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ECDC Updates Guidelines for Use of Face Masks

Photo source: ECDC

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) recently published an update of its technical report for the use of face masks in the community and their effectiveness in reducing the transmission of Covid-19.

Titled “Considerations for the use of face masks in the community in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant of concern”, the document indicates that wearing a face mask can help curb the spread of Covid-19 by reducing the release of respiratory droplets from asymptomatic / pre-symptomatic individuals or those with mild non-specific symptoms.

In addition, the use of face masks may be adopted to reduce the societal impact associated with absence from work or healthcare pressures due to infection, or to protect vulnerable individuals in particular settings.

The ECDC document also recommends the following:

For indoor settings: In areas where the public health objective is to reduce ongoing community transmission of Covid-19, wearing a face mask should be considered as one of a range of possible measures in confined public spaces, such as stores, supermarkets, transportation hubs (e.g., ports, airports, train/coach stations) and in public transport.

For outdoor settings: When the public health objective is to limit community transmission and physical distancing is not possible, wearing a face mask should be considered in crowded outdoor settings

In households: The use of a medical face mask or a respirator should be considered for people with symptoms of Covid-19 or confirmed Covid-19 and for the people who share their household, especially when isolation of the person with symptoms of or confirmed Covid-19 is not possible

In care settings: Face masks should be considered, to protect vulnerable people such as the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions. In this case, face masks can be recommended both for vulnerable people and for persons regularly interacting with this population.

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  1. Andreas Reply

    Where is the data to support this? For over two years they cannot find any? There is plenty of data confirming that masks do MORE HARM than good. People can simply search (not with google, of course), read the British Medical Journal, watch and many other alternative media sources. First things first – PCR tests do not work.

  2. MarLo Reply

    Masks are a charade

    there’s no evidence that they prevent viral spread

  3. Storm Reply

    The sheeps will buy this too… Though it has absolutely NOTHING to do with science…. The ONLY situation where masks have any function, is when someone who is actually sick wear one. But anyone who is actually sick are supposed to stay away from other people anyway.

    This has NOTHING to do with health. This is about controlling and manipulating people, preparing them for The Great Reset and avoid riots when the establishment turn the screw another round on our freedom.

    RTFP! People laugh of the threat from WEF. Call it a “conspiracy theory”. Really? Are people so DUMB that they don’t know what POWERS is behind WEF? Do your homework, and check who is funding, leading and onboard with WEF, and you will be really scared, if you have a shred of common sense!

    • David Reply

      I have booked a holiday to Greece for July and yet to pay my final invoice. If I don’t see any movement with the wearing of facemasks I will cancel and go elsewhere. Surely Greece would want my money?
      Facemasks as you say are a form of control. Greece are being bullied by the EU. Stupid rules made by stupid EU dictators!

  4. David Reply

    How ridiculous. Follow the science, or is it really follow Communism? It is proven that facemasks don’t work. End all restrictions. Those who want to hide under a stone then go hide, but let the rest of us “sane” people get on with our lives.

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