will not be holidaying in Greece or anywhere it’s all getting silly now .

  9. Jay Porter Reply

    I’m completely in favor of the health pass. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, please stay home. The rest of us would prefer to know that we are eating in restaurants, etc., where at least some effort is made to protect all the patrons. Bottom line: at least Greece is trying to make it a better situation. Anti-vaccers are doing nothing more than ensuring new variants will continue to emerge. Intubation is not my idea of a fun time.

    • Tony Reply

      Agreed. We need to make sure the unvaccinated need to wear armbands.

    • Graham Shatford Reply

      What a puerile response!!

  10. đoka Reply

    now you’ve gone too far with stupid rules, I don’t think I’m going to rest with you

  11. Andrew Slater Reply

    Common sense on the cleanliness issues but vaccination is there to protect the vulnerable individual, it doesn’t stop people passing on the virus.
    The World has moved on, 70,000 packed into the bars of Cheltenham races and Covid wasn’t mentioned. Excess bureaucracy, by continuing the ‘vaccine certification’ farce, will just harm Greek business. I would not eat anywhere where a pass was demanded. Hopefully the Greek government sees sense and updates these rules before summer. (I’m there for June)

  12. T. Ferguson Reply

    What a joke you are making of your Country, the virus has gone and it definitely is not there in the hot summer months. The other joke is you can enter with a vaccination Certificate no test, yet those people can catch and spread the virus if its there. Its discrimination against non vaccinated people. Myself and my wife caught the virus from vaccinated people, we have full natural immunity, which a recent study showed is ten times better than any jab. USA has said 75% of those you were classed as a covid related death had four or more Co morbidities, and last week reduced the death total by another 75,000. UK deaths from the virus on its own is 17000 over two years, not even a bad flu year,flu which disappeared in 20/21.

    • Phillippa Lee Reply

      I agree – I love Greece and as a unvaccinated person it will be a nightmare for me to come . I will be holidaying else where this year. I also do not agree with fining those over 60, 100 euros a month for not having the vax. Most of my vaccinated friends have had covid since having 3 injections… The Greek rules do not make sense anymore.

      • Keith Martin Reply

        The “fine” is officially a “health levy” because Mitsotakis said the unvaccinated are causing a strain on the health service. However, now the government has agreed that there is no strain on the health service and it is running as normal . . . so it’s difficult to see how the levy can be justified anymore, nor indeed how effect the attempts to collect it will be.

    • Manos Papanikolaou Reply

      It is much more better to prevent than to cure…

      • Linda Marchant Reply

        The vaccinations do not prevent anyone from catching it or passing it on. They only, allegedly, reduce the symptoms. This makes these new Greek laws a farce. This makes me very sad as we are moving to a Greek island and, having travelled in Greece for nearly 40 years, I want the islanders to start being able to make a living again after the last two years and these laws will not help them at all.

      • Keith Martin Reply

        Of course it is, but everyone now knows that vaccinations don’t prevent the virus, so it’s time we learnt to live with it, just as we live with flu . . . which, by the way, killed more people in 2019 alone than covid has in total.

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