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Greece Opens to Travelers: Useful Info

Athens International Airport. Photo Source: AIA

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis on Friday presented details on Greece’s gradual opening to tourism as of Monday, June 15.

During a joint media briefing with Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias, Theoharis provided information on travel to Greece by air, land and sea, in the post-Covid-19 period, from June 15 and from July 1 onwards.

According to the minister, from June 15 until June 30, Greece will follow the European Commission’s proposal and extend the temporary restriction on non-essential travel from non-EU countries.

Arrivals by air (between June 15-30)

Athens International Airport
• The travel ban on flights from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands will be lifted.
• Only essential travel from from Albania and Northern Macedonia will be allowed.
• The travel ban on flights from the United Kingdom and Turkey will be maintained (regardless of the EASA affected area list).

Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia”
From June 15, all flights are allowed except those from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Turkey, Albania, Northern Macedonia.

Arrivals by sea (between June 15-30)
• Ships from abroad are prohibited from entering Greek ports.
• Pleasure boats (leisure or professional) are allowed in Greek ports but only with crew on board.

Arrivals by road (between June 15-30)
• Greece’s land borders with Turkey, Albania and Northern Macedonia will remain closed (except for absolutely necessary business travel).
• Greece’s border with Bulgaria will be open.

Travel to Greece as of July 1

International arrivals by air
• All airports in Greece will be accepting flights from abroad.
• Coordination of the European Commission’s proposal for the list of non-EU countries for which restrictions will continue to exist.

International arrivals by road
• Restrictions of arrivals from Albania and Northern Macedonia will be lifted.
• Restrictions from Turkey will be reviewed by June 30. Announcements will be made.

International arrivals by sea
• All ships coming from abroad are allowed in Greek ports.

Preventive measures against Covid-19

Between June 15-30

• Arrivals to Athens and Thessaloniki from airports not on the EASA affected area list will be subject to sample testing. Travelers that are tested will be recommended to self-isolate to a hotel of choice until the test results are issued. If travelers test positive, they will be moved to a quarantine hotel and under supervision for 14 days.

• All arrivals to Athens and Thessaloniki from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and all airports on the EASA affected area list, will be tested. An overnight stay at a hotel of choice is required. If travelers test positive, they will be moved to a quarantine hotel and under supervision for 14 days (also applies for arrivals from Albania and Northern Macedonia).

From July 1

• All travelers to Greece (from all countries) will complete upon arrival (or before boarding their flight) a special electronic form PLF (Passenger load factor) and provide their contact details in Greece. The PLF form will be available online and also via mobile app.
• Inbound travelers to Greece will undergo sample tests.
• Travelers that test positive will be moved to a quarantine hotel and be under supervision for 14 days.

* Please note: Restrictions, testing requirements, and mandatory quarantine measures are reported and updated based on official information provided to GTP Headlines by health and government authorities, and are subject to change depending on how successful Covid-19 management/infection rates reported at airports of origin and according to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines.

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  1. Violeta P Reply

    Flights from Netherland to Greece – Thesaloniki are it allowed from 1th of July onwards?
    What are the conditions?

  2. Jiayi Reply

    Flights from Sweden to Greece is it allowed from 15th of June onwards?

  3. Daniela Diaconescu Reply

    I am from Romania and have a reservation at Paralia Beach Boutique Hotel, paralia katerinis, from 8.08-18.08.2020. What papers or anything else do I need to cross the bulgarian-greek border? Thank you

  4. Robert Ferguson Reply

    Why are you stopping flights from Northern Ireland yes we are part of the U.K., but the U.K. has four Counties and the rest should not be penalised because England has it bad.
    In Northern Ireland we have had very few cases or deaths in the last three weeks we have gone days in a row with zero deaths.
    Because of this treatment we have had to book else where for the first time in 20 years or three weeks in Crete has gone two very unhappy people.

  5. Antonis Reply

    What about passengers arriving in Athens on transit between June 15-30?

  6. Eleni Reply

    Does any one know when the American Greek embassy in Athens will open? Need to fix my passport and my sons so we can travel to U.S.

  7. Mia Reply

    testing is not ok, then as a tourist why would I want to come to a country to spend my vacation on my money and end up in quarantine for 14 days? what happens to the rest of the family? and the tests aren’t safe either

    • Niki Reply

      only if you are possitive you will go in quarantine. avoid getting sick. if ou are sick don’t travel.

  8. james hull Reply

    The article makes special reference to UK, Spain, Italy, Nederlands even Turkey. But no special reference to Sweden. Does this mean that flights originating in Sweden will not be subject to restrictions on entry to Greece by air after July 1st. Thank you.James Hull

    • Anne Hoozemans Reply

      Hi James,
      Im from the Netherlands and i can’t find “us” in this article? The way I read it now is that we can fly in now from The netherlands and may or may not be tested, and then free to travel on. Of course with leaving a PLF form so they know how to contact me. That we don’t have to wait a night for the result. Is that true?

    • Anne Hoozemans Reply

      Oh, Im hoping to fly on july the 3rd!

    • Anne Hoozemans Reply

      Never mind…What you say is about travelling between 15-40 of June.

  9. Pete Bowley Reply

    What will happen your on a 7 day holiday and your tested positive for covid-19…. who pays for the extra 7 days in the quarantine hotel? Is there a daily charge to stay in the quarantine hotel to tourists?

  10. Bart Schneemann Reply

    I`m arriving from Amsterdam in Athens airport on 15th june. Then I`m going to be tested on Corona and have to stay in a hotel to wait for the result of the test. Does someone know how many hours I have to stay in the hotel? Is that 12 hours? I have a connecting flight…..

  11. Alan Bravard Reply

    For airports on EASA list (e.g. Belgium) and test=negative…Further self-quarantine required? Or ok to continue to final destination (e.g. Crete).

    • Alan Bravard Reply

      I mean for June 15th – June 30th travel.

  12. mick tobor Reply

    just a short question: what happens to all “non-essentiell” flight bookings from non-eu countries between june 15 and june 30? we booked our flight from bangkok to athens (via zurich) trusting the former greek government announcements: i’m german, my wife is south korean, south korea is a safe country, bangkok and zurich are not on the “risk” area list. whata chaos…

  13. mick tobor Reply

    never ending chaos in greece!
    we’re stucked in thailand since march (not the worst btw). now we booked a flight, hotel etc. to return to greece june 23. i’m german, my wife is south korean. south korea and thailand are on the “green” side, so we hoped to return. and now another eu step withour reason, can’t believe.
    almost all eu countries have a much higher infection and death rate than se asia, but se asia is banned! congratulation eu…

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