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WWF: Majority of Greeks Calling for Climate Measures Now

Photo © Marianna Plomariti / WWF Greece

Photo © Marianna Plomariti / WWF Greece

One in two Greek citizens believe global warming and the climate crisis must be addressed immediately and are calling for urgent measures, according to a survey released recently by WWF Greece.

More specifically, according to the study carried out by Metron Analysis on behalf of WWF Greece in April on a sample of 1,002 people countrywide, 81 percent said they wanted measures to address climate change. At the same time, the majority (90 percent) expressed their support of turning to renewable energy sources (RES) for all energy needs.

A total of 89 percent said they were in favor of complete reliance on RES for power generation in the next decade, but only 30 percent said they believed total independence from fossil fuels was feasible within the next decade.

pixabayIn this direction, 66 percent expressed interest in installing photovoltaic systems or joining clean energy communities with reduced electricity bills, while 80 percent said they were in favor of installing photovoltaics in residential or holiday areas.

The WWF survey said that Greeks appear to fully understand the consequences of climate change with 93 percent attributing the crisis to human activity and 5 percent to natural causes.

More than half (51 percent) believes that climate change is a major problem requiring immediate solutions. A smaller percentage (30 percent) views it as a real problem requiring action, with 3 percent saying there is no reason to worry about climate change.

A considerable segment (60 percent) of society said climate change measures will benefit economic growth, with 18 percent saying it will not affect it at all, and 17 percent saying it will be an additional burden.

With regards to moving ahead with the necessary changes, 62 percent said that strong political will on an international level is required to deal with the climate crisis, 61 percent said considerable lifestyle changes were necessary, 35 percent said new laws, and 22 percent referred to the need of business initiatives.

Photo Source: WWF

Calling all political parties

Earlier this month, on occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, dozens of Greek environmental groups called on the government and political parties to take immediate action and move swiftly ahead with the implementation of measures against global warming, demanding a “climate emergency” be declared.

Photo: Andrea Bonetti / WWF Greece

On the back of the survey’s findings and ahead of national elections in Greece on July 7, WWF is once again calling on all political parties and candidates to respond to 10 questions on the environment and climate change.

“It is clear the climate crisis is beginning to concern all the more Greeks, while the demand by 81 percent of the public for measures must be translated into a clear obligation by the state and responsible parties,” said Stavros Mavrogenis, Energy and Climate Policy Leader at WWF Greece.

“In this respect, it is essential that political parties and candidates respond to public concern and to the real need to address the climate crisis by undertaking publicly specific commitments to limit overheating to +1.5°C and to move quickly to an energy model generated from 100% RES with the aim to transition to a zero-emission economy by 2040,” concluded Mavrogenis.

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