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Aegean Taxi Launches New App, Invests in Fleet and Adds Services

Aegean Taxi's CEO Akis Stark and Head of Business Development Nikolas Lardis.

Aegean Taxi’s CEO Akis Stark and Head of Business Development Nikolas Lardis.

Aegean Taxi, a Greek technology company that markets a taxi app for the Greek islands, recently presented its new in-house developed app.

The upgraded version includes a number of features and services aimed at making it even easier for tourists to book affordable and reliable transportation, but also addresses the needs of company’s large network of partners to manage their fleets more efficiently.

Aegean Taxi is the first taxi app on the Greek islands and provides solution to the problem of transportation on those destinations. After the successful establishment and operation on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini since 2016, Aegean Taxi will start operating this year on Paros and there are more destinations to come on the following months.

“We care a lot about the quality of the Greek tourism product and we believe that one way to boost it is by addressing the needs of the modern traveler. Solving the problem of transportation is vital to make it easier for tourists to enjoy their stay in Greece, and the investment our new technology is taking us a step closer to this goal” Aegean Taxi CEO Akis Stark said while recently presenting the new app to professionals on Santorini.

“At the same time, our large network of partners who share our vision and work under our umbrella need the right tools to become better and more efficient at what they do. The app makes it easier for them to increase their revenue, and with our new solutions to monitor and manage their fleets,” he said, adding that the new app is also open to traditional taxi drivers. “We welcome such partnerships for the good of tourism,” Stark stressed, underlining that during high season, especially on islands such as Mykonos, demand for transportation exceeds supply, considering that only about 30 taxi cabs exist, resulting in long waiting times.

In addition to partnering with licensed transport and car rental companies, Aegean Taxi operates its own cars, and this season has taken it a step further with a large investment in a brand-new fleet, aimed at increasing the quality of the service.

Users of the new Aegean Taxi app can choose from three categories of private cars for their transportation needs: Standard, SUV and Mini Vans. The company’s private fleet includes Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA and Range Rover automobiles.

Aim for drivers to be ‘brand ambassadors’

“We not only invest in the quality of our fleet, but also in the quality of the drivers that will transport Greece’s guests,” Stark said, underlining that the company first filters its drivers based on the strict requirements defined by the Greek law, and then submits them to a series of interviews and driving tests. Successful candidates will receive further training on behavior, before being allowed being the wheel.

“We believe that our drivers are offering a social service. As a company, we have a share of responsibility to advertise Greece’s tourism product in the best possible way… Drivers are among the professionals that have the ability to influence the stay of visitors both positively and negatively as they probably are the first and last point of contact once outside the airport gates. We take this responsibility very seriously and make sure we deliver ” he said.

Agean Taxi’s app can be downloaded here. Drivers interested in joining the team can find more information here.

New products: Aegean Food & Aegean Boat

Aegean Taxi’s CEO also revealed two additional services launching this year, which can be found in the new app and are aimed to add additional value to the experience of travelers in Greece: “Aegean Food” and “Aegean Boat”.

The “Aegean Food” service will operate as a food delivery service and will be ideal for travelers who prefer to order from their accommodation and eat in.

“We saw a gap in the markets we operate, since we discovered that many clients especially those renting villas or apartments, needed advice on food delivery, and booked our cars to pick up meals from restaurants and have it delivered to them. Our clients will now be able to see the menus of our restaurant partners, place their order and have it delivered to them,” said Nikolas Lardis, Head of Business Development of Aegean Taxi, adding that the app is ideal for restaurants that do not have a delivery service or the manpower to offer the service efficiently since the company will handle everything from order to payment and delivery.

In addition, the company’s “Aegean Boat” service will focus on giving visitors the opportunity to experience the islands by both road and sea.

“We are very excited by Aegean Boat because through the combination of land and sea transport it offers a great and fun service to clients, but also helps reduce road traffic which has become a major issue on our islands. Our clients will be able to reach a beach or a certain part of an island, half by road and then by water, if the end destination has docking facilities… More specifically, the first leg of a visitor’s journey can be carried out by a car and the second by an inflatable boat. The service will be offered by our licensed partners and our goal is to offer an additional experience to visitors, but also decrease the traffic on the roads” he said.

As underlined by Lardis, Aegean Taxi aims to offer “above and beyond” services to visitors in Greece.

“We want our drivers and partners to give all our customers an additional reason to advertise Greece through word of mouth,” Aegean Taxi’s CEO Akis Stark concluded.

Aegean Taxi’s new app is expected to launch in the coming weeks.

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