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Greece Considers Emergency Measures as Covid-19 Cases Spike

Photo source: diaNEOsis

Photo source: diaNEOsis

Greek officials may be ordering a new round of measures to address a recent spike in Covid-19 cases, particularly in Northern Greece, where a large part of the population is still unvaccinated.

According to public health data, Greece is now recording the highest daily Covid-19 infection rates since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 and the largest number of daily deaths in the last five months.

Government ministers and regional authorities met today in view of the number of coronavirus cases which exceeded 4,000 over the weekend as well as an increase in the number of deaths, ICU admissions, and hospitalizations, which experts say, has doubled.

Epidemiologists are forecasting that Covid cases will reach 5,000 in the coming days.

Announcements are expected by Wednesday, after a Covid-19 committee meeting and may include tougher controls at restaurants, bars and clubs. Authorities are also examining the possibility of increasing the number of on-the-spot inspections to ensure vaccination certificates are being requested and that establishments are following ministry guidelines, including operating as mixed or vaccinated-only.

According to media reports, other measures may include requesting an additional rapid test (instead of one) for unvaccinated employees, which they will have to pay for.

At the same time, the government is set on boosting its vaccination awareness-raising drive, which may even include sending text messages to the unvaccinated, in efforts to convince more Greeks to get the jab.

To cover the increasing public health system needs, the government is also considering introducing incentives to bring more private doctors on board.

On Monday, Greece’s National Public Health Organization (EODY) reported 5,449 new Covid-19 cases and 52 deaths. 

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  1. Anna Reply

    Apoparently the Chinese government tracked over 100,000 positive covid citizens, April 2020 and found only 1, yes that is correct, only 1 citizen contracted the disease outdoors. This may change if we don’t keep our distance from each other.
    The danger of transmission can be increaded by singing and shouting at each other as they have done at outdoor concerts where the result was an increase in cases. Wearing masks outdoors doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Concerned Reply

    On Kastellorizo our pharmacy assistant refuses to be vaccinated, or regularly tested. She has on occasions refused to wear a mask.
    What are the rules for pharmacies?

  3. yvonne wheat Reply

    Storm, no you are not, I thought Xounda

  4. Storm Reply

    Am I the only one who gets associations to STASI and fascism?

    • StopIt Reply

      Certainly not.
      It feels very apartheid-like. The next step is going to be disallowing to take public transport and buy groceries (step by step).

    • Peace Reply

      You’re not the only one.

      Unfortunately, we humans are very bad at looking farther than the current step. We do not look far enough to see where the trajectory of our actions will lead in 3-4 steps. To me, it feels like apartheid in the making based on the (presumed) immunological status of citizens.

    • athanasios Reply

      this is incredible in American the science shows that Lock downs don’t work and across the planet more people who have take the vaccine are the ones who are getting reinfected by the new stain let’s all so state that this vaccine isn’t a vaccine and that’s a fact vaccine are a one and done jab not every 5 months and the reason for the every 5 months jab is because covid mutates like the flue and like the flue it needs to be a yearly shot let me all so ad that those who have gotten sick naturally have the immunity with in them and naturally immunity so far has held fast for a year and now possibly could keep people safer for the next 3 years all so let’s not forget that anyone under the age of 70 have a 99.% of successful getting over it so the fascist power grab these governments are doing should be setting off the population like in France Germany England America but most of these Greeks don’t care especially the elderly. the greek population needs to wake up before its to late…

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