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Greece Among Top Choices of US Travelers Over 50 for Holidays in 2022

Greece is among the top 10 international destinations that US travelers over 50 want to visit in 2022, according to a survey recently released by online travel magazine TravelAwaits.

TravelAwaits surveyed 1,615 people aged 50 and up about their 2022 travel plans.

According to the survey’s results, over a third of US travelers plan to leave the country next year, including 30 percent who plan on traveling domestically and internationally, as well as 6 percent who plan on taking international trips only.

This is only a small increase over the 32 percent of travelers who planned on traveling internationally in 2021.

Greece ranks 10th on the list, with Italy taking first place.

Canada is in second place followed by Mexico and France (Paris) in third and fourth position, and Spain in fifth.

Source: TravelAwaits

Although international travel seemed to be picking back up recently with countries around the world re-opening their borders, the percentage of people who plan to travel internationally hasn’t increased much since last year, TravelAwaits says.

Other key findings include:

  • Most travelers plan on taking two trips in 2022

Source: TravelAwaits

When asked how many trips they plan on taking next year, the majority of respondents — 26 percent — said they planned on taking two trips in 2022. The rest of the answers were pretty spread out, with 18 percent planning on three trips, 16 percent planning to go on just one, 13 percent having four trips in mind, while 5 percent said they plan on taking five trips.

Ten percent of respondents said they planned on taking six or more trips next year, while a nearly equal amount, 12 percent, do not plan to travel at all in 2022.

  • Majority οf 2022 travelers intend to take long trips

Source: TravelAwaits

Most respondents — 23 percent — said their trips would last over 13 days.

Twenty percent reported that their 2022 vacations would be anywhere from seven to nine days. Twelve percent plan on taking 10- to 12-day trips, while another 12 percent are looking forward to taking three- to four-day vacays.

  • Over half of 2022 travelers plan on flying

Source: TravelAwaits

When asked how they plan to travel in 2022, respondents selected each mode of transportation that they planned on taking next year. Over half — 54 percent — plan on flying, but the car still rules the road with 62 percent of respondents planning on taking a road trip in 2022.

Nearly 20 percent will rent a car, while about 10 percent will go by train, and the same number of respondents plan on cruising or yachting.

  • Majority plan to travel domestically only

Just over half of 2022 travelers — 52.76 percent — plan to keep their travels within the confines of their own country this year. That’s down from 61 percent who planned domestic-only travel in 2021.

The top 10 destinations are Florida, California, Texas, New York, Arizona, Las Vegas (Nevada), Colorado, Hawaii, South Carolina, and national parks.

  • Area COVID rates rank as least important

Source: TravelAwaits

The majority of travelers look for good value, with affordability ranking at number one for 381 respondents.

Over 300 respondents ranked physical safety as their primary concern, while 280 ranked health safety, including clean water, low disease transmission, and available health care facilities first.

Over 500 respondents ranked “low COVID-19 rates” last in their list of concerns, with flexibility and reliability coming in right behind.

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