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Alitalia is Closing: Info on Refunds for Flights from October 15

As previously announced, Italian carrier Alitalia will stop ticket sales and flights as of October 15, which is the date that the new flagship carrierItalia Trasporto Aereo (ITA) – will begin operations.

As a result, Alitalia is offering passengers holding an Alitalia ticket (055) for flights purchased on all Alitalia Markets:

– by and not after 24 August 2021;
– with a travel date from 15 October 2021;
– to/from any destination/origin worldwide;

that have been canceled, the forms of assistance and reimbursement below, of their choice:

– change of booking (rebooking or rerouting – or modification of the itinerary to reach the original destination or return to the point of origin of the trip), without fare integration, on a flight that can be used by the passenger, by 14 October 2021 (final date of return);
change of destination with possible fare integration, to travel by 14 October 2021 (final date of return). There is no refund for differences in the fare.

Change of destination will only be possible:

– for tickets that are IN ITALY, for destinations that are IN ITALY;
– for tickets that are INTERNATIONAL, for destinations that are INTERNATIONAL.

To adjust or change the booking, passengers can phone the Call Center calling the toll-free number 800.65.00.55 from Italy, calling the number +39 06.65.649 from abroad or using the local numbers available on our website or alternatively contact the travel agency that issued the ticket.

If they are unable or not interested in rescheduling, passengers can request the full refund, without penalty, of the price at which the ticket was purchased or the residual value of the ticket for the journey not yet made. The request will be accepted and defined as soon as possible, in accordance with Regulation EC261/2004.

To request a full refund, passengers who have purchased tickets on the Alitalia website will be able to click on the link found in the cancellation notification message.

Press here for further information.

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  1. Manisha Kate Reply

    I had bookings for May 2020 for which they gave vouchers & then the airline closed down. I contacted them but to no avail. Tried contacting ITA who has taken over Alitalia but they say they cannot refund. I think I’ve lost the money. Is there some way? I’m from India

  2. Clelie Mauleon Reply

    I have a voucher from a cancelled flight due to Covid in August 2020. They refused to refund me and only gave me a voucher that had no expiry date, but it looks like it expired October 2021 from the T&Cs. I’m now in the same situation as everyone here, unable to get a refund for the £1k I’m owed and with radio silence on their part…

  3. Elise Russo Reply

    I had a flight that I cancelled for May of 2020. I asked for a refund because the airline subsequently cancelled the flight. However because I canceled first I was denied a refund and given a voucher. The voucher expiry was extended but only for six months. In July of 2021 I called and they recommended I use the voucher to buy a new ticket for within the six months because they were offering free rebooking. So I bought a ticket in July for November travel, using the voucher, intending to cancel it and rebook for the spring sometime. In August I was notified by email that all flights after October 15 were cancelled, and directing me to fill out a form seeking refund. I did this, and I have called them for updates at least three times since then. Each time I call costs me $$ because there is no toll free number, and the wait on hold is long. First they told me a decision had not been reached on all the refunds. Then in December they said the refunds were approved and that I would hear by February. In February they said though the refunds were approved, the funds were not released yet and that I should check back. The last time I called I had to try to speak Italian as there was no English speaker available. They confirmed by refund request and once again took my email and phone number. I don’t know what to do now. It’s $3500 for a round trip business class ticket.

  4. JOB Reply

    Booked – 3 tickets and want to change or refund – no responds from KSA office and any of the Worldwide office GCC INDIA even from ROME office.

    Very bad service

  5. Paula Reply

    I am also in this mess. I went through a travel agent and he’s been running us around for 1 year. They owe us $10,000. 3 of us in business class. The travel agent even wrote us a check for the amount and the check bounced!
    Is there is something we could do?
    We are sick about this. They canceled our flight 1 month before our scheduled trip. The travel agent got us a flight on another airline but was more expensive because of the shortened time.
    We were going to Italy from LA. We made it, but cost us triple what it should have.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

  6. Fiona Marais Reply

    Hi I book through Flight centre and also No HELP from them .Was your issue settled .

  7. Joann Reply

    Same here. Can we file a class action suit or something?

  8. Fábio Oliveira Reply

    Very good!!! The situation is regrettable for everyone and even impacts the country’s image. Italy is also responsible for this, for better or worse. I bought two tickets for a trip in January 2020, which were transferred to November 2021 and when I got back in touch, what I think happened to everyone happened. A blow to all who believed in a system that should have more credibility!!! Italia and Alitalia have delivered a coup!

    • marilena pena Reply

      There has to be something that can be done… I have 1900$$ that I would like to recuperate. A civil suit?

      Do we get an attorney as a group? Will an attorney even take a case like this. $1,900 is $1,900!!

  9. Yvette du Toit Reply

    I have had the same problem: Flights that my Sister and Niece booked for June 2020, from South Africa to Malta, and back, were cancelled. They booked through MyTravel, that have been equally unhelpful. After numerous e-mails to MyTrip, they told us to contact Alitalia directly.

    After holding the line for ages, an Italian friend of mine, finally got to talk to a consultant. She said that the tickets had already been refunded in October 2020 to MyTravel. MyTravel denies having received such a refund.

    I am disgusted in Alitalia and MyTravel’s lack of commitment to its customers. Neither party has taken responsibility for the 1 000 Euro+ that my family has lost, and what was supposed to be an opportunity of a lifetime.

  10. Camilo Reply

    Yesterday, I’ve received this notification:

    Questo indirizzo non è più attivo. Per informazioni consultare This email address is no longer available. For information please check

    • Michele Jackson Reply


      I’m in the same predicament. We’re owed over $3,000 and I requested a refund before they closed for business and I got nothing. I contacted them so many times and got the run around. Where can we turn?

  11. Jv Reply

    I am in the same situation and hit dead ends. They have virtually disappeared from online and no options to address this issue. Can we sue?

  12. Dewals Reply

    Hello, I’m in the same situation. Flight (for June 2020) booked pre-covid. Flight was cancelled by Alitalia due to covid and travel restrictions. Received a voucher (refund was not authorized at that time). When I wanted to use the voucher to pay a new flight, they asked me why I didn’t take the refund and said they are going to refund the amount back (+/- 600 eur). In the meantime Alitalia closed. I understand the situation but it’s not correct. We liked to fly with Alitalia. Service was good.

  13. Barbara Polidore Reply

    Full refund, my ***!

    NO ONE responds to any request. I’ve lost $4,000 on what was supposed to be a family trip to Italy in June 2020.

  14. nathan snyder Reply

    I am in the same situation. I have been emailing and I have not received a request from anyone.

  15. Camilo Reply

    I’m in the same situation. I’m trying to get a full refund but has been impossible. There are no websites, phones, emails. Could you tell me what telephone or mail are using to contact with them

    • Houda Lilia Touaitia Reply

      I am in the same flight it’s been cancelled in August 2021 without any notification until I went for check-in. So did email them as so as I got back to UK.they replied saying they will get back to me as soon as possible. I called them they don’t pick up. I don’t know what to do to contact them can anyone help us.
      Kind regards
      Houda Lilia Touaitia

  16. marilena pena Reply

    Arturo Mendoza Ramos, Have you ever received an answer?

    I too, had 3 tickets for a flight for 2020, pre-Covid and our flights were cancelled due to Covid (airline cancelled, NOT ME) I too received vouchers and I called many times, emailed and they told me that I was going to get my money back!! Nothing!! This is so not fair!

    I too would like to get my refund! Please tell me what I need to do!

    Marilena Pena

    • Camilo Reply

      I’m in the same situation. I’m trying to get a full refund but has been impossible. There are no websites, phones, emails.

  17. Arturo Mendoza Ramos Reply

    Good day,

    I would like to follow up on a ticket that was canceled due to COVID last year, 2020. On 19 June 2020, I received voucher number: 0551502145662 for my canceled flight: KIAQMK

    I tried over and over again to use my voucher without success and on 2 June 2021, they said they would cancel everything and give me my money back. The confirmation number I got was: 0105918211

    I have been waiting for 6 months and my money has not gone back to my account. Could you please confirm with me the information above and when I am going to receive my refund? I am truly sorry to hear that Alitalia closed. It was a wonderful airline and I always enjoyed traveling with you very much. This is very sad for everyone. I have been phoning without any success.

    Kind regards,

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