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Greece Looking to Simplify Covid Rules for Tourists

Source: European Commission / Photographer: Yorgos Karahalis

Source: European Commission / Photographer: Yorgos Karahalis

The Greek government plans to look into simplifying the Covid-19 rules and health protocols that travelers need to follow to enter and stay in Greece.

In statements to the press this week, Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said the government will aim to offer guests a seamless travel experience in Greece this season.

According to the minister, the government will soon discuss with the country’s Covid-19 health committee of experts on the possibility of further easing health protocols and bureaucratic procedures at land borders, airports and airlines so as to facilitate travelers when they come to Greece.

More specifically, discussions will focus on simplifying the procedures with regard to the PLF (a mandatory document needed to travel to Greece) and the special health protocols currently valid for hotels, rooms to let and cruise ships.

“Measures will be announced in the coming days that will take effect from March 15,” Kikilias said, adding that the ministry is taking careful steps and keeping the balance between health safety and facilitating visitors to Greece.

Photo source: European Commission / Photographer: Yorgos Karahalis

The minister reminded that vaccinated holders of the European Union Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC) as well as holders of certificates that are compatible with the EU system no longer need to take a test for Covid-19 before their trip to Greece. The same is in force for vaccinated travelers from the US, Canada and Australia.

“Only the unvaccinated will have to have a test in order to be able to travel to the country,” Kikilias said.

Greece opening to tourists early this year

According to the minister, the interest in travel to Greece this year is very strong.

“In terms of bookings made through major tour operators, airlines, ferries and hotels, which are also from major markets such as the US, Canada, Australia, the messages are very encouraging,” Kikilias said.

It is reminded that the first seasonal direct flights from the US will begin on March 7 (Delta Air Lines with flights connecting Athens to New York-JFK, Atlanta and Boston). More direct flights from the US will gradually follow as well as flights from Canada (as of April 2) and Australia.

“Australia is opening to travel after 2 years and travelers there have a huge interest for Greece the Australian ambassador has informed me,” he said.

Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias. Photo: Dimitris Papamitsos / Greek Prime Minister's Office

Moreover, Kikilias said the ministry is increasing the possibilities for Greece to host visitors for a longer period by extending the tourism season.

“We have all the indications that we can start the season in March, accelerate in April and have tourism until November and December 2022,” the tourism minister said.

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  1. Claire Cann Reply

    Please get rid of the PLF and also random testing on arrival as this is really putting me off my plans to travel to Greece in April.

  2. P. Smith Reply

    The unvaccinated are being discriminated here, no way will we pay for tests to come to Greece. Vaccinated can still catch and spread it. STOP WITH THIS THEATRE NOW.

    • David Reply

      I agree. It’s a only a cold. Vaccinated spread this cold exactly the same. It’s about the booster program… It’s about big pharma. Greece is a little place full of little minds…

  3. margareta Whitworth Reply

    The PLF form is stressful and unecassary, it is a burden to think about. Please remove this extra burden for us travelling. Even having to have a Greek app is a strange request!?

  4. David molley Reply

    I would like to see the end of the PLF form as it can be stressful to do

  5. Luciano Borghesi Filho Reply

    Please, relax tests and restrictions on ferry trips in Greece I mean from Athens to islands and between islands. Also consider vaccin cettificates from other countries than EU. All vaccins certificates should be accepted. O am holding my vaccation booking in Greece due to uncertainties regarding covid requerimento to entre Greece and travel to islands. The sooner the Greek government announces it, the better for all Greece and torists.

    • Luciano Pahlo Reply

      Brazilian certificates are accepted, just not included in the EU app certificate, its just needed the PCR or antigen test before the Flight to Greece. The guys from Grécia Viagens in São Paolo can help you with all the details.

  6. Marta Reply

    I agree with all comments and know the war start , do soldiers need to use masks ou stop for PCR and waiting for results during the fighting?
    Nonsense is just a flu or cough
    It is not a Lepra that we have to keep distance

  7. dianne beach Reply

    I just hope they get rid of the plf. It just puts people off going. not everybody has Internet on there phone especially some of the elderly you haven’t always got some one to do it for you

  8. Ray Fuller Reply

    As well as extending the season why not review the 90 day rule so that selected nationalities can pay extended visits.
    In particular post Brexit many UK nationals with properties and boats etc are having to consider not visiting Greece and selling up due to this unpractical and needless restriction.

  9. Johnson Reply

    Other countries have already dropped all measures. Greece is going to run the covidclown measures even when no one else is anymore. ENOUGH ALREADY.

  10. paul cooke Reply

    I completely agree with T Ferguson. Enough is enough.
    My family has natural immunity and that is far superior to to the vaxxed people who have been injected with something that only protects for a few months at best. Since having immunity back in July 2021, i have been in close contact with lots of covid positive people and not been ill in the slightest. This whole isolate/lockdown/vaccine position has been complete folly. Herd immunity would have solved this issue in a single season and we would not be in this financial mess. Imperial College have a lot to answer for as it was them and in particular, Neil ferguson who the UK and subsequent governments listened to and switched from herd immunity to scaremongering and lockdowns. Utter shambles !

  11. T Ferguson Reply

    Why have we unvaccinated to get tested ?, myself and my Wife got the virus given to us by fully vaccinated sister in law, and both have natural immunity.Vaccinated can still catch it and spread it, its common knowledge now that the vaccines wear off.
    There is no logic in this discrimination, we supported Greece the last two years we Holidayed three times in Crete and once in Kos, it cost us hundreds of pounds for tests, but we wanted to support our friends.
    But we are thinking enough is enough, the virus has gone, should be no need to get tested, do you test for the Flu, it simply discrimination, we are not anti vax but anti getting injected with a trial vaccine that has killed thousands and injured millions, with more to come inthe years ahead.

    • LM Reply

      I think you are correct and proof of recovery should be valid for longer than 6 months but ‘killed thousands and injured millions’? – please provide evidence that has been published in a credible scienfic journal to confirm this.

    • Kontodimos dimitri Reply

      Stop imposing vaccination or testing requirements for children above 5! Greece is the only country in the Eu doing so. EU recommends on their website no restrictions for children under 12 !

  12. Afke Margalliti toren Reply

    Great!!Hope we have a wonderfull sensor in Greece….healthy and joyfull

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