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Greece Allows Travel to Islands Only with Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate, Negative Test

ATTENTION: The article has been updated with clarifications for ferry travel. See NEW UPDATE below. 

Greece, Piraeus, August 1 2020 - Passengers embarking on a ferry boat with Greek islands as destination. Photo: Theastock /

Photo: Theastock /

Greek Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Akis Skertsos on Wednesday announced that restrictions on domestic travel in Greece will be lifted on Friday, May 14, but that rules will apply for travel to the islands.

Non-essential intra-regional movement (travel between regions) has been banned in Greece since the country’s second lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Rules to travel to the islands by ferry & plane

People in Greece (residents and foreign visitors) will be allowed to travel from the mainland to the Greek islands by ferry or plane only if they have one of the following:

– a vaccination certificate (stating that 14 days have passed since full vaccination for Covid-19)
– a negative PCR test performed less than three days (72 hours)
– a negative rapid antigen test taken 24 hours prior to travel
– a negative self-test taken 24 hours prior to travel
– a certificate stating that one has recovered from the coronavirus. The certificate must be issued two months after an individual’s recovery (valid for nine months).

The staff of ferry and airline companies will be responsible to check that passengers are carrying the required documentation before boarding.

The rule will be in force for all travelers, Greeks and foreigners, including children over 5 years old.

Passengers who prefer to travel with a negative self-test result must fill out the self-test declaration form on the platform found here (in English and Greek).

NEW UPDATE: Clarifications for ferry travel

For ferry travel, it has been clarified that passengers must have a vaccination certificate or a negative test or a recovery certificate only when traveling from the mainland (e.g. Athens) to the islands. Passengers are also obliged to fill out a pre-boarding health declaration questionnaire prior to boarding a ferry.

Moreover, passengers returning to the mainland (e.g. back to Athens) only have to fill out a preboarding questionnaire and do not need to present a negative test or vaccination certificate.

Passengers traveling between islands (e.g. Mykonos to Santorini) are not required to do any of the above.

The pre-boarding health declaration questionnaire is available via ferry operators.

It is noted that no rules apply for travel from the mainland to the islands of Evia, Lefkada and Salamina.

PLF for travelers from abroad is mandatory

Skertsos also said that the submission of the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) by all passengers of international flights to Greece remains mandatory.

The PLF, which is submitted before travel, is expected to include a space for passengers to enter their Covid-19 certificate information regarding vaccination status or negative PCR test result. (A further announcement regarding the additional data on the PLF is expected to be made by the authorities.)

Domestic travel by car

For people in Greece traveling between regions on the mainland by car, Skertsos said there is a strong recommendation for them to take a Covid-19 self-test before and after their trips. However, this remains optional and as the deputy minister said, car passengers will not checked while on the road.

Skertsos did not mention rules involving travel by train.

The lifting of the ban on domestic travel coincides with Greece’s official opening for tourism with no quarantine requirement for vaccinated travelers or those with a negative PCR test.

Further announcements on how Greece will open its gates to international travelers are expected to be made by Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis on Thursday.

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  1. Ragaa Shoukry Reply

    I will travel to Albania through Aegean air lines on 16th September. I had sinofarm vaccine . Transit in Greece then continue to Tirana, Albania
    Vaccination is sufficient or negative COVID test is required

  2. Olga Reply

    We are traveling from Paxos to Corfu and have just been asked to fill out a pre–boarding questionnaire which we have got from the ticket office in port. Interestingly we have not been asked for this from traveling from Corfu to Paxos.

  3. Joe Reply

    I am flying from Crete to Mykonos, but my flight connects in Athens. As I understand, travel between islands doesn’t require a negative test, but will I have any issues getting on the connecting flight from Athens to Mykonos (since that flight is technically mainland to islands) without a test? Any help much appreciated. Thanks

  4. Pam Bekkers Reply

    Goodmorning, we travel to the Ionian islands on August 1st. My kids need a negative pcr test, taken 72 hours prior to arrival. But, what if my flight is delayed?

    • Tomas Reply

      I would also like to know 🙁
      No have not found any official information how delayed flight affects PCR test validity…

  5. Lorenzo S Ruiz Reply

    Are rapid antigen tests easily available in Athens?

  6. Melanie S. Reply

    Thank you for such a helpful article Nikos! I will be flying from Santorini to Athens, and then onto Corfu-I understand that I will need to show either a negative PCR test or rapid test for my flight to Corfu but nobody has been able to tell me if a rapid test *will* be accepted (the Athens airport told me to check with my airline, Aegean) and Aegean said it isn’t them who decide-it’s the Greek government. I suppose I’m just wanting reassurance that the rapid test will be enough.

  7. Jaana Barrot Reply

    Hello! I am planning my flight from Samos to Rhodes and bought self-test from a pharmacy and printed out this needed certificate form. I have a question as to where I can get this AMKA / social Security Number?

  8. Ouiame Reply

    Thank you for the article. I am wondering what are the requirements to travail in the opposite way, from islands to mainlands. Do the same requirements apply, a PCR test and a PLF? I have a flight from Chania to Athens this week, this is why I am asking.
    Thank you!

    • Melanie S. Reply

      I spoke to someone at the Athens airport today and they said apparently not! No PCR or rapid test required going from islands to mainland; only from mainland to the islands.

  9. Julia Sandiford Reply

    A friend with no smartphone (just an old-school button phone) is travelling to Greece this coming Saturday, 29 May. He will have the PCR test on Thursday morning, within 72 hours of ARRIVAL in Greece (which I understand is the requirement, not the departure from UK time). He is using my email address for this so I will be able to print the form and the QR code for him.

    However, looking at the The PLF info it says ‘Travellers will receive a confirmation email upon submission of the PLF.
    Travellers will receive the PLF with their unique Quick Response (QR) code on the day of their scheduled arrival in Greece and will be notified via email (the QR code will be provided in a link in the confirmation email).
    Travellers boarding or embarking on the previous day of the arrival will be allowed to do so upon showing the confirmation email, since they will receive their QR code during their flight or voyage.’

    I guess this means we can complete the online form on Friday, but as he will need to leave for the airport early on Saturday (ie the day of his scheduled arrival in Greece), what happens if the QR code has not arrived in time for me to print it for him?

    • pavlos Reply

      Practically speaking you get the QR code right away once you apply, immediately. there is no delay

  10. Elza Reply

    Got confused, if I m vaccinatied then no need pcr test to travel from Athens to Mykonos by boat?

  11. Nikos Reply

    If i uderstand well if i m full vaccined 2x doses ie Pfizer
    And I have certificat about this vaccination, I don’t need other test to go greece and also travel to island from pireaus port ?
    Merci Nikos

    • GTP editing team Reply

      Hello Nikos.
      That is correct.
      You may also want to see other useful information here:
      Kind regards.

    • Ms Reply

      Do you know how many passengers are allowed in one car at the moment when travelling between the regions?

      • Amanda Reply

        I am traveling from US to Athens-santorini-Naxos-mykonos-Athens

        Will my negative test/QR code sustain all of my flight hopping or will I need to retest for any? Thank you!

  12. Deborah Reply

    I thought self test was only for greek citizen. can you please confirm that non greek citizen can also effect self test and fill out the form?
    Also, if this is confirmed, can you please confirm if a self test for non greek citizen is sufficient to travel by boat from mainland to islands?
    Thank you for your help.
    best regards

  13. Hanne Reply

    I also do not understand how to fill out the proof for selftesting. Do I have to do it directly at the government site? If yes a link for non greek speakers would be very helpful.
    Or do I need to download it and print it out and carry with me? As I need this in Thursday morning I very much would appreciate any tips.

  14. Jennifer Reply

    How much cost the self-testing kit in a Pharmmacy?

    • Ajna Reply

      about 6€

  15. Alessandro Giannattasio Reply

    Hi, I’m travelling to Athens next week. We planned to rent a car and visit some cities as nafplio, Delphi etc… now, on official websites there are no updates about crossing regions in Greece… many websites tell the ban was lifted and we can move freely… but the situation for mainland is a bit confused… anyone can help?! Thanks

  16. Ajna Reply

    If a self test is requiered before entering a boat, how can I prove that it is done by me? and that it has been done in the past 24h?

  17. Christian Reply

    Is there any forther clarification to this? Would be especially helpful for families travelling with children (who obviously cant be vaccinated yet)

    – Is a test required for all ferry trips? Or only „from the mainland to the isles“?

    – What about trips from island to island?

    – What about small trips like e.g, Igoumenitsa – Kerkyra?

    – What self testing is allowed? Is this an option for tourists? May one use self testing kids from the home country, or does it have to be a greek kit?

    I think it would be terribly helpful to clarify that, on order to boost bookings!

    • GTP editing team Reply

      Hello Christian.
      The article has been updated with clarifications on ferry travel.

  18. Jaroslav Novák Reply

    I understand, that I can buy a self test in Phrammacy and than fill in t form on the website . But, does anybody knows, what to do with a filled form? I need it print and have for Port control, or I have to upload to some application? Do you know, how does it work? Thank you

  19. Björn Fredriksson Reply

    What about if you’re arriving by aeroplane to Athens are renting a sailing boat in the harbour sailing around to the different islands for two weeks what do we need?

  20. Alexis Reply

    Apparently is only for ferries from Mainland Greece to the islands, but not if you are returning to Athens or island hoping. Heres the link:

  21. Heike Berdos Reply

    How about flying to the mainland (Athebs to Ioannina?)

  22. Dea Reply

    “Skertsos added that those who have recovered from Covid-19 can present a certificate issued two months after their recovery (valid for nine months).”
    Does anyone know where can we get those recovery certificates?

    • Chelsea Elwer Reply

      Hi have you figured this out or any info on this?

  23. Alexander Roussos Reply

    How should not-greek-speaking visitors handle the self test certificate when it’s all in Greek?
    Thank you!

    • Stefanie Schmidt Reply

      If you look at the form, it is in english, too.
      Greetings, Stefanie

  24. rob Reply

    What if you are hitting several islands ? or if no test is available on the island ( small) that you are on, and you are going to another small island ?
    in my case that is what I will be doing

    • Ricou Herve Reply

      Hi. I am French and I live in France. I have been fully Pfizer vaccinated. Due to that, I have a paper in French to prove it and another paper with two big QR codes . In France, I could add this QR code in the French Android app “Tousanticovid” . I can use my smartphone in France to show that I have vaccinated or tested. I want to travel from France to Greece in june. Can I fly with theese two papers and app in French? I do not find in France any solution to have a proof of vaccination in English. Does anyone has a solution? Thanks

    • Stefanie Schmidt Reply

      As far as I understand, you can test yourself and fill out he form with the result and sign it.
      Best regards, Stefanie

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