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Strikes to Disrupt Air Travel in Greece on Thursday

Greece’s air traffic electronic engineers and air traffic control personnel, tomorrow (Thursday, October 15), will participate in a 24-hour strike called by Greece’s main public sector umbrella union ADEDY.

The strike is expected to affect flights in and out of the country throughout the day.

In the meantime, flights in Greece are also expected to be impacted on Sunday and Monday, October 18-19, due to work stoppages by the Greek Air Traffic Controllers Association (EEEKE), the Federation of Associations of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (OSYPA) and the Union of Electronic Engineers for Air Traffic Safety (ENIMAEK).

More specifically, EEEKE will hold 5-hour work stoppages on Sunday from 1.30pm – 6.30pm and on Monday from 7.30am – 12.30pm.

OSYPA will go on 3-hour work stoppages on Sunday from 3:30pm – 6:30pm, and on Monday from 12:30pm – 3:30pm.

In addition, the Air Traffic Safety Engineers (ENIMAEK) will hold a 48-hour strike on October 18-19.

The unions are protesting for unpaid salaries, which they say come from Eurocontrol and do not burden Greek taxpayers.

Doctors and nursing staff at public hospitals will also participate in Thursday’s mobilizations.

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  1. ELLIS Hart Reply

    The travel sector has suffered very badly since March . EASYJET staff laid off . Holiday companies gone under.I cannot see how this industrial action will help anybody .It will only add to the catastrophe.

  2. Miss n m henson Reply

    Due to leave Kos Sunday @21.45 will we be flying back to the uk or not, I don’t mind staying in this lovely country alittle longer me and my family not ready to go home,

  3. Molly Reply

    Due to land in kos at 22:30 on Sunday will our flight be effected? Totally behind why they are doing this but frustrating when it will put there tourists off! X

  4. Paul Wickenden Reply

    My flight to Rhodes on Sunday has had the flight departure time changed by 4 and a half hours now flying later from Stansted.

  5. Greg Reply

    I’m stuck in Kos for an extra day. Not complaining

    • Vanessa Clark Reply

      Still waiting to leave the UK. No advance warning from Jet 2. Currently 9 Hour delay!! No drinks vouchers offered!! Not happy but sympathise with the workers

  6. Kay Reply

    We should of travelled today 15 th oct flying tomorrow fingers crossed.would of been nice to if been told travelled to Manchester actually went to check in had a 2hr trip back home to do same again tomorrow do understand but please give more notice .or at least inform us more disappointed with travel company still not been told anything about it no email no text no phone call

  7. Karl newbold Reply

    My flight is due to land at around 1200 on Sunday
    Does this mean I will be unaffected, as they are not 24 hour strikes

    Thank you

  8. Kerry Dolman-Athanasiou Reply

    I also find it incredible to believe anyone, anywhere would agree to take strike action in the middle of a Worldwide Pandemic but then again I also find it incredibly sad and inhumane that people, especially now are not having their hard earned salaries paid.

  9. John Elder Reply

    Had a wonderful 4 days in Kos had to reschedule due to flight cancellation and pay an extra €100 for the change but hey ho. Fight for what you deserve as nobody strikes unless it is fully warranted and as a last resort. Good Luck

  10. Toni D Adamski Reply

    Hear, Hear George, some people just don’t understand how badly Greece and it’s islands have suffered! Ta Leme Agostera!!

  11. Wendy Reply

    Well said Giorgos Savvidis!

  12. Ellen Reply

    Disrupts mine but I am a 100% behind them.No wages paid and not only to them. You have a family to feed it’s not good.

  13. Ellen Reply

    It will cause disruption to my flight but I am a 100% behind them..

  14. Dean cowan Reply

    We were due to fly tomorrow for a two day family visit to Kos & whilst the situation is far from ideal,we fully support the Greek strikers in their effort to get the wages due to them.

  15. Theodor Reply

    For real , what kind of opinion is that ?
    „Be gratefull to have a job „
    Would you work , if you wouldn’t get paid ?

  16. Jane Reply

    Hi I was due to fly out on Thursday. Flight has now been moved to Friday. Do you know If this will still go ahead? Will there be more strikes ?

    • Andrea Blumfield Reply

      We are the same supposed to fly this morning (thurs) but have been told going tomorrow (fri)
      Hope if more cancellations we get plenty of notice
      Lets hope the staff get what they are due too

  17. Paul Reply

    Disappointing news but for how many months have salaries not been paid? Surely there will have been grievances raised with the union representing its members interests?

  18. J Johnson Reply

    What? After the EU have screwed Greece and virtually brought the Greeks onto their knees and you’re whinging about losing a days holiday?

  19. lynda fensome Reply

    This action will have such a negative impact on the already struggling economy. Businesses, essential travel customers and tourism will all be affected. Hope the long term effects are not too destructive.

  20. Julia Walker Reply

    I can’t believe the greek people will strike at this time through the worst of all economical times!! We were due to fly out tomorrow & now can’t ! You’d think that they would be greatful of our custom & having a job at all in these unpresedented times….so sad!

    • Giorgos Savvidis Reply

      Dear Julia,

      I am sorry that your flight is postponed, but please do consider that having a job without a salary is nothing to be grateful for.

      Enjoy your stay in (mythical) Greece.

      • Wendy Reply

        Well said!

    • AL GIGA Reply

      Selfish response!!

    • Zoi Reply

      You only see things from your own perspective and have no idea the kind of economical difficulty this people are in. Will you do a crapy job and be happy doing it and going empty handed home to your family for the gratest good of the Country? Will you be happy to have your mother/father retired after 40 years working and gaining half pension because of country economical difficulties and cuts? It happend exactly so in many houses in Greece. They strike because they need to fight injustice and because they are fed up. So sad that you are so simply minded right now. I am not here to insult you, but don’t be so quick to judge what you don’t know and be grateful yourself with what you are given.

      • Ronny Reply


    • Lyn Reply

      How selfish and such lack of background knowledge. Greeks have suffered enormously over the last few years with drastic pension cuts and non payment of wages.
      Just be grateful you can afford a holiday although I’m not sure it comes under the heading of necessary travel!!!

      • Kris Fisher Reply

        Due to land in kos 20:40 on sunday 18th will our flight be effected?

        • Lisa Reply

          Hope not – we are on the same flight!

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