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New Visit Greece App to Offer Whole New Experience to Tourists

Tourists in Greece will soon have access to a new innovative app to assist them during their trip in the country by giving them personalized tips, as well as all they need to know about the Covid-19 health protection measures.

Sponsored by Eurobank and Mastercard, the new Visit Greece app “offers unique innovations compared to any other travel app,” Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis said on Sunday.

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis. Photo © GTP

Presenting the new app to journalists during a press conference on Santorini, Theoharis said the new app is sure to upgrade the overall experience of visitors while they are in Greece.

Features / services of the new app

1. Questionnaire to the traveler to provide personalized suggestions/offers.

2. Communication with travelers through push notifications (personalized messages/alerts that will pop up on users’ devices to deliver information and improve engagement) based on their profile.

3. Push notifications will be sent out in accordance to the area (geographical location in Greece) in which the traveler is every time. These alerts, which aim to promote local businesses that enrol in the platform) will provide travelers with tips on hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc..

4. The VisitGreece app is connected with Mastercard Priceless Cities, a service that offers travelers exclusive experiences to Mastercard cardholders.

5. Greek tourism businesses will have access to the Visit Greece app so that they can manage their content themselves and adapt it according to their needs.

“The Visit Greece application is multi-lingual and designed to offer all kinds of benefits to tourists and partner businesses,” the tourism minister said, adding that through the app, travellers will find information on all that interests them, specially tailored to their individual preferences.

Special Covid-19 section

Perhaps one of the most important features of the new app is its special Covid-19 section which has been added to boost the feeling of safety of visitors in Greece.

Guests will find all they need to know about the Covid-19 health protection measures which need to be followed in the country. The special section will also include an interactive map with the nearest hospitals that deal with coronavirus cases.

What’s in it for businesses?

The Visit Greece app directly connects tourists with businesses.

Tourism businesses that enroll in the new app – completely free of charge – will have the opportunity to be advertised all over the world.

Through the app they will be able to promote their business, have easy and targeted communication with travelers and increase sales.

“The Visit Greece app gives professionals the ability to create promotions and specifically target the preferences of their audience, through personalized push notifications,” the minister said, underlining that it contributes to the creation of a comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data bank for all visitors.

“As everyone understands, a database with the preferences of millions of tourists is valuable for upgrading all services in the industry and even our policy, at the institutional level,” Theoharis said.

Mastercard Priceless Cities

On her part, Aspa Palimeri, the Country Manager of Mastercard for Greece, Cyprus and Malta, said that Mastercard stands by Greek tourism’s restart.

Mastercard Country Manager for Greece, Cyprus and Malta Aspa Palimeri. Photo © GTP

“We are here to offer our know-how and also all the means at our disposal, so that through collaborations and partnerships we can create all the conditions for a successful restart, as well as to create a competitive and sustainable tourism product for our country in the future,” Palimeri said.

Through the new Visit Greece app, Mastercard introduces Greece to the world through its Priceless Cities platform. Mastercard Priceless Cities gives cardholders the opportunity to get to know Greece through special unique experiences.

The Visit Greece app is expected to launch by the end of the month and will initially be available in Greek and English. The app will gradually be available in other languages such as Chinese and Russian.

The app has been designed and will be run by Warply, a cloud based mobile marketing toolbox.

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About the Author
Nikos is Greek-American born in New York, USA, and has lived in Greece for over 30 years. He is the managing editor of Greece's leading monthly travel and tourism guide, the Greek Travel Pages (GTP) since June 2008 and of news site GTP Headlines since its launch in September 2012. Nikos has also served as international press officer for the City of Athens and for the mayor. He has a degree in Mass Media and Communications, specializing in Journalism. Nikos is a native English speaker and speaks Greek fluently.
  1. Rene felber Reply

    Wie lange dauert es bis mann die Bestätigung Mail bekommt?

  2. Panos Reply

    Dear GTP Team,

    We are residents in Dubai and decided to return back home. Myself and the two kids have Greek passports, my wife is from Philippines and has a valid Schengen Visa (Greek Family).Will her PLF/QR code be approved? Do we need to have any other document letter to show at the check in or in Greece?
    Please do let us know….

  3. Suzanne Reply

    I filled my information to get the QR code too early (ie more than 72 hours before). I’m wondering if anyone else made this mistake and if it works to submit again.

    • janis Reply

      I think it says “at least 24 hours”. You should be good.

    • Tony T Reply

      Hi, I think is better to complete it within 24 hours of your flight time. The previous instruction was ‘at least 48 before’ which is not clear.

  4. Barn Reply

    The app is in the Play Store and soon it will arrive on the App Store

  5. Rosina Reply

    Hey everyone:). When u fill up the PLF form in the flight number section do you fill up your outbound journey or your inbound journey…then there is this option “internal” flight. Do they mean connecting flight? Internal means within the country, aka domestic. We called SAS they don’t know but they denied us boarding, we called the ministry for civil protection in Greece( the creators of the PLF online form) they said “we can’t interpret the document for you” u have to Understand it yourselves, we called passport control in Greece they said they don’t know anything about PLF or QR code? Anyone out there who has successfully traveled? All the people that have filled up the form fill up the inbound journey flight number( the last flight leading to Greece) …

    • Larry Reply

      Hi, you should fill up your inbound flight to Greece, the final flight that leads you there. The internal flight button says “internal connection flight” so yes this is the button for the connecting flights but I think that with the word internal they mean that you will connect with an other flight in a Greek airport (for example you land in Athens and then take an other flight to an island or somewhere else). Hope I helped 🙂

      • Eva Reply

        Something was wrong, can I start new?

    • Vicky Lloyd Reply

      Trying to complete the PLF form. Now completed it 4 times and it says there’s a problem and to try again. Tried to find the app, it isn’t there……! HELP!!

  6. Daniela Reply

    Wo kann ich die App laden ?

  7. Jürgen Kuhn Reply

    app still missing

  8. Fredrik Reply

    Where in the app can I find the PLF?

    • Zack Reply

      The app is in the Play Store and it will arrive on the App Store as soon as they approve it

  9. Keith Reply

    Just filled in the PLF forms for a family of 3 – not as simple as I feel it should be! Today is Sunday (12th) and we travel Uk to Athens on Friday (17th) Lets hope the QR codes arrive.
    Also looked for the mythical “Visit Greece App” that it say we should have, no sign of it on the Apple App store!

    • Claire Reply

      Make sure you have a copy of the email confirmation saying you have submitted the plf, that way if it doesn’t arrive you can show this and they say they will give it to you at the airport on arrival.

  10. Knut Reply

    Cannot find any app in iOS. Tried also link to the passanger Locator form ( with result «403 Error». A bit stressful not beeing able to find anything or to register and time to departure is closing in. Anyone knows how to fix this??

  11. Seb Reply

    Ok this is so bad ..

    Made a mistake on the departure date filling the form to request the QR code , I realized straight away the mistake , My flight is actually one day earlier , but

    it is impossible to amend the form, once sent

    Tried to submit a new one with the correct date , but the system keeps the original date,

    So I guess I won’t receive QR in time to board My flight , If that’s the case my tourist Money will go to Spain ,

    • Tyler Kulfan Reply

      The same thing happened to me 🙁 Please let me know if you find a solution!!!

    • audere Reply

      bought airplane tickets well for family before this decision was tsken. no warning from easyJet on compulsory app . only a note, you may be tested. finally they refused our check in at the airport because I did not have the QR code. lost 3 nightd of paid booking for apartment. no apology . it is my responsibility to know it . like for TSA in the USA. except that with TSA airlines are very clear. not here. this measure turned in to a scam against passengers of easyjet and the likes to replenish their coffers and force you to book once again. meanwhile, bought tickets a second time, applied for qr code. did not yet receive anything at Les than 24h of departure . this is not serious . this measure turned into a burocratic nightmare . congrats Mr Mc Kinzey PM . Either you lock your country or not . don’t play it smart to turn us fool

  12. Alexandros Cheilas Reply

    No app in the greek appstore for ios…what is your plan with this app?will it be available or not?is there any photo of the app icon to see what we are looking for at least…

  13. Margit Reply

    Received the QR-Code 2 days before travelling.

  14. Ross Garner Reply

    No sign of the App today

    • Gabriel Reply

      Type in google play “visitgreece” (one word) and look for the light blue logo written “Greece” in the middle (white letters).

      • Ralph Reply

        Looking for the app on ios but can’t find it. Tried “visitgreece” and “visit greece” and found nothing. Any hints…? Thanks!

    • Murray Chick Reply

      No sign of the app on App store. When is it coming?

  15. Margit Reply

    Receiveyd the QR-Code 2 days before travelling.

  16. Niall Reply

    When will this app be available on Google play?

    • Christin Schröder Reply

      Wir haben das Formular auch ausgefüllt und 2 Tage später kam der QR Code per Mail (also 2 Tage vor Ablauf, wir fliegen heute Nachmittag).

      Diese App finde ich allerdings auch nicht. Ich denke sie wird erst Ende des Monats im Appstore sein. Das hatte ich irgendwo gelesen.


  17. Maria Reply

    Same problem no code since 4 days. Im shocked. No app, no help.

    • Zan Reply

      The site says that you will get your code one day before your arrival.

      • Rosina Reply

        I am traveling with my friend and two kids under 6 to Greece. We were denied boarding coz we didn’t have the QR code. SAS had sent Info emails to almost all the plane passengers but us and two more people. A woman had applied for PLF and would receive the code upon her landing there but they denied her boarding as well. We are stranded in a hotel for 5 days, with more exposure to corona. SAS client service officer extremely rude screaming at us at boarding gate. We were the once that lost a flight and we had to calm him down! The SAS voucher thing is a lie. They tried to give us back 15euro voucher for a 700 euro ticket!!!

    • Tasos Reply

      If you scroll down in the App Store you will see the App. Its called Visit Greece.

  18. Anna-Maria Lolou Reply

    Hello everyone,

    I also filled out the form and the whole thing is now 2 days ago, I still have Friday until next week but I don’t understand what the qr code is getting. if someone has already received the code, please report it. I hope it all goes well for all of us!

    • Shawn Reply

      The site clearly says that you will get your QR code one day before entering Greece.

  19. Dirk Reply

    Filled-in the PLF form on Tue 2/7/20. No QR code received and no iOS App found. Instead, the confirmation document of my submission states that I can refer to this very document using my Passport Number or National ID and that I can continue planning my trip to Greece. How reliable is this statement? At the same time, I am reading various newsletter articles that people are refused immigration to Greece because of missing QR codes. Plan to travel to Greece soon. Would therefore appreciate the settlement of this issue ASAP.

    • Antonis Reply

      Filled the form 3 days ago and I received a meaningless email with out a unique reference number which I cannot reply.No contact details at the page.What I’m supposed to do now with out the code?

    • Danny Reply

      The PLF site clearly says that you will receive your QR code 1 day before your scheduled arrival in Greece.
      “ Travellers will receive the PLF with the QR code one day before their scheduled arrival in Greece and will be notified via email. “

      • Alex Reply

        Hi there.
        I’ve received last evening PLF form email via Ryanair without time frame to fill it up before midnight. My flight is tomorrow and I could not complete the form as it should be 48h before the flight.
        What can I do ???

    • Alex Reply

      Hi, the travel organisation site marks that you should receive your QR code one day before your arrival. It’s the second bullet point on the

    • Nick Reply

      “Travellers will receive the PLF with the QR code one day before their scheduled arrival in Greece and will be notified via email.” That’s what the site says.

    • Martin Reply

      same at me, no QR code till yet

    • Xeen Reply

      You will receive your QR code 1-2 days before border crossing. This info was added recently to PLF page.
      I recommend also check spam folder. My QR code ended there.

    • Nick Reply

      You will get it one day before entering the country. That’s what the site says.

  20. Kostas Reply

    Same here: No QR-Code received. No App found. Guys, please…

    • Danny Reply

      The official site says that: “ Travellers will receive the PLF with the QR code one day before their scheduled arrival in Greece and will be notified via email. “

    • Xeen Reply

      You will receive your QR code 1-2 days before border crossing. This info was added recently to PLF page.
      I recommend also check spam folder. My QR code ended there.

  21. Tomas Reply

    Filled-in the GTP form on Tue 30/6 and so far no QR receiced. When it shall arrive? I am flying in on this Sat and still no code received – only email – your request is being processed.. Thanks fpr reply. Tomas

    • Danny Reply

      The site says “ Travellers will receive the PLF with the QR code one day before their scheduled arrival in Greece and will be notified via email. “

    • John Reply

      You will receive it one day before your scheduled arrival in Greece. That’s what the site says at least.

    • Nick Reply

      “Travellers will receive the PLF with the QR code one day before their scheduled arrival in Greece and will be notified via email.” That’s what the site says.

  22. Vero Reply

    I cannot find the app in Google store

  23. Χρήστος Karsten Schutte Reply

    Hi everybody, I want to go to Greece in summer like the other 25 years before 🙂 Where can I download the “Visit Greece App”? There is no entry in the Google Play store for such an app. Can anyone please help me? Thanks a lot Χρήστος

  24. maria ross Reply

    I have ticket to go see my family for 9 July. Healthy, tested US citizen now. Praying I can come. App not available yet and so much conflicting information online. I’ll get tested before leaving. Hope EU does not ban all US citizens. That would be so wrong. They should do testing upon arrival like Greece did from day 1! God bless us all.

  25. Alexandra Stan Reply

    Cannot find the app. When will it be available, as I plan to travel to Greece starting July 1st? Thank you.

  26. Cecilia apostol Reply

    Hi I am Cecilia,

    I have a hard time understanding the situation of entering to Greece by Sea .
    My situation is: i am going to drive with my father & sister from holland to greece ( boat venice going to igoumenitsa on July 1st)
    The INFO I read from Helenic Republic is that travelling on SEA till june 30 is not allowed / prohibited for passengers & personal car..
    according to ( as I understood) July 1st travellers on SEA ALLOWED.

    My exact question is:
    Are we allowed to pass thru borders MINOAN BOAT VENICE TO GREECE IGOUMENITSA???

    because untill now greece doesnt allow ITALIAANS coming to greece ( as i heard)

    Please advice ???
    ( the only reason i travel by car is because my sister is invalide and cannot travel on airplane..
    So we will pass from holland , germany , Austria , Italy And Greece , corfu,

    • Cecilia apostol Reply

      Hi! Hello again, June 19, 2020 i wrote a cooment as well as a question..
      It seems that this app is not yet ready to receive any comments or question..

      Goodluck,, then.. I was hoping to get some serious reply,,

    • GTP editing team Reply

      Hello Cecilia.
      Please find the protocol for entering Greece by sea as it was recently released by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection:
      For more detailed information, travelers are advised to contact the closest Greek Embassy or consulate prior to travel or consult directly with the airport or port.
      Kind regards.

  27. Hanne Reply

    Can’t find the app

  28. Dayne Reply

    We travelled to Greece by car today from Bansko, Bulgaria and were denied entry. My friend’s spouse is a long-term Bulgarian resident and married to a Bulgarian/EU citizen. But because she holds a Russian passport, we were very rudely turned back, citing “third countries”.

  29. Pierros Thomakos Reply

    Lets restart and get organized…

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