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Greek PM: No Easter Travel, Movement Between Regions from May 15

Greece will not lift coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown restrictions for the upcoming Easter holiday, keeping the rule that bans travel between regions in place until May 15.

Addressing the Greek public in national broadcast, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis underlined that Attica and other large Greek cities still have many Covid-19 cases and that any mass movement of citizens between the country’s regions carries the risk of the virus spreading everywhere.

“I have said that our goal is a safe Easter and a free summer. But the former cannot undermine the latter. That’s why we should not travel at Easter… We must not only think about our holidays, but also about the health of the inhabitants of our villages and islands,” Mitsotakis said.

The Greek Easter this year will be celebrated on May 2. Under normal circumstances, travel to the countryside and islands would begin prior to Easter weekend, which begins this year on April 30.

It is reminded that, according to the Greek government’s lockdown rules, movement between Greek regions is only allowed for health and work reasons.

Roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions

According to the Greek PM, provided that Greece does not face a new upsurge of Covid-19 cases after Easter, the government will ease lockdown restrictions in three stages:

On Monday, May 3, the outdoor areas of restaurants, cafes and all F&B establishments will reopen under health rules that include frequent mandatory self-testing for employees. All tables and seats in outdoor areas must be arranged to allow for social distancing. Also, the night curfew will begin at 11pm (until 5am) instead of 9pm as it is today.

On Monday, May 10, junior high schools and primary schools will reopen. Mandatory self-testing for Covid-19 will apply for all students, teachers and administrative staff. Health and safety rules will apply in classrooms.

On Saturday, May 15, travel between Greek regions will be allowed. Also, as previously announced, tourism will reopen for visitors who have been fully vaccinated or have been tested negative to Covid-19. Also, some cultural activities will be allowed.

Moreover, the Greek PM announced that the vaccination platform for residents of Greece aged over 30 is expected to open next week.

“The goal is to spread the wall of immunity in the country even faster,” Mitsotakis said.

It is noted that the vaccination platform for those over 30 according to the government’s schedule, was scheduled to start in May.

Greek health authorities on Wednesday announced 3,015 new coronavirus cases and 86 deaths.

Since the start of the pandemic, the total number of cases in the country has reached 323,639. The Covid-19 death toll in Greece is 9,713.

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  1. Jarde van Blanken Reply

    I will be flying to Athens on May 13rd and I’m planning to drive directly to a hotel in Kamena Vourla by a rental car.

    Will this be possible, considering travel between regions will only be allowed from May 15th?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Sakina boulal Reply

    Just anxious about the unclarity of the information about the vaccination of residents in Greece and holders of golden visa. Still waiting for the temporary Amka and no one knows what happening after. We just want to feel secured as the season is coming very soon as we choose to settle in Greece and invested all our money here and paying all our taxes and dues.

  3. Barbara Willis Reply

    Perhaps if Europe had got there act together as did the UK,they wouldn’t be so far behind and not so many restrictions .

    • Myriam Joinda Reply

      Wow, pretty strong statement considering that the UK has the highest number of COVID related deaths in Europe. Besides, your terminology is wrong: the UK left the European Union, but you cannot leave Europe, as it is the geographical term.

      More importantly: fighting COVID should not include fingerpointing at other countries, as pandemics don’t know political borders.

      What is the point of your comment anyway? Do you live in Greece? If not, why do you mind about the restrictions there?

  4. Lia Reply

    You can travel to and from the airport having your flight ticket ready to show in case of control. The supermarkets will remain closed on May 01, 02 and 03.

  5. Sonia Retsios Reply

    I want to travel to Greece, but I am one of those who cannot have covid vaccine due to my history of Anaphylaxis. Other vaccine what else can you accept proof of negative covid 18 test to allow me to travel Greece.

  6. Greg Fulton Reply

    Thanks for your comments on Greek travel restrictions. I’m just another US resident anxiously awaiting the reopening. This is the most useful and accurate information on the subject I have found. The travel between regions is very important. I don’t want to come to Greece and spend 6 weeks in an Athens hotel room.

  7. HANAN Reply

    I am scheduled to arrive to Athens (from Israel) on May 2nd.
    I have a house in Salamina.
    1. Are there any restrictions on the arrival from the airport to the island on May 2nd?
    2. Will a supermarket be ooen on May 2nd?
    Thsnks for your attention

    • Shant Reply

      If you can prove that you live on salamina, you should be able to get there. E.g. with a proof of address. Most probably, no one will ask…

      Supermarket will almost certainly NOT be open on Sunday the 2nd.

      Hope this helps!

  8. Mark Brealey Reply

    Before opening outdoor areas on May 3rd is it worth looking at whether the opening of outdoor pub and restaurant areas in England has made a difference? Despite the colder weather pub gardens have been busy especially at weekends

  9. Hash Reply

    Strict standards Fair all the same..


      Hanan salom.You wiil travel to Greece the 2nd of May wich is the day of Greek ortodox Easter and Supermarkets and mini markets will be closed.Your transportation to the island of salamina will have some delays due the the celebration of Greek Pasxa at busses, metro and railways except if you use a taxi or hire a car.
      Huppy holidays!

    • Boopity Reply

      You can travel from the airport, if they stop you just show your passport and ticket

      Supermarkets are open everyday except sunday

  10. Peter, Stemnitsa 22007 Reply

    Thank you for this very useful roadmap to re-opening.

    Keeping my fingers crossed…

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