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Greece: How to Book Appointment for Covid-19 Vaccination

Photo © Copyright European Commission

Photo © Copyright European Commission

Greece launched its Covid-19 vaccination process this week releasing guidelines on how to book an appointment under the national vaccination operation. The vaccine is expected to be available to Greece’s general population in mid-January.

Those wishing to get vaccinated can either:

– log in to using their TAXIS codes and AMKA number (Social Security Number) and book
– verify the recommended appointment via text message (SMS) to 13034.

This secures both appointments as the vaccine will be administered in two doses.

Citizens who have no online access or TAXIS codes can:

– book an appointment at pharmacies or citizens’ service centers (also known as KEP)
– once they book they will receive – depending on booking method – a code number for the appointment and a QR Code.

Citizens will be notified three days ahead of their appointments via email and SMS indicating exact hour and date and including a link for information regarding preparation ahead of inoculation as well as guidelines.

It is noted that those to be vaccinated will be required to present the code number sent to them or their QR Code and proof of identification (ID card or passport) at the vaccination center. Citizens will then be required to answer a questionnaire.

The Covid-19 vaccine is free.

Vaccination will be carried out at 1,018 centers and at set hospitals around the country.

People will not be able to select which vaccine they receive.

Those vaccinated will receive a certificate in digital form, which will be for their personal use.

AMKA number is necessary for vaccination

As clarified by the Secretary General of Primary Care, Marios Themistokleous, each citizen’s AMKA number is necessary for their vaccination. Citizens who do not have an AMKA number, should visit a local KEP office near them to apply for one.

“Eleftheria” operation to run in 3 phases

Greece’s “Eleftheria” Covid-19 Vaccination Operation will run in three phases with priority in phase one given to health and social care professionals and nursing home residents and staff; employees at chronic care facilities and rehabilitation centers; and to staff in critical government functions. The first phase is expected to be complete by January 20.

In the second phase, expected to begin in February, people aged 70 and over regardless of medical history will be vaccinated with priority given to older individuals and to those with medical issues.

The last phase, expected to begin in June, will cover people 18 years of age and older without underlying diseases.

Epidemiologists have stressed that despite being vaccinated, people will still be required to wear masks and follow preventative measures.

*ATTENTION: All guidelines reported have been provided by the Greek Health Ministry under Greece’s “Eleftheria” Vaccination Operation (in Greek).

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  1. Beth Reply

    Hi, i seem to be having the same problem. May i ask if and how you got it resolved? I have been trying since Feb 21 and still haven’t got any closer. Thank you

  2. Iuliana Reply

    I did both shots of vaccine and they told me after 14 days my vaccination card will be ready, where can i pick it up from?

  3. Eileen Brogan Reply

    Does anybody know how to subscribe to the COVID Vaccine Waiting List in case a cancellation comes up while you’re waiting on vaccine?


    I want to have covid-19 vaccine i live in athens greece
    I’m 27 year’s old

  5. Maartje Reply

    One question.

    When I receive my first dose of the vaccine in Athens. Can I get the second on on Naxos Island?
    Cause of work I will be on the Island the date for my second dose.

  6. Derek Jones Reply

    I am 65 and have a AMKA number, (pay all my taxes have a 10 year biometric permit) but it’s not recognised on the system , I have checked and it is on the system but some glitch won’t let me register. Tried the local pharmacy and KEP but both unable to help, in fact KEP are next to useless. Tried numerous times for a temporary AMKA number but no response from Emvolio, this is a load of rubbish and needs sorting out ASAP.

  7. Diana Theocharidis Reply

    I am a Greek Citizen, born in Argentina. I´m living now in Greece since september.
    I have no AMKA because I am tax resident in Argentina.
    But as i am here and I have a house here, and I pay some of the taxes corresponding to my physical
    residence in Greece.
    How is the way for applying for the vaccin?
    Thank you in advance

  8. Dawn Healey Reply

    I am a permanent resident aged 64 years, 65 in July. I have applied for the first vaccination for the age group 60 – 64 years with my A.M.K.A. number. The response said I was not in the age group, or my A.M.K.A could be wrong (which it definitely wasn’t} ! I visited the local pharmacy where they also tried without success. The helpful Pharmacist was perplexed asking me several times how old I was. He referred me to the KEP office where again, they tried to register my application. After checking my date of birth on my passport he agreed I should be eligible to receive an appointment. He could not understand either. He suggested there was an error on the government system and would investigate, but not guarantee their ‘mistake’ could be rectified. Today, I am learning that some Greek departments consider me 65 because I am in my 65th year ! I now have to wait in the hope that I will be accepted in age group 65 +.
    Has anyone else had this crazy experience ?

    • Sam Drimakis Reply

      Exactly the same problem I also experienced using I turned 64 in November 2020, thinking now that I am 64 years old and I can do the vacination since my turn has come up. Wrong! I am consider to be in the 65th year and that is my understanding how AMKA considers me to be. They do not take into account months say I am now 64 and 3 months old. A Greek friend of mine told me this also to confirm.

    • Henny Noton Reply

      Yes , exactly the same ! I was also born in July 1956 and have tried the local pharmacy as well as entering my AMKA number in myself.

    • Alasdair Gibson Reply

      Seems this is turning into a bit of a scandal. My wife, 75 last October, is effectively excluded from getting a vaccine. She has a residency biometric card, AMKA number, EHIC card, valid passport…all to no avail. Local pharmacies, KEP, Eody, all try to help but cannot offer any explanation. Complaint submissions on the emvolio website go unanswered. Trying to enlist the help of the Brit embassy/FO who asked for a detailed submission of issue. They expect Greece to offer the Vax to non citizens and do not want Brits returning home just for the jab.
      This really needs to be sorted out at ministerial level.

      • Chloe Reply

        have you got some updated a lot of people are in the same situation.

  9. Viv Reply

    I am a uk citizen with residency card in Greece. I was refused an amka number as I did not have a certain pension form from the uk. How do I get my vaccine please. HELP

  10. Saul Jerome Goldstein Reply

    will there be certificates issued to those who complete their vaccinations?

  11. jeff St.Clair Reply

    My partner is far to ill to travel anywhere …I am her carer and I cannot leave her …is there a mobile vaccine unit that can travel to remote villages ?

  12. A. Boyd Reply

    86 years old, here on EU residence visa. I registered 3 days ago at Have heard nothing back yet.

  13. Joya Reply

    I’m living in Greece I have the immigration how can I do the vaccine and who should I contact please ?

  14. Alasdair Gibson Reply

    So how do temporary non Greek residents without an AMKA number access vaccination. Will the EHIC do?

    • Afrata Nick Reply

      This page on the vaccination site allows you to register for vaccination if you don’t have an AMKA.
      All in Greek, but it says that if you are in the age group which is currently up for vaccination you can apply just giving your name, ID or passport number, and a phone and email address.
      Haven’t tried it yet as my age group is not up until February.

      • Baz0946 Reply

        Hi nick,
        It’s barry roberts here. We used to live in Afrata if you can remember.
        We’re having the same problem as you in that we don’t have an Amka number. Only an EHIC.
        Can you give any advice.

        • Afrata Nick Reply

          Hi Barry, I only just saw your post. The answer, in theory, is the same as before. If you go to the site there is a link to a page which allows you to apply without an AMKA. However the system is clearly not working, judging by the comments on this page.
          You could try going to a KEP and seeing if they can help.

  15. Jen neils Reply

    What about non-Greek citizens who are residents in Greece?

  16. Graham Fox Reply

    Is there an English version of these instructions ?

    • GTP editing team Reply

      Hello Graham.
      The government has not released an English version at the moment.

    • Rhea Richardson Reply

      I used the Google translate app. It worked perfectly. Καλή τύχη.

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