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Travelers to Greece can Submit PLF Form Anytime Before Flight

The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) on Thursday announced that all travelers to Greece can submit the mandatory Passenger Locator Form (PLF) any time before the departure of their flight – and not strictly 24 hours before, as was the case until now.

It is reminded that all travellers must complete their PLF before entering Greece, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of their stay while in Greece. One PLF should be submitted per family.

After submitting their PLF form, each traveller will receive a personal QR code via email (the QR code will be provided in a link in the email), which must be presented, either via mobile phone or printed, upon their arrival in Greece’s airports.

The PLF can be found here.

It is noted that submitting the PLF is mandatory and must be filled out by all travelers, regardless of their nationality.

Other documents needed to enter Greece

EU Digital COVID Certificate

Passengers from abroad must also have one of the following to enter Greece:

1. a vaccination certificate, stating that 14 days have passed since full vaccination for Covid-19.

2. negative PCR test performed within 72 hours before travel or negative rapid antigen test performed within 48 hours before travel.

3. recovery certificate. Travelers can present a medical/recovery certificate issued thirty days after they first tested positive for Covid-19 (the certificate is valid for entry to Greece 180 days after its issue date).

4. an EU Digital COVID Certificate in digital or print form which will contain information on whether passengers have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours before travel or a negative rapid test performed within 48 hours before travel or have recovered from the virus.

Every traveler who arrives in Greece, regardless of the certificate in their possession, may undergo a random health screening (depending on the data provided on the PLF forms).

For updated and detailed information on the travel rules for passengers coming from abroad and restrictions for all international flights, press here.

The HCAA’s aviation directives are part of the Greek government’s efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country.

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  1. Evja Reply

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to ask regarding a transit flight from The Netherlands to Greece. If the transit is in another state (Slovakia), in the PLF under the Coming From section, I’m not sure if I need to set Netherlands or Slovakia?

    Thank you so much!

  2. Pallas Korsmit Reply

    Once you travel back to your country, do you need to fill out a new plf form in order to fly?

  3. Teresa Kis Reply

    When does the QR code e mail cime . PLF forms all sent but flying on afternoon of 20 th and not revived the QR code yet ?

  4. Emerson Reply

    i am going to santorini next week, can i already fill up the form ?

  5. Gillian Reply

    I added a non-family travel companion but only received 1 QR code, will that cover both of us or does he need to fill in a separate form?

    • Alina Reply

      Can someone answer this, please? I have the same situation and will travel tomorrow. Thanks

  6. Lynn Hawkins Reply

    You can fill it out anytime before your flight now the rules have changed. I filled mine out yesterday I fly 17/9/21 and I have received my QR code.

  7. Megan Reply

    Hi. I completed this form but accidently managed to submit it before I thoroughly checked it. I entered my details and my husbands details (vaccination details, where we are staying, contact details etc) but no details for my kids (aged 6 and 4) who are also travelling. Do I need to submit a new form? Thanks

  8. Maria Reply

    Can you tell me if I need one Location form the family household even though my daughter hasn’t been vaccinated that has a negative Covid test certificate, as it only asked about lead passenger but it also says only one form per family

    • Nea Bond Reply

      Hi Maria.
      Could you tell me if Everything worked out please with the plf?
      Thank you

  9. Dim Reply

    We are travelling on 16th to Athens, I’m fully vaccinated but my partner is not. I submitted the plf and I chose that I’m vaccinate. For the family member there is no selection. Do you think that I will have trouble? My partner will have negative rapid test certificate.

    • Arianna Morgans Reply

      Same thing, except it’s my daughter who is the one who is not vaccinated as she is 14. I’m booking her a test before flying but wasn’t able to add any details to the form about this.

  10. Joan Farina Reply

    Can I get this form from Emirates Airlines prior to landing in Greece

  11. Ali Runyon Reply

    Quick question, I was reading on the PLF that for the submitted PCR test, name, DOB, passport number needs to be on it? My name and birthdate is on their but does the test results really need a passport number???? TIA

  12. Judith Heinrich Reply

    It says it needs 1 QR code per person but we only received 1 code for our family? it’s one form with 1 lead name and the other 2 names on the form

  13. Katrina Reply

    Very happy with Greece they are very efficient & are better than UK system
    Well done Greece

    • Nina Reply

      I have to do that next week. I believe it’s only 1 qr for family.. i don’t see it stated anywhere.

    • Lynn Hawkins Reply

      Mines the same only 1 QR code for 2 people.

  14. Wendy Reply

    If you have proof of vaccination you don’t need a PCR test to enter Greece….BUT most airlines require a negative PCR test done within 72 hours of you boarding your flight. This is an airline requirement so check with your flight provider.

  15. Chris Clayton Reply

    Returned from Crete couple of weeks ago, Greek PLF easy to do, got QR code quickly, checks on arrival were quick too, same with the quick test for everyone, sorted PCR test needed for our uk return before travelling, done at local private hospital €60 euros, result emailed in about 7 hours. All checks at Greek airport quick & efficient, more so than at the UK border control, which was non existent

  16. Mandy Skingsley Reply

    Has anyone travelled to Greece with the astrazeneca vaccine that has the code that came from India there were 3 batch codes that the EU weren’t accepting

    • Barbara Reply

      Hi Mandy,

      Greece accepts all vaccines approved by WHO.

  17. Debbie Pugh-Jones Reply

    Re the vaccination certificate. Can we show you the NHS App confirming the two vaccinations or do you need a print off?

    • Cathal Rogers Reply

      Travelled here for 2 weeks..the vaccination card fine..just be prepared to undergo a possible random PCR test upom arrival at airport..we didn’t, but they pretty relaxed about is fab here.

  18. Silvana Reply

    I have a daughter of 10 year does she needs to do the pcr test

  19. Mark+Brealey Reply

    Is it still the case that the QR code is issued at midnight on the day of arrival into Greece? Although due to time difference that is 22.00 in the UK. And in my experience it comes through at about 22.07.
    What happens if up in the air at that time when phones etc should be turned of and without internet connection?

  20. David Walker Reply

    What is the EARLIEST the PLF can be submitted — i.e. how many days before the flight? It’s a question of being at home and able to print the code out before departure, for those who haven’t got a smartphone.

    • Alina Reply

      You have to fill out this form after you get tested if you’re not vaccinated(I know people that were vaccinated and still had to take a PCR test,the 72 hours prior the arrival date). I traveled to Greece on June 28th(I’m not vaccinated) and I got tested on June 26th after 4 pm(my arrival date was June 29th at 4.06 pm). Back then was no rapid test allowed. After you fill out the form you will receive your email with your QR code and be able to print it out. For better information you should call your fly company or check their website,everything should be there. It’s a lot to read though. Hope this helps.

    • Jenn Reply

      I read on another thread that someone submitted their form for a mid August flight and received the code already!

      • Jeremy Shaw Reply

        I filled mine out a week ago and got qr code 2 days later for travel this coming sat 7th Aug.

  21. Maria Theresa Salvo Reply

    I’m booked for Greece this August 25 from Toronto . I’m fully vaccinated so, I don’t need to provide PCR test? I have a vaccination certificate.

    • Alina Reply

      I know people that are vaccinated and still had to get tested. Call your fly company.

    • Toni D Adamski Reply

      You can submit your PLF anytime before your departure, a week or so also?!

      • Jeremy Shaw Reply

        Yes Toni you can

    • Toni D Adamski Reply

      No you don’t, as long as you have a vaccine certificate either on your phone or from your GP

    • Sandy Thrift Reply

      Hi Maria, if you have had both vaccinations & have proof, you don’t need a PCR test to enter Greece, although your country may require you to have one a few days before returning.

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