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Greece Announces New Round of Rules to Tackle Covid-19

Greek Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias

Greek Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias announced on Tuesday new measures for admission to indoor spaces including restaraunts and bars and testing requirements that go into effect on September 13 aiming to stop the spread of Covid-19 and to protect the public health system.

“These rules are not punitive,” said Kikilias but are meant to safeguard the community.

So far more than 5 million people have been vaccinated in Greece. Kikilias underlined the importance of vaccination and the responsibility for all to get the jab noting that 90 percent of all patients in ICUs have not been vaccinated.

New Rules for Indoor Spaces, Gyms, Schools, Work

Photo source: Region of Attica

More specifically :

– Health sector employees including doctors and pharmacists who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 with at least the first dose will be placed on suspension

– as of September 13, unvaccinated employees in the public or private sectors will be required to pay 10 euros to take one rapid (antgen) test per week at a private health center and then upload results to the government’s Covid-19 platform (

– employees in tourism, education, entertainment and television will be required to pay for two rapid tests (10 euros each) each week at a private health facility and submit the result to

pupils will be required to take two self-tests provided for free each week while university students will be required to pay for two rapid (antigen) tests (10 euros each) per week and upload the result on the government’s Covid platform

unvaccinated travelers using plane, boat, bus, or train will be required to take one rapid (antigen) test 48 hours ahead of travel (self-tests children aged 5-12) at a private health center (10 euros) and upload result on Verification will be conducted at check-in and via the Covid Free app

– as of September 13, only vaccinated individuals will have access to public healthcare facilities for free testing.

With regard to access to closed spaces, as of September 13 to March 31, 2022:

– Only those who are fully vaccinated or have proof of recovery (at least six months) will have access to closed spaces including cafés, bars, restaurants. Verification will take place at the entrance of the establishment via the Covid Free app

indoor sports areas will be open only to the vaccinated or those with proof of recovery. Verification on admission via the Covid Free app

indoor arts and entertainment venues including museums, cinemas, theaters, and archaeological sites, can be accessed by anyone with a negative rapid test taken 48 hours ahead of visit or a Covid-19 vaccination certificate. Verification on admission via the Covid Free app. These establishments can choose to operate as vaccinated-only (at 100 percent capacity) or mixed spaces (at reduced capacity)

indoor gyms and sports facilities are open to all provided they have taken an antigen test 48 hours ahead of session or hold a vaccination certificate. Verification on admission via the Covid Free app. They can request of their members to be fully vaccinated or to provide proof of recovery

employers have the right by law to request employee vaccination or testing status at any time and can suspend employees

– the use of face masks is mandatory in all indoor areas for all with the exception of restaurants and in crowded spaces

Penalties for violations include suspension from work, suspension from class (at schools and universities), ban on movement for travelers, said Kikilias.

In the last 24-hour period, Greece recorded 2,628 new Covid-19 cases and 34 deaths. ICU ward capacity is at 68.75 percent and regular Covid-19 wards at 45.04 percent.

Photo source: EC – Audiovisual Service/Photographer: Claudio Centonze

Earlier this week authorities said that Greece would soon be ready to proceed with the third dose (booster shots) which is primarily aimed at vulnerable groups at higher risk of infection.

Stressing the importance of complete vaccination, Matina Pagoni, president of the Athens and Piraeus Hospital Doctors’ Association (EINAP), said on Monday that all non-vaccinated individuals would be infected with Covid-19 at some point.

Meanwhile,  47 businesses were suspended over the August 20-22 period for failing to implement Covid-19 regulations.

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  1. Janice Reilly Reply

    What the hell is going on? Everyone on the planet knows that anyone can catch it AND spread it..injected or not Now they want to test FIVE yr olds and over? I know of at least 3 autistic children, 5 and over that would have complete meltdowns if approached! So sick of some of the “we’ve been jabbed you and others are unclean mentality! The governments are supporting this segragation!

  2. Alex G Reply

    I am in a hotel in Thassos and they are telling me the GYM is closed due covid.

    I don’t see any restrictions on this, i saw other hotels with open gym in Thassos.

    Also I am vaccinated.

  3. Cheryl makowska Reply

    I can’t get the vaccine as my amka number won’t come up on the system at the pharmacy. The government can make these rules but the amka system isn’t working and no one can help me . Amka office say I have given you your amka ?? That’s it !! I want to get the vaccine and I am not allowed so what do I do now ?

    • Darryl Noutsos Reply

      Same issue. You have taxisnet? Try make an appointment online this works for me.

    • Vanessa Martinez Reply

      Hi, Cheryl, you can also make a temporary Amka. check this link:
      I hope this helps you or maybe you already fixed your issue. Good day.

  4. Anthony Stone Reply

    Do fully bvaccinated travellers from UK need any tests?

  5. Deborah Reply

    Thank you for your article! Do I get it right, indor restaurant will not accept a negative pcr or rapid test? thanks in advance for your reply.

  6. Annette Haddleton Reply

    What happens when children in an outdoor restaurant needs to use the toilet?

  7. Stephen O Reply

    Funny how the hypocrite conveniently waited to take in all the toursim money first – September 13 lol. LMAO. So COVID was also on holiday throughout the tourism season then?

    I wonder what the world will do when the COVID madness finally ends? Seems governments have nothing better to do anymore than make round after round of crazy COVID-specific laws… One wonders – when do they have time to run the economy and anything else?

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