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Covid-19: Greece Aims to Simplify Booster Shots for Those Vaccinated Abroad

Photo source: EC – Audiovisual Service / Photograper: Xavier Lejeune

In efforts to simplify procedures for people who have been vaccinated abroad but wish to get the Covid-19 booster shot in Greece, the government announced this week that it would be revising a relevant bill.

Deputy Minister of Digital Governance Georgios Georgantas said this week that relevant changes in the law would be made in collaboration with the Health Ministry, which is set to table an amendment to the bill.

Georgantas said “an amendment will be tabled according to which we will create two new registries: one for those vaccinated abroad and one for those who have recovered abroad. This will provide a solution,” he said, referring to the lack of a common harmonized and interoperable Covid-19 certification system which would simplify and standardize procedures. 

Instead, Greece will be able through the two registries to verify certification of Covid-19 vaccination giving in this way people who wish to take the third dose of a vaccine the chance to book an appointment.

“A system of global interoperability of all certificates issued by all countries does not exist. The EU has its own which applies to member states as well as to 16 additional partner countries whose systems have been recognized and integrated, such as Israel, Norway, Iceland and Turkey,” said Georgantas.

Earlier this week, Georgantas said some 72,000 people had signed up to get the booster shot. 

Greek health authorities announced last Sunday that the online booking system had opened. People with underlying health conditions and the 50+ age group can book an appointment for the booster shot.

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  1. Elly Papastoikou Reply

    I came t Greece on 10 of december. I have been vaccinated in the NetherlandsTwo times. The last on 17th of June. I wanted to get my booster before leaving for Greece in december. But the systeem in the Netherlands told me that it was not yet my turn and I should waite a few more weeks for my invitation.
    But I could not waite and went to Greece. Inmidiately I went to the KEP in Edessa to get an AMKA number. Now after 6 weeks I am still waiting for the validation of the number. But I have a problem now My QR-code is not working because it is more than 7 Montihs old. And I feel not save without the boostershot.
    Why does I have to waite so long to get an AMKA.. Whyle the gouvernement wants everyone to be Vaccinated. It should be more easyer.

  2. Lilibeth Huijgen Reply

    Were can we make a booster Shots for 2 adults are Jonson & Jonson after our last vacinations Moderna at 18 October 2021 in Frankfurt Germaney and now a boostershot before our flight is at the end of Januari 2022 with good result in Athense Greece Please,iam.waiting for you quick response please and thanks from Lilibeth Huijgen

  3. SM Reply

    I went to the KEP office in Heraklion and registered to have my foreign federal vaccination certificate approved so I could obtain a Greek COVID pass…was told that I have to return and show my vaccination certificate and would be told whether they will accept it….was told that I then need to have the booster shot before they will issue the covid pass. My question is that my vaccination status was accepted when I arrived into this country in August 2021 so why wouldn’t it be accepted now? And on the Greek government website it doesn’t say anything about there being conditions ie like the booster shot, in order to obtain the pass. Why is this process taking so long?

  4. Roos Gruwel Reply

    The article is from the 12th of november and till now:13 december NOTHING happened, Please government TAKE ACTION, so we can get the booster!!!

  5. Hi, I have some friends that already finished 2 components vaccination, but outside EU. Are you sure that now they can have 3d booster shot and get EU certificate just getting PAMKA? Because people here are writing opposite.


    Hi, My wife had two does of Covishield vaccine (Oxford/AstraZeneca) from INDIA, Kindly advice whether she can get the booster does from greece?

    • Melina Papadimitriou Reply

      Th platform has opened for third dose of vaccines for people vaccinated in many countries, but not the US. Not sure about India specifically. Call or visit your nearest KEP ( Greek speaking ΚΕΠ) to record your first two jabs, and they will give you a temporary AMKA number, so you can make your appointment at Best of luck… I am still waiting for the US vaccinated people to be able to do the same…

  7. Kelly Reply

    My family and I arrived in Thessaloniki Oct. 1st 2021, My husband is a Greek citizen and our daughters are dual citizens who are currently students at the universities. We all have been vaccinated twice before we arrived from the US. We are desperately trying to get the 3rd jab. We as everyone else cannot get the booster shot without an Amka to no avail the system isn’t workin we are now tryin to get temporary Amkas. We just purchased private insurance and I am getting my temporary residency next week. I just found out yesterday that we can’t even get covid rapid tests with out an Amka!!! The system is really failing those of us who have come from abroad we are being treated now like we are not even vaccinated. Frustrating to say the least!

  8. p. mantas Reply

    i am a greek citezen got my 2 doses in canada could i get3rd dose in greece?

  9. Ray Welch Reply

    The goal should be to vaccinate, and booster as many people as possible.
    The virus does not care what passport you have.
    What logical reason is there to deny anyone?
    It should be dirt-simple for any adult to get the vaccine in as many, easy reachable places as possible.

  10. Claude Bernatchez Reply

    I’m in the same situation than you. Had an appointment for the booster shot at the vaccination center but when I went there they told me that they were doing only 1st and second shot, no booster shot. They told me to go to the KEP office. Went there on Monday November 30, been told they were not doing it and were waiting for instruction from government.

  11. Taki Onate Reply

    I arrived from Csnada, can I get COVID booster vaccine here in Greece?

  12. Rebecca Laschober Reply

    My husband and irecieved each two vaccines in Austria. We also live in Greece. We have Tax Nr. Sand Anka.
    We need ihr 3 Shot and are being denied.
    The system Foto EU ist not Wirkung.
    Ihr vaccines are 7 and 6 montags old now,Risiko Person und 65 years should bei easier!!!

  13. Tobias Bertrand Reply

    I had finally two jabs after having been issued a pAMKA. Unfortunately I cannot enter the KEP communication platform, being a foreign-european temporary resident. The basic problem is I cannot enter the tAXISnet platform either.
    I’m identified by the system and determined elegible, but, in the next step, find myself locked outside the KED identification portal, which requires tAXISnet access data. I cannot access tAXISnet for the lack of a TIC, because I’m a pensioner. I will find a way, calling the KEP or go there might help, so I deposit the technical problem as it is, by intention to give a constructive hint to the Administration.

  14. John Taylor Reply

    Does this include Americans

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