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EU Covid-19 Certificates for Travel Now Valid 9 Months Without Booster Shot

Photo source: European Commission

EU Digital COVID Certificate. Photo source: European Commission

The European Commission on Tuesday announced that the digital COVID certificate for travel in the EU will only be valid for nine months following the administration of the last dose of the primary Covid-19 vaccination and without a booster shot.

“Member States should not provide for a different acceptance period for the purposes of travel within the European Union. The standard acceptance period does not apply to certificates for booster doses,” the Commission said in an announcement.

For the Johnson&Johnson vaccine this means 270 days from the first and only shot. For a two-dose vaccine it means 270 days from the second shot, or, in line with the vaccination strategy of the Member State of vaccination, the first and only shot after having recovered from the virus.

According to the Commission, the rules apply only to the vaccination certificates used for the purpose of travel in the EU.

“Member States may apply different rules when using the EU Digital COVID Certificate in a domestic context, but are invited to align with the acceptance period set at EU level,” the Commission said.

EU Covid certificate holders should travel restriction-free

Moreover, the Commission said a person who has a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate should in principle not be subject to additional restrictions, such as tests or quarantine, regardless of their place of departure in the EU.

However, (unvaccinated) persons without an EU Digital COVID Certificate should be allowed to travel based on a test carried out prior to or after arrival. In addition, they might be required to undergo quarantine/self-isolation when they arrive from particularly affected (dark red) areas.

Photo source: European Commission

Photo source: European Commission

“Any measures restricting free movement must be non-discriminatory and proportionate,” the Commission said, adding that EU countries should, in principle, not refuse entry to persons travelling from other Member States.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate regulation entered into application on 1 July 2021. An EU Digital COVID Certificate is a digital proof that a person has either been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or recovered from COVID-19.

Press here for answers to questions about the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

In Greece, vaccination certificates issued by the government are now valid for seven months after two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, if a holder does not follow up with a booster shot (third dose). The validity period of the Covid-19 recovery certificate in Greece is valid for three months.

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  1. Ann Heerschop Reply

    Where can I find the application for the EU digital covid certificate

  2. Liz Reply

    Things are even worse for greek citizens… I am concidered unvaccinated (no booster shot) even though i have my “european” vaccination certificate which is valid until the end of May… Foreign travelers are allowed to enter Greece with the exact same certification as mine without testing, whereas i CANNOT travel domesticaly in greece…. There are two greek words for the situation…. Oxymoron and Irony… Do not visit Greece right now if you are not three times vaccinated. You are allowed almost nothing…

  3. Kevin Reply

    You let me enter Greece 5/2/22. But now you won’t feed me. Thanks for the “greek” hospitality. I refuse to get a booster shot based on the science. It’s ineffective and does not protect you. Do your research. I will cut my two month vacation and get out of here.

  4. R Ferguson Reply

    You not wised up yet that the virus is not the killer it was made out to be, 75% in the USA had four or more co-morbidities, in UK from 150,000 covid related deaths to 17000, and they have not said how many of these were caused by the flu, flu cases were added to covid cases in 2020. Vaccinated people are more dangerous they still catch and spread a virus, yet get no tests no logic in it at all.

    • Mark+Brealey Reply

      This conspiracy rubbish about the UK. The UK has not reduced the number of deaths to 17k. It is still well over 150k. This attempt to reduce the numbers where someone had another existing condition is a big lie and ignores primary cause. And flu deaths are recorded separately. Hang your head in shame for repeating this lie

    • Mastifarian Reply

      You really need to listen to the ‘More or Less’ with Tim Harford broadcast on BBC Radio 4 which aired on the 26th Jan 2022.

      This completely debunks your totally erroneous and more importantly factually incorrect posting.

  5. MarLo Reply

    Access by medical status is a crime against mankind. Rude awakening & judgment awaits those who are complicit and to those who trust in it as the all-in-one savior of lives, livelihoods and economies.
    Wake up and smell the deception.

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