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Air Transport Needs Common EU Plan, Greece Says

Greece is urging European Union lawmakers to come up with a common plan for transport that will apply across the Union and will restart flights while ensuring risk-free travel for passengers and the safety of host countries in the aftermath of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Speaking on Ant1 TV, Greek Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis said that Greece requested during an EU transport ministers meeting that the Commission present a unified plan by mid-May that will clarify when aviation can resume.

However, Karamanlis was quick to point out that an EU-wide agreement seemed highly unlikely and that Greece was already in talks and considering bilateral agreements with Israel and Cyprus towards the creation of a “safe travel zone”.

“We want a golden mean: The safe transport of passengers and not endangering public health,” Karamanlis said referring to international flights.

Greek Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis. Photo source:

Greek Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis. Photo source:

Greece has also tabled the idea of an EU health certificate, which will be issued 48-72 hours after a traveler is tested for Covid-19.

With regard to domestic flights, the minister said there had been a NOTAM in effect until May 18. A relative decision by the government will be announced after that.

With regard to airline tickets canceled due to the virus outbreak, Karamanlis said the government was seeking a middle ground that will repsect consumer rights but keep airlines above water.

“What I can assure consumers and passengers is that they are not going to lose their money,” he said.

The minister also said that a revised ruling would soon allow a second passenger to share a taxi.

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  1. Konstantinos Sifakis Reply

    Test? Easy to say, hard to apply and not reliable method, sicne you can get any kind of virus anytime, anywhere after test too.
    Who will pay for the tests.. people? Imagine trying to fly.. having stress if you can actually fly and have the stress for tests as well. +On most of the ppl who already trying to fly we have vouchers that we won’t be able to use (cancelled flights).. +We can’t fly whenever we want because we already planned with our work for specific dates.
    I’m trying to flight, willing to pay a little more but it’s getting already so stressful day by day.

    To all the “democratic countries” out there:

    I respect everyone’s fears, but I’m not willing to live with fear and stress. OK some measures when things goes really bad are acceptable but locking people for so long is INSANE. People are losing their jobs/companies. All countries are vialating sooo many HUMAN RIGHTS!! WTF?!?
    It will sound pretty bad and selfish.. but enough is enough!! Those who want to live in a “full body condom world” buy it and live in it!! I just want to live free even if that means less.- QUALITY OF LIFE>QUANTITY OF LIFE. It’s my personal opinion and I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

    Want to save lifes? You can do so many things. People are dieing from hunger, thirst, polution, AIDS (which is treatable for the rich), no medical support and the list goes on!!

    I just want our freedom and human rights back! Do I ask a lot?

    • katerina fotopoulou Reply

      i totally agree with you!!!! well said!!!

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